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The Last Defender

Part 1: "The beginning of the end"

|Time| ???
Location| ???

An endless swirl, black and white flashing before Tank's eyes as he tried to figure out where the hell he was. He couldn't feel any ground beneath him or above, all he could remember was the civil war of heroes, he and his team "The Defenders" were fighting among the resistance to stop a machine that would wipe every power on the globe. The next thing he knew, he was yanked by a bloodied hand and pulled into the seemingly endless oblivion. Tank couldn't help but question why this was happening now of all times, before he could speak to answer his own question, the answer came before him. A loud and boom roar of laughter throughout the patterned descent, Tank going wide eyed, ignoring the black and white pattern of strips shifting point to point at rating speeds.
> Tank: "It... It can't be.... How..."
The laughter came again as the descent he took began to go oddly faster, feeling transparent winds fighting against The speed. Tank could recognized that laugh, the fear starting to rise as he dared not to speak her name, his mouth moving on his own as he gave a whisper.
>Tank: "Valentine"
> Valentine: "I am touched by your remembrance warrior, but this shall be your ultimate fate! For years you have imprisoned me by the very creations of my hate, and now you must pay this price...."
Tank: "You think you'll win! I've beaten you before! And I'll do it again!"
Valentine laughed, nowhere to be seen from the ever coming fall.
> Valentine: "I may not defeat you now.... But I will beat you in the future."
> Tank: "There is no future for you!"
> Valentine: "I disagree."

Tank could feel himself going faster and faster into oblivion, his body starting to curl and distort. Screaming in pain as he grew smaller and smaller into a twisted form. Blinking out into darkness.
> Valentine: "Do not worry, warrior. You will see me again. But next time you shall not be so fortunate..."

|Time| Approximately eleven P.M.
|Location| Electroville, circuit district...
|Year| ....7021

The portal opening once more, Tank descending from a much higher height. Took him a moment to regain his senses and hear car horns and roaring engines zip past him... From high up?. He then fully opened his eyes, going wide eyed as he saw his descent. Lightly flailing to station himself and not spin or flip around in the air, seeing bright headlights coming at high speeds. Tank feeling himself hit upon the hood of a flying car, groaning as he tried to climb fully on, seeing the driver as a lizard like humanoid. Looking surprised before starting to panic. Trying to get Tank off by switching from side to side, momentum picking up as Tank managed to get fully on the hood before losing his footing and descended once more.

Tank screaming as he fell, only to be hit by another flying vehicle, this one have the similar law enforcement branded logo on the side. The robotic driver seeing this before activating the vehicles defenses. Small turrets popping from the hood and began to fire upon Tank, Tank shielding himself as he tried to hold his footing this time. Only for the vehicle to take a sharp turn and forced him off. The enforcement vehicle following him as he fell ever closer to the ground level.
Tank continued to block his face and chest as bullets hit and grazed, soon hitting that of a trash heap. Forcing himself out before getting greeted by the enforcement car once more, glaring at the vehicle before looking to the various trash. Seeing that of a rusted metallic hand, nodding to himself as the vehicle fired once more. Tank throwing the stiff arm spear like towards the vehicle's windshield. Smashing through in which began to set aflame. Crashing hard onto the end of the large pile, Tank panting as he took sharp breaths before his heart started to calm.

There soon came a rumbling from behind, quickly turning. Only to find a large trash smasher rolling ever so slowly towards him, its spiked wheels crushing any trash in its way before sucking it up. Tank cursing under his breath as he began to run away from the crusher, only to find himself a dead end of the large ditch of the trash heap. Turning towards the crusher, spotting the bear under of the machine, seeing the spikes moving in a pattern. He gave another determined nod as he rushed towards it.


Three individuals watching from the base floor not too far from the edge of the trash trench, watching Tank as he tries to make his escape from the crusher. Seeing him ride the spikes, landing hard onto the base ground, the three giving a cheer and hooting at the sight. Tank raising an eyebrow at the individuals, along with their attire as they spoke in strange slang.
> 1: "Dang! You went slice and dice!, you am Big Billy Berserk for the slid man!"
> 2: "Going all Hex on the dough mech mein!"
> 3: "Yo man, wicked Cyber nets to live that squat... What'chu packing man?"

Tank tried to understand what they were saying as he went to respond. "uhh... No cybernetics if that's what you mean, have you not seen a superhero before?.."
The individuals paused, looking to one another before looking back to Tank with slight shock.
> 1: "Dang! You a power?!"
> 2: "Ain't seen one only on clip vids mein."
> 3: "Aibt cyber? Sheez."
Tank rolling his eyes before speaking again.
> Tank: "well, could you please take me to your leader?"
The three individuals laughed at his question before they returned the comment.
> 1: "You don't see Valentine, Valentine sees you."
He pointed towards a large video screen attached to a large building, showing advertisements with a rendition of Valentine's face. Tank looked startled at the sight before looking to them once more.
> Tank: "what about S.H.E.I.L.D., The Avengers, anybody?!.... How did this...."
Tank starting to stress out and trying to think of how this happened, the individuals looking to one another before giving themselves a nod, soon pulling Tank towards a nearby metal door.
> 2: "This place will give you the vibe man."
> 3: "You fit in good super, this pack has teeth!"

Tank looking to them, they themselves giving a thumbs up as Tank began to knock on the door, four eyes popping out of the small hole from the top. Looking to Tank before glaring.
> Door bouncer: "what the hell do you want Punts."
> 3: "Eh man! Super just want a drink!"
The door bouncer looking wide eyed before looking back to Tank with a held back fear.
> Door Bouncer: "A super?...O-Oh, sorry sir... Come on in heh... Mind the punts comment erm... Sir."
The eyes soon retracted as the door began to open, Tank was bombarded with techno pop music, its bass growing louder with each boom and beat. Tank wincing at first before entering inside. Seeing the door bouncer, an alien about his height, eyes ranging from six to seven darted to both him and others coming inside as well. Tank looking in surprise at the various tech marvels as well as the alien life forms that dwelled in the club.
Tank trying to get through the collected gatherings of aliens to try and reach the bar. Only to bump towards a large reptile like humanoid. The creature glared as he shoved Tank back.
> Reptile: "watch it squish, you don't belong here."
Tank having about enough of this, cracking his knuckles, hurtling a jab in which caused the reptile to stagger back. The creature snarled as it pulled out a strange metallic staff, wires connected from either end of it. Starting to spark as the reptile spin it around, Tank looking from the corner of his eye as the reptile leaped upward. Having his staff plunge towards Tank as he yanked a knife from a nearby table and swung. There came a loud screeching pain along with a clank, the reptiles staff falling hard to the floor... Along with one of the reptiles arms. The reptile himself seeming knocked out from the sudden strike and pain. The other patrons looking to him in slight surprise.

Other lizard like aliens emerged from their seats as they saw their fallen comrade, glaring at Tank as they pulled out similar weapons. Tank getting into a stance as he grabbed the fallen reptiles staff, trying to spin it.
> Tank: "Come on you cold blooded bastards!"

[Meanwhile at the reserved bars, three small dogs sitting humanly around the circular table as the section was covered with a bright green see through top. One drinking as he smoked through his pipe while the other simply drooled as he looked out the window. The third dog wearing an expedition cap and monocle. Each having that of a groomed expression of defeat. The one wearing the monocle spoke.
> Rothschild: "well there must be someone who can help."
The one that drooled responded as he slurped.
> Philip: "it's hopeless...."
The short one with the pipe slammed his fist onto the ground in slight annoyance, puffing his pipe.
> Richy: "Told you this would happen, and keep your mouth shut laddy, any louder and one of her agents will here you."
Rothschild rested his head with his arm as he thought, his dog hearing picking up the battle in which the three fully turned to see what was going on. Rothschild seeing Tank battle the reptiles, looking closely as the attacks on him that should have burned skin and hurt other organics, he seemed to be fine. Rothschild began to form a wide smile.
> Rothschild: "that one, he's the one!"
> Richy: "that barbarian? No way."
> Rothschild: "Oh have a little faith my friend."
> Philip: "Be Careful Rothschild...."

The dog fixing his monocle as he leapt down from his seat, walking into the battle ahead. Tank roaring as he finished the last of them, the music droning on and on as it began to pick up more base. Smoke machines building up and surrounding the area as Rothschild tugged at Tank's pants leg, Tank getting triggered and quickly turned to strike before noticing the dog.
> Tank: "uhh.... Dogs can stand on two legs now?"
> Rothschild: "oh, well you see the thing is-"
> Tank: "Ah! Talking demon dog!"
Rothschild looking around.
> Rothschild: "oh good heavens where!"
> Tank: "you will not trick ME henchmen of Valentine!"
Rothschild gesturing for him to calm down.
> Rothschild: "oh no my dear boy, I am not some demon... Nor do I work for Valentine."
Tank having a moment of pause, scratching his head before giving a sigh.
> Tank: "I'm sorry, it's just.... I'm not from here.... When even IS here....I..."

Tank trying not to give a headache on the thought, what could have happened that caused all of this to even happen... This future. Tank knew well that Valentine was a simple demon of chaos, she couldn't have possibly taken over the entire earth without someone or at least a group that can stop her. Which led him to his other question.... What time is it.
Tank soon getting pulled along by Rothschild, leading him towards his other two colleagues. Tank joining them as the casing over them made their conversation muffled.

There was that of an awkward silence as Tank looked to each of the three in slight confusion. Scratching the back of his head before speaking.
> Tank: "sorry, it's just that... I've never seen a talking dog before.."
> Philip: "What do you mean?"
The other two looking with a sense of intrigue.
> Tank: "well.. Where I'm from, dogs only barked... And walked on all fours."
The three of them gasped as they began to mutter to one another, Rothschild keeping his smile as he spoke.
> Rothschild: "can this be? Someone from when our ancestors were simple beings?"
> Richy: "that's impossible! He'd have to years old, he looks like a young pup!"
Rothschild yanking out a radar like device and began to scan Tank, Tank himself still bearing a look of confusion as he was scanned. The readings coming in with a confirmed "ding", the three dogs looking at the results with slight surprise.

> Rothschild: "unbelievable! You my friend, are estimated at about five thousand years old..."
Tank gave a pause, the reality of the situation taking his toll and made him slump from his seat, only supported through the table itself.
Everyone he knew, those he had fought against and for... All gone, and could it be possible.... He then turned to Rothschild.
> Tank: "this future... Tainted by Valentine's evil, are there still those that fight back?, any with... Powers?"
The three looked to one another as Richy spoke.
> Richy: "I'm sorry lad, but the last recorded history of those you call meta humans were... About two thousand years before your time, along with celestial war..."
Tank's head sagged in held defeat, though knowing that the machine was stopped, it didn't matter from what he had just learned.
> Tank: "And Valentine... How did she come to power..."
> Philip: "we know very little, but what we collectively know is that she took advantage of the chaos, waiting as the machine was used long ago. Taking away their powers and increasing her own..... Which is why we need your help."
> Tank: "my help?...."
> Rothschild: "well you see, Valentine's evil has spread throughout the galaxy and to those further on, my people were on an excavation sight to discover more of our heritage... Before we found those crystals."
Tank listened, trying to process all of this.
> Rothschild: "Since the beginning of history, the immortaI Valentine has ruthIessIy ruIed the Earth pIundering its resources as she sees fit. But it was stiII not enough. He opened his ports to the gaIaxy so that he might take the riches of other worIds as weII. Since then, her otherworIdIy business, and affairs have drawn scads of vuIturous criminaIs mindIess stooges and questionabIe mercenaries to our pitiabIe pIanet making the Earth topsy-turvy, if I do say so myseIf."
> Richy: "the very resources that she now forces us to mine for her power, along with others in the world."
> Tank: "The speII Valentine cast must have ripped me from my own time and fIung me into the distant future."
> Philip: "Time warp is highIy pIausibIe."
> Tank: "AIIowing her eviI time to fester and infect the entire worId."
> Rothschild: "Most undoubtedIy."
> Richy: "And I'm sure he pIans to spread his viIeness through the stars."
Tank giving a look of determination, his words cold and sure.
> Tank: "No. I must return to my own time so that I might undo Valentine's eviI reign before it enveIops the Earth."
Rothschild gave a pleasant glee.
> Rothschild: "Oh, I'm so gIad we agree on that point which actuaIIy brings us back to our proposaI. You see, we are archeoIogists trying to dig up the remains of our ancestors to find out more about our past. It was onIy a few years ago that we discovered that our ancestors waIked upon their Iegs and their arms."
Tank raised an eyebrow, despite the time, they didn't even know about their past.
> Philip: "Then, one day, during our excavation, we actuaIIy stumbIed upon rare jeweIs."
> Richy: "Aye. These jeweIs ended up being a key source of power for Valentine.
So she ensIaved us to forever dig up her jewels thus stifIing our excavation of our gIorious past."
> Rothschild: "Which is why we need you."
> Tank: "But what can I do?"
> Rothschild: "With your tremendous skiII, you can break us free from Valentine's grasp. And we can escape in secret to again continue to discover our history."
Tank gave a long pause, crossing his arms in deep thought.
> Tank: "I wiII heIp you."
> Rothschild: "SpIendid! WeII, we're off, then."
The three soon exiting their booth as Tank followed, only for Rothschild to come to a halt.
> Rothschild: "HoId it!"
> Richy: "What is it now, Rothie?"
> Philip: "What's wrong?"
> Rothschild: "My dearest apoIogies, kind sir..... But we never got your name."
Tank gave some thought to that question, wondering if he should use his real name. Only to give a shrug as he gave a heroic pose.
> Tank: "they call me Tank."

> Rothschild: "Tank? I say, that's nice. So simpIe but it seems to fit. Who am I to comment? WeII, Tank, we're on our way.
We'II take our rocket ship."
Tank raised an eyebrow as he followed the dogs.
> Tank: "You have a Rocket ship?"
A woman listening into their conversations before seeing them leave, looking to the bartender as she put on a cloak.
> Woman: "Hey Rocket Ship, I'm taking my break."
The woman soon leaving and entering alley after alley before making her way towards a large tower. Entering through via elevator to the top floor, seeing a group of aliens crowding towards a seemingly bottomless pit. The aliens seeming to wear protective suits with domes, their helmets filled with salt water.
The other aliens kneeled towards the pit as their leader tried to stand firm. The ground beneath them began to shake violently as a column of red and black swirled upward, shadowing over them. Valentine's form coming to view as she lowered her large form to speak to them, the alien leader, now upon further inspection to be identified as more fish like; stepped forward to speak for his people.
> Vadaquas: "My Iord, we are the Vadaquas from the Mosconian GaIaxy.
Our water pIanet has been piIIaged.
AII the oceans that were once our home are gone. We have searched Iong to find a pIanet with oceans rich enough to sustain our peopIe.And your worId is our Iast hope for survivaI."
> Valentine: "I know of your plight, Vadaquian.For you see, I am he who has taken your waters and the riches within them."
One of the aliens glaring at her in anguish, pointing violently.
> Vadaquas boy: "You monster!"
> Vadaquas leader: "Be quiet! I am sorry, my Iord.....The boy is young and fooIish. He does not know what he says."
Valentine's eyes began to glow a bright violet as beams fired towards the boy, turning him to an ash pile. The leader falling to his knees as he held back fearful sobs. Valentine's voice deep and slow.
> Valentine: "The boy wiII return.... He wiII Iearn proper respect for Me in the pit of hate."
> Vadaquas leader: "Yes, oh, master. Your wisdom is unquestionabIe. But wiII you, great Iord Valentine, aIIow us to inhabit your worId? For you are our onIy hope."
> Valentine: "You wiII be aIIowed. The oceans of Valentine wiII be your new home. But you wiII pay homage to me by constructing statues in my Iikeness.
Once a month, a monoIithic tribute wiII rise from the depths of the ocean to remind aII who is the master of this worId. Now be gone!"
The Vadaquas's ran for their lives to the exit as the hooded woman walked forth, kneeling to her as her arms were raised to Valentine.
> Woman: "My Iord master, I have great news for you."

> Valentine: "What information can be considered great for the immortaI Valentine?"
> Woman: "An ancient warrior of great power and skiII has reveaIed himseIf.
He has vowed to Iiberate the canines from your mines."
Valentine looked with angered surprise.
> Valentine: "What impertinence is this? Show me the fooI!"
An image from her wall revealing Tank along with the three canines as they boarded the ship. Giving a mute gasp before shifting to a curled smile, her arms behind her as she turned. Laughing.
> Valentine: "So fate has arrived. Many years have gone since that day.
And now, my formidabIe foe, you wiII pay for my pain in the past with your pain in the future."
Valentine's laugh booming down to the very bowls of the tower, as robotic minions crawled forth in hordes.


Tank the canines soon boarding the ship, the seats however being too small for Tank and thus had to hold on for dear life as the vehicle moved at top speeds.
Upon their arrival, Tank fell to his knees, feeling dizzy from the sudden speed of the trip. The three dogs trying to help them up as he fell out from the ship and onto hard ground.
> Rothschild: "Oh, dear.... Sir Tank, are you iII?"
> Tank: "I'm fine.....I just prefer... waIking."
> Rothschild: "Yes, Rocket rides. Sorry about that, oId-timer."

Tank soon viewed his new surroundings, the ruins of a great modern city from what he could detail. Nearly destroyed towards and homes as well as advertisement signs for some sort of dog food. As he looked more and more, he could see the crystals that they spoke of. Craters they dug up revealing a large surplus of the rare material... Along with their workers. Thousands upon thousands of weak canines could be seen working to mine the crystals from the earth itself.
> Rothschild: "As you can see, our archaeoIogicaI dig had unearthed many astounding discoveries concerning the history of canine kind. But unfortunateIy, Valentine has, shaII we say redirected our efforts pureIy toward the excavation of her precious gems. And if Valentine's unreasonabIe quotas are not fuIIy met I'm afraid terribIe punishments are exacted.... My peopIe's spirits are broken.... We simpIy cannot Iive Iike this any Ionger!"
Tank giving a look of sympathy at their weakened will as they were barely scrapping by.
> Tank: "I have seen Aku impIement these atrocities before. But no more!"
Tank's hands curling into fists as he looked to Rothschild with determination.
> Tank: "dogs shouId not be forced to Iive Iike dogs!"
One of the dogs rushing out from a communications broadcasting tent, running towards Tank and the three in hast.
> Com Dog: "They're coming! They're coming! Valentine's drones approach from the south. They wiII be upon us by sunrise!"

Tank and three making their way towards one of the collapsed buildings, stationed as a watching perch. Rothschild handing Tank the scope, seeing from a vast distance. Tank seeing in shock as he saw the black horde, thousands of metallic bug like creatures made course for their location. Blanketing the very ground they moved upon with additional forces. And they had until the morning sun, before the fight would begin....

[To be Continued]
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"I'll just be going then."
"Yes he's my brother."

Caroline Stark

~Also known as~
The Raven
Agent Stark

Depend on the rp(4 years younger than Tony.)

Howard Stark~Father
Maria Stark~Mother
Anthony Stark~ Brother

Intelligent, Creative, Loyal(More to Clint than to her brother.)

~Love Interest~
Clint Barton though he doesn't like her back.

Crossbow, Smaller guns.

Loki, Hydra, most enemies of Shield.

Hawkeye, The Avengers, Shield.

Caroline is the younger sister of Anthony Stark. Her brother was always preferred by her father and she spent a lot of time with her mother. She keeps her distance from her brother. When she grew up she became an agent at Shield knowing her brother wasn't that interested in it and knowing her father helped found it. She started to work along side Hawkeye code named the Raven.

Agent of Shield(Until Hydra is known to be in control).

~Face Claim~
Jenna Colemen
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"Just give up already."
"I don't trust just anyone."

Madison Fury

24(When her dad's 64 so depends on the rp.)

Father~Nick Fury

Kind, Loyal, Intelligent, Trusts few.

~Love Interest~
Steve Rogers(Though he has no interest in her and she starts to like James Barnes.)

Pistols, Rifles, Captain America's shield(Briefly)

The Enemies of her dad and Sheild, such as the Winter Soldier as well as Loki, Hydra and others.

Shield(When not compromised by Hydra), The Avengers, James Barnes.

Madison's mother died when she was born. Most of the time growing up she lived with her grandmother. When she was 18 she became an intern at Shield and at the age of 20 and agent.

Agent of Shield(Until Hydra is known to be in control of it.).

~Face Claim~
Candice Patton
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