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In the cosmic universe everything is interconnected.

Nothing exists in isolation or outside of it. The universe is a singular whole. The electromagnetic force is its binding force. The evidence, that the Earth and the Sun exist in an electric universe, comes to light on so many layers that its is consistency is overwhelming in the face of previously held assumptions and theories still clung to be concensus.

The evidence for electro-astrophysics so strong and found in so many places that the long-held theory of a deemed gravity-only universe, and the resulting fusion-powered sun hypothesis, appear as utterly contrived, like badly written stories in black-ops fantasy novels. It is time to accept the observable evidence as real, rather than to accept fantastic theories that are designed to explain the evidence away or twist it into knots. By accepting the evidence, the old theories are fading.

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Plasma Instabilities - Stephen Smith August 18, 2017
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