Whoa, I forgot about this.

Shade, the mutant luxio is walking around in a dark forest...

This RP is an RP about pokemon that are mutated - so, not their normal profile. It is also notrelated to any of the other RPs

Name: Baron
Pokemon: Joltik
Where they live: shinnoh

I'm back to the community! Sorry for being away, for like, 4 months!

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name: fallen
moves: leafblade, swords dance, grass whistle, quick attack
trainer: wild
gender: female
likes: Fall leaves jokes being friendly , roleplay, popcicles!
dislikes: bullies, fire, being picked on, brocli

Live:black city
Bio:my trainer rejected me and now i started traveling to other cities flew to black city i live there now

Name: Gale
Pokemon: A shiny staraptor
Bio: I was abandoned by my parents at a young age so I had to teach myself. This resulted in me becoming a stronger staraptor than normal ones.
Gender: Female´╗┐
Personality: Very playful. Careless and sweet.
Live: I have no home...

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Level 41

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Autumn was in the forest near w tree that leaves always stayed red as she sleeped on a branch
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