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There is a rookery near my hometown that has quite a number of Blue Herons. I decided to take a trip up there today and see what I could get.
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A small abandoned house in Stouffville, ON. It looks like it was once used for storage as well. I shot this as a 6 picture panorama to get more of the environment in the picture as well.

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"Prudhomme's Landing" (Abandon Water / Amusement Park)
Niagara Tactical Paintball Adventure
Prudhomme's Landing started out as a small water park on a man-made hill near Jordan, Ontario between Grimsby and St. Catherines. It was located behind Victoria Hall, a 40s-style dance hall. It originally had two or three water slides but eventually came to have a wave pool, two water slides, a lazy river, and a tube rapid ride (riders get in an inner tube, go to the top of a hill, and descend through a large trough-type slide to the bottom). This area was called "Wet `n' Wild". An old mansion on the grounds was made into a haunted house. It was created by Robert Gibbs, who was nicknamed "Bobber". He used to live in the upstairs portion of the house.
Prudhomme's closed around 2002 and is mostly gone, now. The waterslides and tube ride are still set up, although many of the buildings along the outer edge have been removed. There was an auction company selling off the remains like the restarant equipment, bumper boats, go carts, bumper cars and `Tilt-a-Whirl'. As of my drive by today, all the front entrance/office buildings which were used by the park are gone!! The waterslide mountain and slides are stil there, but looks like everything else has been removed.
Here is a link to pictures of this place back when it was open:
Niagara Tactical Paintball Adventure is located right beside Prudhomme's and is no longer operational. Inside the paintball arena was a very cool looking ruined bus which I just had to get some pictures of. There is also a small RC Car dirt track course.
Enjoy everyone!
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