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tonton ni haaaaappyyy bebdtey

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Rassling with the R’s — Roles and Responsibilities - It’s important to get the right people in the right place at the right time. Once the development project launches, everyone involved will have an opinion, eXpertise and investment in the outcome. To get the best results, it’s important to use each person in the right way. Quality in, quality out. In this installment, we’ll walk you through client and developer duties so you’ll know who should be doing what.

Hi, could someone helpme with one isue

i have

$add_record = $fm->newAddCommand('layout');

$add_record->setField('Field', $value1);
$add_record->setField('Field', $value2);

$result = $add_record->execute();

if (FileMaker::isError($result)) {
$data[] = array(
'statusID'=> "-1",
'statusCode' => $result->getCode(),
'statusDescription'=> $result->getMessage(),
$json_response = json_encode($data);
echo $json_response;
until this point everything is ok and create the new record
but i need that before insert get the id created i have an else statement


$getUserId = $fm->newFindCommand('layout');
$getUserId->addFindCriterion('field', value1);
$nresult = $getUserId->execute();

but in this point makes error, say reference not fount, but a moment ago was inserted.

how can i solve it

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Im new in Filemaker and need help to get related fields in my PHP application from filemaker Db.

in my filemaker I have 3 tables

- ID
- Name
- Description

- ID
- Category_ID
- Name - Description

- ID
- SubCategory_ID
- Name

I need in my php get a hash with

- Category1:
- Category2:
- CategoryN:

some one can please help me with the API of PHP filemaker to get this result.

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Survival Guide Part 3 of 7: Find, Hire and Work with a Software Developer, Successfully! - Quotes, Estimates and Change Orders, Oh My! — Understanding Pricing & Billing Models

Figuring out how to choose a great developer can be bewildering without some insight about what to look for. In this segment we eXplore the more popular billing & pricing models.

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