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Religious Organisation
Religions aer organized system for protecting imformation and for passing it on from one generation to another ( the way Religion are organized vary some strongly other's loosely most also from Myth and Legend
Myth has been debased in recent years so that it's now a popluar usage another word for false or invented, yet myth is in fact on of the greatest achievements in human achievement since human kind has been on earth myths are narrations usaullystories which poin to truth that can only be explained in such a way as that of which it is

Question: What is Religion ?
Answer: The Latin word religio meaning something done over anxious or scrupolous attention to detail, the word may come from A verb Religare meaning to bind things closesly together
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Religion Sex and Food
SEX in Sence of Sex Ed that of human reproductivity reproductive organs and anatomy relating to females and not so much sex as act's of sexual conduct or act's procreation. Sex in many ways is something sacred to may types of peolple and see as act's of mating and is to be taken seriously and viewed in suc ways as well
Food you have those who are more restrictive food restiction those who are less restrictive maybe only fish or chicken on friday or maybe no pork certain thing more then likely shouldnt be eaten and well the eating of people or other human is definite No! but certain animals plants fruits Yes! that come from A plant vegatables and fruit come normally without sacrifce for the life of living being or creature was not slain so that you may consume it for nutrition but the food chain show that of this innature the bird who eat the worm may also feed that chicken that hatches the egg the you may have eaten you yourself or fed to younglin on in the same.

Danger's of Religion
People will Die ( and kill ) for their Religiuos belief and the Religion they accept and follow Religion are systems that establish boundaries so that imformation can be protected the boundaries maybe literal (A HOLY LAND ) ( A HOLY MAN ) (A HOLY WOMAN) or they might be metaphorical ( belief's and practices) that confer and maintain identity when ever there are boundaries there will enevitably be border incidents when the bondaries come under threat or may be A literal attack

QUESTIONS:What does Religious mean ?
ANSWER: It means almost everything because Religion deals with the whole of human life and that of life and death
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yes i created True Religion Circle for the same reason Religions was created for those who can only understand what it protects is what it protects like that of what it teaches is that of it teachings all the religions before it and new and it Protects Region's as it does Legion's life love holiness even the of the word God and existence it also protect religious symbols and the yin and yang down to a saying


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