So I received my copy of Noirlandia recently and it pointed to the Google Plus group which is a great place. Are there any plans to have things continue on mewe or reddit or something else?

A couple of questions for Noirlandia: My group had some issues understanding how the flashbacks can affect the ongoing investigation in a good narrative way, does anyone have any good examples?
Also, say that your character has had a really horrible day, and all their abilities have fallen down to the 3 black level, how can you make misses and bargains work if the character cant losd any more points?

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I'm finding it difficult to wait until tomorrow night to play Questlandia again, so I decided to use Magic: The Gathering cards to generate my norms and features, and the syllable list. You can get random M:tG cards with a random search of their database (

I had one preconceived notion I wanted to explore: This Kingdom is a colony ship nearing its destination on a new planet for humanity. I then drew 3 diamonds (resources) 2 hearts (sickness) and 1 spade (war), and rolled religious / philosophical for its ambition.

If anyone is interested, here's a link to the 9 random cards I drew and the kingdom I created using them:

It was just a fun exercise. I may use the exact same setup I used above but draw 9 new random Magic cards and see what that creates!

I played my first game of Questlandia last week with my Dungeon World group and we loved it!

Granthax was a kingdom of giants whose ambition was Religious with 4 (FOUR!!!!) Health trouble, plus 1 Civil Unrest and 1 Wealth. We were all dying of a sickness with no cure, but the church kept insisting that prayers and tithes would solve our problems.

I played an unlucky academic (scientist) whose drive was Progress. I had found a cure, but no-one would listen to me because I was disabled and scrawny (two really bad qualities in Granthax). With my last fortune token during the epilogue I narrated how, thousands of years in the future, my laboratory was discovered along with all of my notes. The notes were translated and used to found a great city and "The Golden Age of Humans" which went on to become a galaxy-spanning empire.

I can't wait to play again!

Online corkboard

The question is simple: I am looking for an online (cork)board to play Noirlandia via Hangouts (or similar services). I know: there are plenty of online boards; the problem is I haven’t found one with the possibility to use red threads to connect elements yet.

Can you help me, please?


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Our corkboard after playing Noirlandia with +Marco Andreetto and +Nicola Urbinati. Nice game, anyway! 😍 #Noirlandia
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Noirlandia feedback


After some Noirlandia games, here I am with a couple of questions (sorry if they've been already answered somewhere else):

1) clues, solutions, not protagonists.
Investigation rolls often results being out of actual fiction. I mean, if I fail the challenge roll and everything get harder for my character, how am I supposed to be getting a white 6 in the following investigation roll? And sometimes I'm even at odds describing how I even get something out of the scene.
Adding in clues' casuality, even more of the clue-fiction coherence gets harder to be kept.
Then escalations are mixed in, and everything actually burns of "events bigger than the characters".
In the last game, in the last scene, the character failed helping the victim's child with her mourning, to get info from her afterwards. The player got the white 6 in the investigation and solved the case, but we had to say "than we know from an article by a Famous Journalist (he's a clue) that the Victiom (clue) has been shot by an antagonist of a Criminal Gang (clue)".

This opens a question.
Is this sense of "events bigger than the characters" something wanted by design (I see how the results tables drive the fiction) or do we err on how to set the scene from the start, failing to point to possible solutions, so that we fall short of fiction when we are given the chance for a clue or a solution?
I don't know if I can make myself clear enough.
If that's by design, well it's a cool thing and it works, it can even be a topos of noir fiction, on the other side, it can take protagonism away from the players, leaving them confused.
Well, there are games doing this (even Fiasco to say one), just wanted to know if we're understandig the way the game wants to be played.

2) a 2 black on the investigation, just... twice
I could, by chance, get a 2 black in an investigation, twice. That's "pin yourself". Should we take a different result? Just damage REP? Pin to a different district? What if someone else already selected me as a clue in a different district? If I'm pinned to two different districts, what happens to the second clue when the first gets destroyed (character's death)?
I do not know if other results can get in the way as the 2 black can, it just happened during our last game.

I think I can tag +Evan Rowland

Thank you very much.
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I am wondering if anyone has experimented with Questlandia for creating
Multi-planet societies? A bit like 1930-1950 sci-fi with the Venusian jungle planet and Martian desert planet - each home to one or more societies/cultures
creating each as a separate Questlandia kingdom?

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I’ve just finished my first session of Noirlandia and found it an interesting experience.

I love a lot of the aspects of it, I enjoyed the setting and the use of the board, but there were a few thorns amongst the roses, so I thought I’d check here to see if anything was done wrong or if we were the unluckiest group around.

We used the Fungi Fatale setting with four players. A player killed his character in scene one, intentionally, to see what would happen. That’s fine, the rules fit that. He also ended up on the board as he had a 1 and 2 on the black dice. This meant his stats bottomed out pretty quickly.

There was an issue with one of the group getting analysis paralysis with the scenes. I realise now that there’s the table of dramatic hits, so that could have been a good way of dealing with it. We’re fairly regular PbtA players, so there were a lot of good, probing questions from Supporters to prompt him into action.

We didn’t realise that we could escalate our specific parts of the city in order to save a lead from getting destroyed, so again, that’s something which may have impacted play given the amount of lead-burning which took place. I don’t know if that would have affected things too much.

The big problem my group had was our incredible bad luck. We timed out of the game with no answers and no escalations after three hours and thirty-three minutes.

Mushru died in his first turn. Then Eggdragon’s player rolled two sixes before we had any connections as his second turn. He made two leads with connections which could have been used for an answer and when Mushru’s next scene happened his player rolled a white 6. He opted to take a lead and connection rather than to make an answer.

This would be the last white six we would see for the entire rest of the game.

Our characters slowly deteriorated, with only two successes on a white two during the game as well. This meant the stats were getting worse and leads were getting burnt. We had no avenue of getting an answer and there were so many leads to go through before we destroyed a part of the city.

We didn’t engage with the bargain mechanic as it was a one for all but two rolls; one where a four was lower than the two fives someone rolled on their white dice, and a five which wasn’t picked as the player wanted to break their principle instead. That was also the only time we broke a principle.

As a whole I like the system and the ideas in it. I know the analysis paralysis player isn’t keen on the game but hopefully the hits will bring him back.

So was I:

Missing rules which would have helped?
Cursed by the dice gods?
Or both?
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Work on Questlandia 2nd Edition has begun in earnest. Includes campaign play, dice rolls that resolve quick action and rolls that determine major plot arcs, and the biggest, most exciting change... canon about what ties all of these different worlds together.

When we have a playable beta it will be publicly available. Three cheers!
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