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I’ve just finished my first session of Noirlandia and found it an interesting experience.

I love a lot of the aspects of it, I enjoyed the setting and the use of the board, but there were a few thorns amongst the roses, so I thought I’d check here to see if anything was done wrong or if we were the unluckiest group around.

We used the Fungi Fatale setting with four players. A player killed his character in scene one, intentionally, to see what would happen. That’s fine, the rules fit that. He also ended up on the board as he had a 1 and 2 on the black dice. This meant his stats bottomed out pretty quickly.

There was an issue with one of the group getting analysis paralysis with the scenes. I realise now that there’s the table of dramatic hits, so that could have been a good way of dealing with it. We’re fairly regular PbtA players, so there were a lot of good, probing questions from Supporters to prompt him into action.

We didn’t realise that we could escalate our specific parts of the city in order to save a lead from getting destroyed, so again, that’s something which may have impacted play given the amount of lead-burning which took place. I don’t know if that would have affected things too much.

The big problem my group had was our incredible bad luck. We timed out of the game with no answers and no escalations after three hours and thirty-three minutes.

Mushru died in his first turn. Then Eggdragon’s player rolled two sixes before we had any connections as his second turn. He made two leads with connections which could have been used for an answer and when Mushru’s next scene happened his player rolled a white 6. He opted to take a lead and connection rather than to make an answer.

This would be the last white six we would see for the entire rest of the game.

Our characters slowly deteriorated, with only two successes on a white two during the game as well. This meant the stats were getting worse and leads were getting burnt. We had no avenue of getting an answer and there were so many leads to go through before we destroyed a part of the city.

We didn’t engage with the bargain mechanic as it was a one for all but two rolls; one where a four was lower than the two fives someone rolled on their white dice, and a five which wasn’t picked as the player wanted to break their principle instead. That was also the only time we broke a principle.

As a whole I like the system and the ideas in it. I know the analysis paralysis player isn’t keen on the game but hopefully the hits will bring him back.

So was I:

Missing rules which would have helped?
Cursed by the dice gods?
Or both?
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Work on Questlandia 2nd Edition has begun in earnest. Includes campaign play, dice rolls that resolve quick action and rolls that determine major plot arcs, and the biggest, most exciting change... canon about what ties all of these different worlds together.

When we have a playable beta it will be publicly available. Three cheers!
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More podcast updates! The Terrible Warriors just posted the next episode of their Noirlandia case:

And the Caffeine&Conquer podcast just put up an interview with me:

A good day for sleuthing!

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If anyone wants to check out a fantastic Let's Play of Noirlandia, the Terrible Warriors podcast just started up a series:

So far, they've finished the setup of their city, the investigators, and the crime. Everything has been established with great imagination and humor. Highly recommended!

I got the OK to showcase indi/story games at our next TempleCon. I am very excited, but also sober to the fact that this going to be A LOT of work. I plan on using the Games On Demand model: not only in format, but most importantly in it's ethos of openness, inclusion, collaboration and welcoming.

I'm exhilarated that both I and most important Templecon are fully committed to making this be the best it can be.

More to come.

How does Noirlandia work for two players? When the book arrived in the mail, my wife, she seemed interested. I explained the game, and she said she'd be willing to try it out.

She is not an RPG person, though has played about half a game of The Quiet Year with me and had fun.

Has anyone tried it with just two? What had to change?

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Delivered today.

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Noirlandia books have arrived. Backer shipping happens first, but we're aiming to have these on pre-order in time for the holidays.

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The Noirlandia PDF just went out to all backers! If that includes you, check your inbox!

I'm proud of how the art, layout, and rules have turned out. I feel like I've put my best into the creation of this game, and can't wait to hear what you think!

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We're getting close to the release of Noirlandia, then Damn the Man, both of which use Questlandia's core mechanics—narrative resolution, opposition dice outnumbering protagonist dice, escalating troubles that inevitably lead to collapse.

I've always envisioned Questlandia not as a self-contained one-shot, but as a flexible core system we could expand and improve on over time.

I'd love to make this group a hub for all of the games we create based around that system, and I think it could breathe new life into the community. I also respect that you came here for Questlandia—not Noirlandia, Damn the Man, and whatever comes next.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer Questlandia-only, or do you like the idea of a broader Quest-core community with topic tags for the various games?

There is no wrong answer. Thanks for being here and supporting our work! :)
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