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Introducing: Me
Meh name is Shiny (Real name is Crystal)
Age is a secret
I like to draw and watch stuff and play games.
Some of Meh artwork (Random Pokémon Stuff)
Also you should look at mah profile pic if u want to see meh OC (too lazy to post)
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(anyone can join this RP)
Alex and Toby are sitting next to each other, talking and laughing while Toby is on his drawing tablet. they're talking about drawing and giving each other advice, Toby's glasses slipping down his nose every now and again

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Name: Jessica
Age: 15 (and a half)
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Favourite colour: Green
Likes: Music, headphones, dogs
Dislikes: People with a big ego,
Favourite music: Dubstep
Hobbies: Sketching
Siblings: A younger sister, Abby
I was sent here by my parents. There were more choices of schools but, as I have always been shy, they thought there was more of a chance of me socialising here. My parents are strict so i really had no input on what school i came to. I'm nothing special and most likely will not speak to you unless we are close and be listening to music instead. So here I am.

name: Tobias Cage, but Toby is fine.
age: I'm 14
hair colour: dirty blond
eye colour: brown
other details: I'm bisexual, and I wear blue glasses
power(?): I've been able to do this as long as I can remember. I can shapeshift! not like Jake the Dog or anything, but my appearance changes to be like my mood.
if I feel small, I'll shrink. If I feel invisible, I actually turn invisible. But something I've been able to do recently is change to look like someone else.
likes: pranking, The Beatles, my awesome hoodie!
dislikes: humans, silence, homophobes
I'll be showing what I look like another time!

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I'll introduce my MLP OC too!
name: Christie Creeps
age: 19
eye colour: one Blue, one Red
Cutie-Mark: heart with a Creeper face
What the CM means: Being able to tame wild dangerous animals such as Timberwolves (shunned and feared animals such as the Creeper itself)
siblings: one Twin brother,  Fuse light, and one younger sister (14), violet Twinkle.
That's about it, I DID say we could have whatever OC we wanted!

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Fluttershy: falls into portal and ends up in the school for oc's *calls herself fluttershaii
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Can I know, what here we doing?
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I'll start with Alex.

name: I have to do this again? ugh, my name's Alexandra but that's cringe so just call me Alex or I swear to god-
age: sixteen.
year: I suppose I'm a senior.
eye colour: grey. much more interesting than blue or brown, and that's how I like it!
hair colour: Black. I forget I'm a twin, so I have to share an appearance with someone who's boring.
Any relatives here?: two. one is boring, the other is annoying and delusional.
Best friends: Charlotte, Rachel, Luna, Kimono..
enemies: Amber, the Maths teacher...
Alex: Hope you're done interrogating me, here's what I look like!
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