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Hello Coaches,
We have been promoting a virtual gift exchange in all of the content and grade level communities. We invite you to take part in one here in your community. And we ask that you encourage your faculty to take part in theirs!

I am looking for something that will work on Chromebooks to read to students. 

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In celebration of Indiana's Bicentennial, Steve Auslander and I have created an opportunity for classrooms throughout the state to connect via Skype or G. Hangouts. Classrooms will play Mystery County (a version of Mystery Skype) and will share the 7 Wonders of their county. Join us in this fun activity! Be sure to register classes by 11/9!

Office of Special Education-Short Share #4-Universal Design for Learning
Both the November 2015 Dear Colleague Letter and ESSA emphasize the importance of Universal Design for Learning when striving to improve outcomes for ALL students, including those with disabilities. In this fourth Short Share video, we partner with the PATINS Project to provide more information on universal design. Please click here to view this new video as well as our entire short share series:

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Improving Outcomes for Students with Disabilities- The Office of Special Education (OSE) is excited to share our commitment to making a difference for students with disabilities in Indiana by collaborating with schools, parents, other local, federal and state agencies, and all of the offices within the Indiana Department of Education. Our mission is to close the gap between students with and without disabilities, not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also in expectations and opportunities. Below is a link to a new form of communication from the OSE called a “Short Share”. The first Short Share will introduce the concept of improving outcomes for students with disabilities. Improving outcomes can be achieved through a core curriculum based on grade level standards, high quality instruction that meets the diverse needs of all students, unbiased assessment that guides instruction and collaboration among administrators, general and special education staff, parents, and the community. Enjoy!

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Exciting news about eLEAD - over 200 sessions, student showcases, educational 'toys', networking social hosted by +Common Sense Education fund twitter photo op, and cool swag. Join over 500 colleagues from around the area to hear from +Ramsey Musallam +Nathan Davidson +Robbie Grimes +Steve Dembo June 21-21 at Anderson University

Join us

We are proud to be a 2016 Summer of eLearning conference +IDOE Office of eLearning

In addition, check out the great opportunity for a building or district team to work with +Jeff Mao and +Steve Garton from +Common Sense Education

Educational Leadership in a Digitally Powered World

Team of six for only $150 including a light breakfast and great lunch. Register today at


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Join us at eLEAD 2016 on the campus of Anderson University.
Registration at

Over 170 sessions, student showcases, free lunch, great swag, door prizes, and more....
Keynotes: Steve Dembo, Ramsey Mussalum, Robbie Grimes, Nathan Davidson

Best buy for your learning at $40 for two days of professional development!

Sponsored by Discovery Education, Five-Star Technology Solutions, Anderson University, and the school corporations of Madison county

An IDOE Summer of eLEARNING conference #INeLearn

I am doing research on scheduling options for school. Can you tell me how your school does scheduling (primarily K-6 but any ideas would help)? How many specials do they go to, what are they, how often do they go? Is your school on block scheduling, periods, something else? What about the gifted and talented program, how is it scheduled? Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, what works, what doesn't would be greatly appreciated.

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The Digital Content Workshop Tour is picking back up in April! If you are a teacher or district coach NEW to the practice of digital content curation then consider joining the Office of eLearning on this statewide tour. Please promote: Registration is now open for events at South Vermillion and MSD of Wayne Township.

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Make sure to visit our webpage where you'll find a holiday message from the Office of eLearning Team! #INeLearn  
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