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Välkommen till XF-CC!


XF-CC är en global och faktionsoberoende grupp som förespråkar ärligt och roligt spel.

VÅRT UPPDRAG: Att förespråka en positiv ingressupplevelse genom rättvisa och respekt i våra lokala communities

- Allas åsikter ska respekteras
- Fuska inte
- Respektera dina medspelare
- Om du är osäker, spela vidare och satsa på AP

VI EFTERSTRÄVAR en öppen debatt inom spelet och vi kan ställa, och ta emot, dom svåra frågorna. Vi tar hänsyn till folks svar. Vi strävar efter nya sätt att föra folk samman. Och framför allt, vi kommuniserar våra ideer, frustrationer, fel och lärdommar.

VÅRA MEDLEMMAR är inte perfekta, men vårt mål är att göra ingress roligare genom att:
- Spela med respekt
- Vara den förändring vi vill se i ingress
- Avstå från negativitet
- Hålla oss trevliga i COMM

DU ÄR VÄLKOMMEN ATT ANSLUTA TILL OSS! Var medveten om att detta är ett publikt community, och genom att gå med så godkänner du att dina inlägg blir publika. Vi hoppas att detta ska stärka vårt forum och främja debatt.

XF-CC Sweden har fyra svenska moderatorer:
Robban - @keffoo (Resistance)
Mats - @gosatta (Enlightened)
Calle - @ailongam (Resistance)
Hakan - @hagu (Enlightened)

Spela schysst agenter, och välkomna!


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15% off with Code: FAB15 for three days! :))
Now: Three days with 15% off and new motives uploaded

XF-CC Shirts Shop Europe

You can save money with this code!
Shop 15% off on 15./ 16. and 17. May with code: FAB15

This is the XF-CC Europes non-profit shop with the latest designs for XF-CC lovers.
All proceeds from commissions go 1: 1 in free swag, like XF-CC missionday cards or help-seeking XF-CC members.

Now uploaded the country flags.
Examples you will find directly on black T-shirts.
If you would choose another product, like tanktop or basecap, you can use the CREATE button and style you own product.

Have a nice day! Yours Xf-CC Team

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This is our non-profit shop with the latest designs for XF-CC lovers.
All proceeds from commissions go 1: 1 in free swag, like XF-CC missionday cards or help-seeking XF-CC members.

You can save money with these codes!

Shop 15% off today with code 15FORYOU
Shop 20% off on 17. and 18. April with code 20APRIL18

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nu på lördag drar vi igång First Saturday säsongen 2018!

På lördag kör vi St:eriksplan och det är fler plannerade!
Ingress FS Stockholm
Ingress FS Stockholm

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QR-Code made with shorturl TinyURL for your coming designs and use...

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The mural sure looks nice early spring!

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Hi Agents, hello XF-CC friends, juhu cross-factioneers!

2018 is a great year for XF-CC Europe, and today we finally can lift the secret of the weekend Friday 29th of June till Sunday 1st of July! This year is the first for us to host a proper XF-CC Meeting, and we're really so, so excited already :)))

Imagine: guided mission banner tours in the nearby play zones like the beautiful Utrecht, NL, during the Weekend. .. A cross faction adventure weekend! Missions created by @DaiyaDawn and featuring @vreezy! Barbecue and more than enough beer, workshops for those interested, or just sit together at a bonfire discussing ingress and non ingress-related stuff in relaxed atmosphere with fun people. Surprises. And maybe, just maybe, even with a very special guest attending..

What relaxed atmosphere? Now for the best part - we organized a complete camping site including a house with big sleeping rooms for the weekend.. that whole thing will feel more like a festival than a mere ingress related meet-and-greet, latest when having a beer at the bonfire :)

Places are limited - so hurry up, come and join the XF-CC Mission Adventure 2018 featuring XF Bannerday 2018 on Saturday by filling the form mentioned in the FAQ!

For more information and/or socializing try one (or all) of the many options:

Telegram News Channel

Telegram Social Channel

G+ Community


- how about costs?
Sleeping on-site is 5€ per night/person (own tent or big dorm without beds - please bring bedroll and camping mat)
Barbecue will be 13€ per person and night, soft drink included
Breakfast 4€ per person and morning, coffee/tea included (more details in the registration form)

- You said beer.. What about beer??
0,33 for 1€ :) Same goes for Soft Drinks as well, case someone is interested.

- is sleeping on-site a requirement for participating?
Of course not! It's strongly recommended, though.. after all- BEER! And fun people! If you prefer more privacy, there's of course lots of hotels in Utrecht

- I can only come one night, what do I do?
Come over! You stay one night, you only pay one night - and we'd love to see you even if you cannot attend all weekend :)

- how about Swag??
Guys, this is an XF-CC event, what are you thinking?? Visit our Swag-Shop to get your favorite design and piece!

- I'm so very in, where do I register?!
Easy, just fill out the form:

- I have more questions!
Not a problem! Feel free to contact @Domfire, @Sv3nvs or @DasHaku in Telegram, we'll do our best to help out :)

- this FAQ is really short..
Ask questions, so we can add answers :) This is work in progress!

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A Very Special Message

+Dan NoReg Happy Birthday!!!

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XF- Ghostfields posted today in:
Coincidence? Bug? The Force?
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