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Reminder: AD and Gold selling sites get their currencies from either exploits or taking advantage of stolen accounts.  Posting any endorsement of AD/Gold buying/selling is an insta-ban on this community.
UPDATE: No personal advertising of your business or service. That will get the ban hammer swinging too.

I'm sorry but Neverwinter is to p2w for my taste, later buddies, moving on to Guild wars 2...

Played the "Day of the Dungeon Master" last night. Was quite interesting being a miniature in someone else's table top game. LOL

I can see why some say you might not get everything the first time you experience it. With limited time to play during the week I have elected to try and make sure I do the die roll every day and get the Owlbear figurine. If I don't reach all the other prizes I will just save my stuff for next time.

Hope the others on here get a chance to cash in on some of the gifts.

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Chultan ps plus promo pack

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Faço videos informativos e gameplays de Neverwinter espero que gostem #

Hey I got a couple of chests last night that require special keys, how do I get the keys

#AxiosPrimeClan is recruiting on PS4. Our adult gaming community wants gamers who can meetup for Stronghold quests, endgame content & maybe a grind session or two.
To join, be age 18 or older & play with a member.
Msg me for meetup - PSN: grrlscout420420

Question: Can you move your bags around or are they stuck in the order you found them in?

I would like to move my larger bags up the chain and the small ones down to the bottom if I could.

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Rise of Tiamat...... fucking annoying
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