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Hoi, I'm new... So, lets get this down...
Name: Karma the Laser,
age: 14
partner: N/A (Yet)
weapon or meister: Weapon.
likes: Jokes, being loud, fwiends
dislikes: forgetting stuff (which she does regularly) Spirit...
personality: VERY forgetful, goofy, loud

Name: Witch Rose
age: 34
partner: none, she's Witch
likes: Teasing Spirit, helping, playing with her magic
dislikes: other witches, being thought of as evil.
appearence: Rose red dress, yellow eyes, a green headband, and long blond hair, usually in a bun. Most likely has a vine of roses wrapped around her arm.
bio: Rose grew up in the witch world. She hatted it. So one day, she ran off to join the DWMA and has worked as their consiler. (I think I spelled it wrong)

Rose: Is messing with her magic outside... She was looking for something.. But what? Or who?

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Name: Allie Franklin

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Partner: N/A yet

Weapon/Miester: Miester

Likes: Reading, practicing, and her hometown.

Dislikes: Stupid people who can't keep their mouth shout, being interpreted, and people barging into her things.

Bio: As a young kid her Allie never knew her mother and for good reasons her mother was a witch. As her child, Allie had a half human soul and half a witch soul. Her father has experimented on her trying to remove her witch half soul with no success. Still, after 16 years he has still experimented on her. As a way to get away from all this she slowly learned to use her magic and hide her witch soul within her human soul making it seem like that of a normal human. She ran away from her hometown and joined the DWMA on the look out for a weapon who can match her soul wavelength so far with no success no one knows she is part with. 
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