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Having the correct bookkeeping service for your business is critical for success. I have heard of business owner's dread asking their bookkeeper for help. This is just wrong. Small business owner's especially need a partner to address their financial management needs.

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Post has attachment Pameran "Citra Perempuan dalam Konteks Kenusantaraan" 28 Oktober - 05 November 2018. Dalam semangat Sumpah Pemuda dan kesetaraan gender di segala bidang. Komunitas iluckis, An1mage, dan OASE menyelenggarakan pameran karya-karya pemuda kreatif, painting artist (pelukis), seniman (artis), desainer, penggiat seni musik, penyanyi, serta puisi dalam pameran "Citra Perempuan dalam Konteks Kenusantaraan" 28 Oktober - 05 November 2018.

Kamu para muda dan yang berjiwa muda penggiat seni, kolab n pamerin karya kamu, klik di link berikut untuk form kepesertaan

Gabung yuk di iluckis WA group:

Kamu pengusaha muda dan yang berjiwa muda, support event keren ini, form dukungan di link berikut

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In 5 years’ time #coworkingspaces will go through an immense transformation and have a totally new look. #Officespaces for startups are going to incorporate new features to remain appealing.

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Join me on this week's Wealthy Wednesday Show, in this episode we will be having Jaclyn Zoccoli, she is the Excitement of #Awareness! As a Catalyst for Spontaneous Combustion, her #mantra says it all – My age justifies my #wisdom, my developed clarity teaches the Excitement of Awareness. Years of crafting the art of #relationship development, have led her to facilitating global connections.

Catch it at YouTube: September 19, 2018 – 12pm PST

Show Title: The Excitement of Awareness Jaclyn Zoccoli Talks About Relationship Development

Free Gift: Complimentary Clarity From Chaos session, online. This half hour session allows us to discuss new niches and alliances for the #audience.

#CreativeWomenEntrepreneur #HowToBeASuccessful #BusinessWoman, #FemaleEntrepreneurs #ChallengesFacedByWomenEntrepreneurs #EmpoweringWomenEntrepreneurs #SuccessfulWomenEntrepreneurs #SmallBusinessIdeasForWomen

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