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Have you read WHITE TIGER yet? #free in ebook also in paperback, nook, kobo. kindle: "an exceptional tale that belongs in a place of honor on keeper shelves everywhere." Coffee Time Romance - #5star Don't miss this #awardwinning novel, book One #standalone in the Chronicles of Kassouk #action #romance #series #scifi

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My second novel, SINKHOLE, is due from Bloodshot Books late August 2017.

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#free in #kindle SEDUCING SIGEFROI, #medieval #fantasy #romance "Edgy medieval, yay!" "a little bloody at at times" Amazon - "Ms. Schartz did a fine job with this offering, and brought elements to the myth that fleshed Melusine out and made her a sympathetic character. I think fans of Fantasy romance will enjoy this steamy version of the myth and fans of the myth will find it interesting as well." The Examiner - #99cts in the same series DAMSEL OF THE HAWK "Phenomenal world building, characters the readers care about, and an intriguing mystery... all the elements one expects from a Vijaya Schartz story! Easily recommended!" K2sKwipsandKritique #5stars

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Participate in the Reading Competition of the Lisbon School of Magic!
We have fantastic prizes waiting for you :)
Do not waste time and start reading! The sooner you start, the more likely you are to win!

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Professor Zulmiro started the lesson with the following words:

"Today I will present you a new book with a magnificent story. It is a very special book, for it is a book that reflects your personality."

"Is it an heavy book Professor?" timidly asked a frail looking student with a big bag, almost as big as she, by her feet.

"I know you already carry a lot of books to school. This book in particular will not add a gram to your backpacks" reassured Zulmiro.

The Professor walked among the desks and started distributing the books. The students' hands reached avidly forward to receive the mysterious offer.

"It's true! The book is weightless!" mentioned a student when receiving the book. "Look! If you leave it midair it just stays there floating like a hot air balloon!" and the student pushed the book around with one finger while it undulated without support.

To Zulmiro, the book's weight was not the point he intended to focus on. However, before he could resume what he was about to say, someone raised a hand in the back of the classroom.

"I am sorry Professor, but there is a mistake! My colleague's book has a different text on the same page."

"Why did you look at your colleague's book?".

"Because I wanted to find out if you had given him a better book."

Zulmiro smiled, internally amused.

"There is no mistake whatsoever in the books' distribution and no student got a worse book. I have already told you that this book reflects the reader. Other books are a revelation of the author. Not this one. This book reveals you, your values and your mood. It adapts to each individual reader. Each page you make a decision and the fate of the story is altered accordingly."

Students were surprised and at the same time confused.

"How will know if we made the right decision?" one student asked.

"It's like real life. You don't know."

We have one of the books Zulmiro offered reserved for you! What will this book reveal about your personality? Will you choose the path of white or black magic? Or simply, will you opt for the path of your self interest? The choice is yours!

You can obtain a copy of the book at:

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Free for a limited time! Action, Thrills, Suspense and Riveting Fight scenes! Get your hands on this intense science fiction today! Project Gaia Fighter's Fate The Last Protector at

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Hey everyone! Here's a link to a book me and my friend wrote. It's a fast paced, action packed thriller. Check it out today! Project Gaia's Fighter's Fate The Last Protector at

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It's been a while since I posted, because I've been busy writing even more books for YOU to enjoy!  Be sure to check out all of my latest works, which are available on Amazon!  
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My review of Captivity by György Spiró appears in New York Journal of Books:
Additional remarks about the novel and its historical background are found in my examiner article:
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