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So here's the deal. You make art, people like it, and that's basically it.
Now go out there and draw!
Hey wait! Didn't think I was gonna let you off that easily without rules, did ya?

Here's the thing.
Number 1 No porn or stuff like that. I'm not a big fan of it.
Numba 2! Nothing other than art. OC'S are allowed but no RP. Do that somewhere else. Backstory on the art is optional but highly recommended.
Numbaro 3 No goofing off. Please. No.
Nembegr 4 No critisizm other than the constructive type.

If anyone breaks these rules, report it by typing my username.

Everyone has 3 lives. If 1 rule is broken, you'll be given a lash. Reason why it's called a lash is my buisness. If you've been here for 1 or 2 years without breaking a role you'll become an assistant manager or whatever it is on gp. People her that are only here to see art is allowed.

I will announce some challanges. Also any fandom stuff is allowed. Including furries, bronies, etc...
It's not like I'm cringy myself with art challanges
(Please don't be offended)

Polls for which art you should use or is everyone's most favorite is allowed.

Now you can go and if you want challange requests, do it! Don't be afraid to ask me anything or tell me about a person here. It's fine were here together!

Go have fun!

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No body seems to be posting so I'll post myself. Don't be afraid guys, we're not gonna judge.

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Just a regular dragon I always draw. Dragons for me are common things to draw one of the easiest things to draw. Some people find it hard to cause of all the horns or fire breath or the body construct, but just practice it.
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