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Name- Will Edillison
Reason Here- I tried to bring my dead german shepherd back and I lost an arm so I ran away in bloody rags. I need to learn more about alchemy!
Appearance- Pic Down There.
Likes- Playing with fire, making light with mirrors, and DOGS.
Goal- "Re-finding" sister "Mally Edillison" and getting arm back form Truth.
Bio- Parents died from Scar, Tried to bring dog back. Now currently lives nowhere wandering.
Age- 14
Lost- Right Arm(Has Automail).
Born in- Rush Valley
Personality- Hot tempered when called short, Friendly, Kind, and mostly Depressed.
Dislikes- Homunculi, cats, and crazy mad people.
Alchemic Skill- Flame,Metal,and Light alchemy mostly with circles but sometimes no circles.
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Name: Mally Edillison 
Reason why here: I tried to bring my dead german shepherd back and I need to learn more about this alchemy.
appearance: Pic down there. dog form is pic
Likes: dogs and alchemy!
goal: Finding brother named "William Edillison" 
bio: Was a test subject for the military and was bullied a lot  turned into half dog half human,Tried bring back dead german shepherd before brother ran away from home and mom and dad died from murder by scar. Wants to learn more alchemy and knows a lot of Xing alchemy And currently has 2 dogs
Dislikes: homunculus(not greedling) and bullies
personality: Is kind but short tempered and caring 
Age: 14
Lost: Both feet(but does have auto mail)
Race: dog chimera( not nina type)
born in: Rush Valley

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Name:Ryan Mustang


Height: 5.10

Appearance: navy blue thin jacket white shirt dark blue jeans black shoes and black gloves

Likes:dogs,and good people

Dislikes:humonculus expect greed, and bad people

Abilities: earth alchemy, water alchemy, flame alchemy,air alchemy, and energy alchemy

Weapon: my blood vessel sword

State alchemist name: The elemental alchemist
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Seras Andrie Samuel

A young alchemist under the hand of her teacher , Misanay.

She specializes in Air and Sound alchemy, changing the feel of the air, and frequencies in a sound.

Born on November 18, she is now 19, living alone in a small apartment in central.

She has completed her Exam, and has been given the name, Alchemist of Breath.

An example of one of her transmutation circles will be up eventually.
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