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Hello, hello, hello, new members. Welcome to Altered, a RP community.

As you may have gathered, this community has a theme going. This theme is simple.
This community is built around beings known as the Altered. These are human beings who have been experimented on in some way-- whether they volunteered, or whether they were forced --and came away with a percentage of their body having been replaced with metal.
Of course, not all people in this world have their nerves replaced with wires. As a matter of fact, 75% of the world's current population is completely human. Many of these people harbor a hatred for the Altered, and for the enhancements they possess.
As such, most Altered beings choose to keep their modifications a secret.

In this world, you create your own character, and make choices as you see fit.


Included below are a few links, as well as people you may want to familiarize yourself with. If you can't find what you're looking for below, feel free to comment with questions.


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Profile Template
Questions and Concerns Section

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Going to attempt to reboot this community! I'll be home in about six hours, and will start on getting everything updated.

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”Oh, I suppose not. Leave.“
"If you stand here any longer I think I might implode from your stupidity."
"... I'm not sure about this..."
"Sometimes, a little bit of mystery goes a long way."
"Hah, I like you."

Odin Sapphire Augusta. He hates his middle name, since it was given to him due to his eyes - a bright, hypnotizing blue. He thinks the name is girly.

Jax. Just Jax, simple as that. Whenever he escapes for a while, he goes by it.

N/A - his grandparents think nicknames are impractical and not worth their time. It's also quite hard to nickname an already short name.


Seventeen and a few months.

~SPECIES(Human or Altered?)~
Altered. His grandparents prefer that he keeps this a secret.

~ALTERATIONS (if applicable)~
The burns that covered his back and took his right arm were too dangerous to let heal with medicine. His grandparents also found the scars hideous, and replaced his ruin of an arm with a metal one and covered his burnt chest and back with metal plating to protect him.

Straight as an arrow. He has to carry on the family name, after all.

About six feet tall, give or take an inch.

About 190 lbs.

Odin likes to think of himself as highly intelligent and well-versed in the art of confusing and ignoring people. He finds his "lone wolf" personality to be more beneficial than anything, since he believes that no help is better than someone foiling his plans.
Jax works on his physical strength more than his brains and has a reputation of being a good listener. He's quiet and his sharp hearing helps him pick out what he needs from a crowd. He is also physically quite strong, and he abuses his metal arm in a fight.

Odin is standoffish and an introvert, which doesn't make him much of a people person. He tends to be a brat, arrogant and cruel. Most people blame it on his status. He blames it on his education.
Jax is actually fairly gentle and although he tends to dominate a good fight, he always feels guilty afterwards. This kindness eventually leads to his downfall and more than once a fight has ended with his face in the mud, even after he has knocked his opponent down.

Odin likes his library far too much. He likes his library and his privacy and his large house and his hair. He likes the garden and his room and the fact that he can ring a bell and his favorite cookies can be brought to him.
Jax likes his eyes and his air of mystery and his quiet, gentle air, and the feel of the city at night, and the smell of basil and oil and soil.

Odin despises being disturbed while he is working. He hates the smell of dirty things and the smell of socks or the feeling of cold tiles beneath his bare feet. He hates when his hair is messy and when he doesn't look flawless, and he hates haircuts, which is odd.
Jax hates his smile and when it rains and his arm, despite the power it gives him, and the fact that there are somethings that he can't forget. He wishes he could make himself more approachable and also wishes he could escape his body for a little bit.

First, there was fire.

Everything starts with fire. For Odin, it was him waking up to the smell of burning flesh and his room around him being enveloped by flames. He got outside as quickly as he could, but he got caught on a chair in his mad dash to get out. Poor four year old Odin was stuck, the world around him burning and his arm and back being eaten by the flames. He doesn't remember how he was rescued, only that he woke up in a white room and everything hurt. And then he woke up again to see familiar faces of his father's parents. He has lived with them ever since.

But Grams and Pa have been strict - they rarely let Odin, their pale, dainty flower, outside. On his fourteenth birthday, Odin snuck out. He gave himself a fake name, changed his clothes, smeared the area around his eyes with dark paint, and headed into the city.

It was the best night of his life. Jax was born, that night, and Jax has lived on ever since.

~ROMANTIC INTERESTS (if applicable)~
None. But... That may change.

None. He didn't have time for childhood crushes.

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A chilly evening this winter, 10:00 PM. The Tavern.

Jax had never really been to the tavern.

Sure, he'd heard rumors about Annette and her smile and her temperament, and the jolly times the bar-goers tend to have there. But he had never been there himself.

So he slips out tonight, putting on the same black paint and hood and ratty pair of torn pants and boots and heads out to the streets of Newcrest, heading quickly towards the tavern. He steps inside, blinking at the sudden, golden light, and holds his hood up as he looks around. He wonders how out of place he looks, especially when he takes a seat at the bar, anxiously adjusting his gloves. He glances around, biting his lip. He's careful to keep his eyes down and in shadow.

He hopes he can be left alone to nurse a beer by himself and absorb the world around him. He already likes it here.
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