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Privacy, industry and the GDPR. While a lot of brave agents went to gather in Camp Navarro and Castle Kaltenberg, some agents had explored another regions.
Privacy, industry and the GDPR. While a lot of brave agents went to gather in Camp Navarro and Castle Kaltenberg, some agents had explored another regions.

The first part of my recent Ingress adventure was a little fielding operation. Agent +Judith Antonowitsch need another 40k mind units to get her silver tier illuminator badge. So agent +Alexander Ritter and I joind in and we built a little multilayer in Cologne, covering the area between the quarters of Bocklemünd, Braunsfeld and Müngersdorf. There was no big planning ahead. We used an existing derp link between two quarters as a baseline, cleaned the quarter of Bocklemünd and set up four layers that added up to missing 40k MU.

The first picture is of a playground element that looks like a model of an atom (Portal: Kletter-Atom). It's located in a socially challenged part of the city (Görlinger Zentrum). There were a lot of young men around who smoked cigarettes with a very funny smell and a known herb that helps you to relax. They were very nervous when I began to take pictures of the atom. They approached me immediately and demanded to see the pictures.

First I thought they were afraid to be seen smoking weed publicly. But I cannot captures smells. It's self evident that I follow the TOS for portal pictures and and avoind including people in the pictures. They were happy to see that they don't have to argue with me about deleting the pictures of them since they simply didn't exist.

Later I later understood that maybe it wasn't about the weed at at. Maybe these young men just wanted to profit from the new legislation of the #GDPR . This General Data Protection Rule of the EU just came into effect 1,5 hours after I took the pictures.

It gives every citizen the right to decide wheter he wants to be on a photo. In short (commercial) photographers from now on need a opt-in approval of the people pictured by them since it counts as data processing. Especially street photographers consider it a the end of photography as we know it.

So these guys just seamt to be some socially challenged migrants at first glance. Actually they were citizens who knew their rights and knew that privacy is a very important asset for a enduring freedom in a free democratic society. Or weren't they? #whoknows-shrug

The second part took place in the very southern part of Cologne (Köln-Godorf). When driving home I realized that I needed only to take down 3 blue portals in order to build two 10k MU fields on my own. So I did. The south anchor was located at the railway station and harbor of Godorf (Portal: Godorf). They are infrastructgure facilities to supply the neighboring chemical plants of +Shell and +LyondellBasell Industries with raw materials and to transport their products into the world.

I'm always astonished by the complexity of the system that is usually working beyond our sight and ensures that we have enough gas to drive around (cargress or daily commute) and another amenities of modern civilization. With their night illumation on they have a magical look which opposes their actual industrial background.

Can you find the powercube hidden in the pictures?

I looking forward to my next #Ingress adventure. But first I'll get some sleep . Sweet deep sleep. Maybe I'll wake up in a whole new world after the second #epiphanynight ....

#wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #epiphanynight2018 +Ingress +Lizzy N. +Anne Beuttenmüller
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Green fields and rivers. I can't get enough of them.
This night we built a big #Ingress field as a collaboration of Dutch and German agents. It yielded 1,6M MU for each of its 19 layers. Official #sitrep is still to come, but here are the first impressions of my tour. Agent +Malte Kremer and I are both into photography and we used our assignment as cleaners around the city of Salzkotten to take some pictures. His pictures can be found here: .

Therefore our usual ingress covered ops gear (scanner, powerbank and headset) has been joined by tripods and our mirrorless cams. So we could take pictures of the landmarkes we passed. The coolest place was the site where we could see the remants of the main local industry. The name Salzkotten (English: Salt cottage) is based on the former salt production, which gave Salzkotten its raison d'être. Salt was found in the salty springs around the city.

Why they chose to illuminate their river with green lights? We don't know. But als Enlightened agents we didn't mind at all. And now I'm going to drink a lot. For some reason, I became very, very thirsty...

#enl #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #salzkotten #paderborn #fielding +Ingress +Roman Karuschka +Maike H.
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Some examples for great portal pictures that I found at the Mission Day in Bonn (Germany).

What is your favourite portal picture?
I'm really into #Ingress portal photography. While walking around you see a lot of portals with awfully bad pictures taken at night or with unpleasant lightning conditions.

But on the other hand there are the jewels. Pictures by agents who were at the right time at the right spot to take a really great picture of the portal. After the Mission Day in Bonn (Germany) I had some of these extraordinary portal keys in my inventory. Here are 5 special ones that I want to share with you.

Agents +Les von Pern , +Mearcart and +Valentin Brückel: great job and thank you!

Do you like them? What is your favourite portal picture?

#mdbonn #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday #portalphotography #photography #ingressyear6 #missionday #ingressmissionday
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Might be interesting to you Enlightened photographers out there. Or not. It‘s up to you.
Another #wheredidingresstakeyoutoday . This time it‘s the statue of +yousufkarsh portrait in #Ottawa, the capital of #Canada. Yousuf Karsh (1908 – 2002) was an Armenian-Canadian photographer best known for his portraits of notable individuals.

He has been described as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. His iconic 1941 photograph of +Winstonchurchll was a breakthrough point in his 60-year career, through which he took numerous photos of known political leaders, men and women of arts and sciences. +MartinLutherKing , +AlbertEinstein or +NelsonMandelaMuseum were some of them.

Over 20 photos by Karsh appeared on the cover of Life magazine, until he retired in 1992. But he wasn‘t just a photographer. He also was a refugee from Armenia 🇦🇲. He grew up during the Armenian Genocide, during which some of his family were murdered. Karsh and his family escaped to a refugee camp in Aleppo, Syria in 1922 in a month-long journey with a Kurdish caravan. Almost a century later it‘s the Syrian people from Aleppo who have to flee from being killed.

I wonder how powerful pictures Karsh would have made today in Syria in order to shake up the world‘s hearts and souls. Because that is, what #photography is doing better than any other artform or type of communication. It can touch us emotionally in a split of a second. That‘s why instagram and other picture centered platforms are so successful.

I would have submitted the bust as a new #ingress portal candidate to +Ingress ...if it would have a slightest chance due to portal density. But it is right next to several portals. It‘s so close to the +Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Chateau Laurier that it can be seen on its portal picture in the right lower corner.

But as it is not only located somewhere in Ottawa but right next the political heart chamber of Canada itself (Parliament Hill), it’s always worth a visit.

Thank you for reading so much text. And now go out, explore our world, hack all portals - and don‘t forget to take great pictures of #artwork , landmarks, people and - of course - your #foodporn .
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I just reached level 8 - as a photographer ;-)
Finally level 8. Not in as an #Ingress agent, but in my mission as a portal picture submitter. More than 2.400 picture submission has been successfully reviewed by NIA.

Even if there hadn't been the boost from #IngressEclipse ( 850 instead of 500 AP), I've would have reached level 8 with the 1.200.000 AP granted by NIA.

That doesn't mean that there are more than 2.400 portals showing my pictures. Only some of them were voted on top by the Ingress community and sometimes I resubmitted various versions when the first ones deserved an upgrade.

Meanwhile I learned a lot as a photographer and as an agent. When you're looking for the actual portal you discover a lot of things. A lot of duplicate portals, removed walls or houses, removed objects or simply cheeky temporary portal submissions of a statue on a table in a living room (won't happen again thanks to watchful OPR agents).

But that put aside, I mostly enjoyed the results of experienced seers who discovered extraordinary objects with a cool story, an interesting historical background or high educational value....and a lot of XM. Playing Ingress and taking pictures took me to places where no man has...errr.... where I wouldn't had gone to without the game.


+Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +Ingress Enlightened Köln

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Another ingress photo story.
This is a behind the curtain story. Literally.

When I wanted to take a picture of the #ingress portal "Guarding Knight" (,7.009563&z=16 ) I saw, that it had a pefect matching name on many levels.

First there was an Axa shield deployed on it.
Second there was a big curtain in front of the house since there is a restauration ongoing.

I was about to simply pass by when I saw two of the restauration workers climbed the ladder to the framework on the first level. I went there and asked them if they could take the picture of the knight for me.

First they thought I was a representative of the real estate company that hired them. But I explained that there is an app that collects remarkable pieces of urban art and this is considered one of them.

This answer isn't exactly correct, but any ingress agents knows that's it's not easy to summarize the game in a single sentence (although I like " PokémonGo for adults").

So they reached down to grab my camera and some seconds later I got 3 additional pictures from behind the curtain on my SD card. Furthermore I had another special memory of very friendly and helpful construction workers 👷 that is worthy to be shared.

This is ingress. Explore the world with open eyes, be friendly, cooperate ... and get rid of that damn axa shield on a blue portal with some nicely placed ultra strike bursters.

I'm looking forward to take a picture after the renewal of the front.

#behindthecurtain #whereingresstakeyoutoday #cologne #muelheim
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tempus fugit
tempus fugit. Ingress is also a documentation of the flow of time.

The gardener's steady watering paid off over time.

Portal: "Eiserner Gärtner"' in Betzdorf, Germany.

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Hello my fellow enlightened photographers. I'm a green agent from Cologne, Germany.

Here is my firstie for this community. It's a mosque in Germany. The first reviewer rejected the green lit tower. Maybe he didn't knew that green is the official colour of islam. The third submission was successful. I think the rejected one is a better picture, but at least the third picuture has the theologically correct colour.
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Portal "Getarnte Zeitmaschine".

I created the greenish effect by waving around my smartphone display around with a purely green picture on it while taking a long time expose of about 10 seconds.

Intel link:

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