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Did you know we have an IRC room filled with your fellow campers? We’re on FreeNode, channel #ThatConference (what else really?)

Hey All, My wife and I are coming from quite a distance away (New Hampshire) and we might need a babysitter for one or two of the days. Does anybody know of a child-care provider in the Dells area that they would recommend?

We're looking for people around the world interested to start their own BIL Conference (TED alternative) which on of the few conference around the world in CC license, if you think you help if by advising, please let me know. Thanks.

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Today at 12cst #ThatConference will be on G+ Hangouts to talk about 2014, abstracts and whatever. Join Us and help spread the word.

We've working on setting up camp for 2014 ( hint: new website this year ). Make sure to join our newsletter and stay in the know.

Mark your calendars That Conference 2014 Call for Sponsors starts 2/1, Call for Speakers 3/31.

What type of things would you like to be able to search for in the apps?

How can we make the mobile apps better for you this year?

Here are some suggestions:
- Schedule
- Performance
- Speed
- Online/offline modes
- Updates on session and scheduling changes
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