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So you like Hamania Enough to come here. Great!! Get a Virtual job of Hamania News and you'll get paid 10 Happy Bucks an Hour! Watch Hamania News, Become an Allie and learn a lot about Hamania!

Hmm... Is this nation real?

Hello everyone I will run for president of hamania
I will create more jobs
No unemployment

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Greetings from Republic of Bir Tawil

I hope we don't disappoint your Republic whenever y'all need our help :D

Wolfhaven hasn't been created yet...But when it is created I hope that we can be allies for a VERY long time :D

My Ally. I call upon you to help us attack the Racial International Association who violently offended the Republic.

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Some of the land.

Hail would you like to be allies?
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