This community will be deleted due to the lack of posts and also because Im not that much of great artist sorry if you did enjoy this community though i doubt it. But thank you for joining my community and i was happy with how many people joined it but tysm!

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Banksy is one of my favorite street artists. The art that he has made is so beautiful and always has a strong meaning Heres some of Banksy's Art. In the Comments Tell Me What You Think These Pictures Mean?
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Heres Sum Animal Jam Art From Google Images in the bottom right hand corner should be a picture of a wolf that has a flower in its hair that is by my kind friend +Pink Rose AJ :3  and that was the picture she drew for meh aj character :3
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Hey People,
I just wanted to say this community has rules you must follow if you would like to join
1. Please do not post art that people might feel offended by 
2. Please respect other peoples works of art 
Those are the two main rules of this Community.
I also wanted to inform animal jam art is acceptable here and so is Anime art , photography and things like that and Please Please Please Follow +Taryn Bottomley My cousin, on google plus, she takes amazing photos :3
and dont forget to BE CREATIVE!
I Do not claim this art piece as mine, I just love this amazing picture so much that i had to post it
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