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3 Things You Cant Miss in North Goa

It may be synonymous with a huge dose of Vitamin Sea and revelry, but Goa’s not only about sun, sand and fun. The next time you’re in the sunshine state, do explore these places to visit in Goa north. Read here full story:

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Come to St. Lucia along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa and enjoy the fishing. August and September are good for fishing, as the #shadseason is in full swing and closes midnight on last day of September... Check out this great catch.... And know that you can do the same if you are here in St. Lucia

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Please read here then vote on our poll at

Impact of #NOBEER at beaches on tourism.

Drinking in public places has its problems, and most countries have laws to solve these problems, how ever when local authorities start to take matters into their own hands, and stop folks at road blocks, then inform them that the local beaches are an #ALCOHOLFREEZONE and turn them folks with drinks away then we have problems.

Currently the #IWPA or iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority, the organization appointed by the South African Government to run the iSimangaliso Wetland Park World heritage Site, have taken it upon themselves to run these road blocks and turn folks away from our beaches.

Well the long term impact of this rather silly attitude, is a RATHER nasty impact on the local and domestic tourism within the village of St. Lucia, as those turned away are advocating to their friends, family and others that one should not go to St. Lucia as the authorities there have a bad attitude, and do not allow drinking on the beaches.

The numbers here are quite an issue, because the so called 4X4 ban * #4x4ban * which caused an estimated 20 000 (TWENTY THOUSAND) local job losses is still fresh in the memory of many. see and now this is ajust simply adding to the woes of the tourism operators within the St. Lucia area.

what are your views?

please take the time to vote on our poll here, then share the p;oll further so that those who are like minded (your views) can also vote and enforce your viewpoit on this rather delicate, but important matter.

The St. Lucia area was declared a world heritage site way back in 1999, and has since then gone backwards, with tourism numbers dropping and domestic tourists made to feel like unwelcome visitors in their favorite holiday destination .

We used to have three fully functional caravan parks, which were always busy, and in the holiday season, one needed to book three years in advance, otherwise you would not get a stand. Now this last school holiday was actually quite a disaster for the domestic tourism market in St. Lucia, with the two functional caravan parks both being less than 50 % full.
What are your views on having a beer at the beach?

Should alcohol be banned in all public spaces?

In my view this issue has caused great harm to the economy of the Elephant Coast, with the village of St. Lucia and the surrounding rural areas of Khula Village, Dukuduku and the rest of the Mtubatuba municipality suffering economic losses, due to the absence of the DOMESTIC TOURISTS from our shores.

The issue is that folks come here to relax and enjoy our beaches, have a braai, go swimming in the ocean, do a little fishing, and have a beer or two in the outdoors.

Now that there are road blocks on the way to the beach, where cars are searched, and if alcohol is found, they are turned away, or told to leave their drinks behind. This has caused many would be recreational beach users to rebel, and say FUCK THIS! I WILL NEVER COME BACK TO ST. LUCIA

Now from a tourism perspective this is a rather harsh and unpleasant statement to hear, especially when folks start using the social media (like this) to complain, as it will not be too long before this attitude filters through to the international tourism market, where locals are perceived to shun the place (READ ST. LUCIA HERE) and so influence potential international tourists to AVOID TRIPS TO ST. LUCIA

This issue has many faces, and there are many pros with just as many cons. So my question to you is what is your opinion? are you pleased with the BAN ON ALCOHOL ON ST. LUCIA BEACHES? are you UPSET or do you not care?

I have a poll on this at and would really appreciate your vote, which ever way you feel you should vote.
So please tale a #PEEPSEE at our poll then vote, and ask your friends to vote there too.

A share of this would be trully appreciated.


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Rakkh Resort, the Ideal Weekend Getaway from the Madness of City Life

Once in a while all of us feel like escaping the madness and stress of city life.
The Rakkh Resort, situated in Himachal near the popular towns of Kangra, Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj gives you the perfect escape.
Mountain cottages in Dharamshala are becoming increasing popular as weekend getaways.
Relax, unwind, try outdoor activities or soak in nature’s beauty. Come to Rakkh, and explore the unexplored Himachal, try local cuisines and
spend quality time with loved ones, while creating memories. For more visit Here:

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Inside the Grand Celebration Live #grandcelebrationlive #GCL #GrandCelebrationLive #cruise

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Couples at Grand Celebration Live #grandcelebrationlive #GCL #GrandCelebrationLive #cruise
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