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For the past 9 weeks me and my mom have been arranging anti-fur demos in front of DWND to educate the public about fur and the horrors behind the fur industries. I feel that doing these demos is important because every-time we are there something wonderful happens. We have had people return there Canada goose jackets, we have had people walking by and they get so inspired by what we are doing the join us, we have had people donate there fur trim jackets to wildlife who need it. Those are just some of the amazing thing that have happend while we are there. Our goal while standing out in the freezing cold is that we can make fur uncool again that we can bring back that fur trim IS A TRAP,  that fur is NOT FABRIC, and it is NOT FASHION it was someones life. Please join me and my mom on Dec 21 to fight against this crim!! 3 more days..... 

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