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Name-Marceline Theresa Saberhagen
Mate-No one
Relationship-Single, but crushing
Occupation-Actress, song and story writer, owner of Cocoa Rouge
Species-Snow Leopard (They are not meant to be humans)
District-Sahara Square
Skills-Singing, drawing, writing, roller skating, ninjitsu, making chocolate everything
Personality-Kind, imaginative, smart, quiet, creative, confident
Likes-Writing, rollerskating, acting, drawing, singing, photography
Dislikes-Animals who say I can't do anything because I'm a girl.
Relatives-Dr. Louis Saberhagen (Mom) Salem Saberhagen (Dad) Jackson, Patrick, Robert (Brothers) Lisa, Clara (Sisters)
Friends-Everyone is my friend
Motto-You can do anything that you set your mind to
Bio-I grew up on a farm. My best friend Judy and I moved to zootropolis. I moved there before her, because my parents got new jobs there when I was 14. I graduated high school early. My family is rich and I love them, but I didn't want to have the jobs my parents have. My mother is a psychiatrist and my father owns the bank. I opened my own chocolate shop called Cocoa Rouge. I make chocolate cakes, cookies, candies, hot chocolate, and so many other things. In my spare time, I write stories. I publish books and I even have a number one seller. It was made thanks to my childhood friend, Judy. I met up with Judy and she told me her whole story about the case of the missing animals. It really sparked my idea for a new story. That's also when I met Chief Bogo. I thought he was so handsome, charming, tough. I started to fall for him. I wonder if he likes me back.
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[ Open! ]

[ Y/N ] was walking around Savannah Central, minding their own business when they see a bulldog somewhat suspiciously walk up to a maine coon cat who was casually walking down the road. The bulldog growled and pulled the cat around, grabbing his shirt and pulling his arm back for a punch, shouting:


The dog was cut off by the cat putting a gun to his throat


He says confidently, but [ Y/N ]--
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Christa sighed as she walked through the winter tundra on her way home. She had just ended her shift at the police station and had picked up a sandwich from a cafe on her way back. Her weapons strapped in place. Another boring day of nothing at the station.

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Name: Miden

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Deer

Likes: Relaxing, exploring, being alone, talking to friends, being outside

Dislikes: Bright lights, loud noises, darkness, pain, insects, violence, stress

Where you came from: Sahara Square

Bio: Born in Sahara Square. Parents left when he was 16 and he lived homeless doing odd jobs until he finally earned enough to buy an apartment near Savannah Central. He is shy and gets nervous easily, and spends most of his time walking around the city.

Other: Has prescribed ADHD. Keeps antlers sanded down because they get in the way when fully grown. Tends to freeze up for a few seconds when hit in the eye with a bright light. Stutters when nervous, scared, stressed, and flustered.

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[ Open! ]

Sebastian,a Spanish drug dealer and thief cat smirks as he walked down the streets of Savannah Central in the night. His hood was up as his tail wags with annoyance, leaning against the wall. He sighs, looking down at his phone before a large tiger walks up. He had two weasels by his side. The tiger growls slightly, looking down upon the cat and asks:

"You got it, kitty?!"

Sebastian gulps slightly before taking out a plastic bag of what seemed to be catnip

"S...Si, Senor..."

He says with a stutter, handing the cat nip. [ Y/N ] was walking down the street when they saw this. They hid as the tiger gave him two very large rolls of money, tied with an elastic band. The cat smirks, taking it and watches as the tiger leaves with his weasels. Seb began to count the money and [ Y/N ]...

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[ +Gir wilson ]

Seb smiles as he walks around, his hands in his pockets as he sees a rich deer come through. He barged past the cat and even bumped into him on purpose. Seb's ears flatten as he hissed, shouting:

"Hey! Señor! Watch it alright!"

His Spanish accent sounding as the Rich Deer turned and pointed his black hand at Seb, saying:

"Hey! Watch it, Cat! I could get you arrested! You hear me!"

Seb smirks, taking out the deer's wallet and saying innocently

"Oh, sorry my Amigo!...I'll just leave!"

He sighs, turning and leaving. Seb then sees a poorer Lion, taking his wallet. [ Y/N ] sees this and-

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Name: "Greetings, Amigo's!! I'm Seb! Nice to meet you!"

Nickname "I am mostly known as "Puss In Boots" or "That Thief"

Physical Age: "I don' know...around 19"

Mental Age: "About 16, ha!"

Actual Age: "I'm 20!"

Gender: "I'm a Señor! Haha...if you know what I mean..."

Species: "A cat...duh"

Rank: "I am known to be an outlaw...haha"

Where You Came From: "Savannah Central!"

Personality: He is quite laid-back, but also fast talker and quite excited all of the time. The cat is also quite serious and enjoys to fight. He is kind but hostile and sometimes hisses at his enemy

Biography/Why Became A Criminal: He was born in Savannah Central, becoming an outlaw when his friend got him into it. His friend then set him up when he wanted to stop the stealing and they both robbed a bank. Seb escaped however his friend didn't and he got thrown into jail for 8 years. He then decided to run from home which was in the poorer part of the city and went to the richer parts, stealing for a living.

Nationality: "I'm Spanish Amigo!!...Well...half...I can speak fluent English! Haha! But I have my Spanish Accent!!"

Weapon: "Haha, simply a sword at my side! Hidden by my jumper! Haha!"


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I left home while my dad was at work. I'm braver this time more than ever. So I decided to take a walk around town and see what I can do until my dad returns home. It was a hot day so I walk to the nearest popsicle shop that happen to be the one for elephants which was a mistake. But I wanted something that would cool me off. The elephant glares at me since I'm the second one my size to enter. I noticed and ran off scared. He didn't realize I was skittish because of something that happened to me a few years ago. I sigh and head under a bridge. My ears are down. I feel like a failure. I started to cut my wrist because it seemed to calm me down. I'm messed up because I've been abused before...
((Open role play. I'd be happier if a female character joined in because they might end up in a relationship. You figure out when you saw Ronon and when you approach him. Be careful and have fun))

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Bug-Burga is a restaurant that Jared Bush confirmed the existance of on Twitter. It is where "carnivores eat plant-based proteins and insects." It is also "their favorite restaurant."

Their menu includes cricket chips, grasshopper shakes, and cicada burgers.[1]

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Name: Christa L. Paw
Age: 22
Species: half fox and half wolf
Gender: female
Likes: to be playful, kids, snow, family, fun overall
Dislikes: criminals, people being sad
Where you come from: North America
Bio/why you became a cop: Christa lived in North America the a majority of her life with her tribe. They were a very traditional group living in the forest. One day a lone wolf gone rabid tried to attack the pups and she had been there to protect them but failed to save one...her own. She had been pergnant and the wolf had slashed her belly. Luckily they remained close to the city enough for the hospital. After that it resulted in her no longer being able to bear pups and she devoted her life to protecting all she could when she failed to protect the one she wanted to protect most.
Weapon: Will usually use a custom made spear but in Zootopia she will use modern weapons while still managing to wear her tribal clothes and still remain decent to the public.
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