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Oc Name: Sky The Fox

Likes: Almost Anything

Dislikes:  Loud Noise's 

Fears:  None.  

Personality: cheerful Loving Kind
Powers: Can transform into A phoenix Bird Can Breath fire when transformed into the phoenix 

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Thanks for the invite
Name: Nightfall The Cat
Likes: Killing.
Dislikes: Happiness if it doesn't involve Nugget or Death
Fears: Loosing Nugget and nothing.
Personality: Mostly moody, doesn't get humor or jokes, never changes tone of voice.

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Name: 64 Bot
Age: Programming makes him 8
Dislikes: He does not know what dislike means so he have none
Fears: He have no fears he doesn't know what it means
Personality: Naive, idiotic, nice, crazy, positive, easily excited.
Powers: Destructive Power (good at burning down places), durability (he survived tons of stuff from being burned to falling down from the Empire State Building)
Weaknesses: Personality, considers everyone a friend, no fighting experience, no killing instinct, is so stupid that he can't even concentrate on something when he is excited
Bio: he is a military robot that have a malfunction that give his personality and gotten fired from 987,654,321 jobs. He was brought by Fazbear Entertainment after his 987,654,321st job.

Finally, a no war community with every fandom ^.^ (I am going to hide if porn is involved)
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