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Name: Estella 
Gender: Mare 
Species: Deer pony
Age: 13 
Hobby (In space): She would check the gravitational force among the stars to see if they were going to stay in the sky or become shooting stars.
Hobby (in Equestria): Chases after shooting stars that fall
Personality: Responsible, Considerate, Gentle, Helpful and she seeks harmony and cooperation between others. 

Bio: Estella actually used to live in space among the stars. Around age 10 she was actually sleeping on a star but forgot to check the gravitational force among the star. The star was unable to support her and it fell down to Equestria. When she woke up she found herself in a unknown Forest. The star that was lying next her appeared smaller than it did in the sky. Estella picked it up unsure of what to do with it so she made it into a necklace. There was no way for her to get back into the celestial atmosphere so she stayed down in Equestria chasing after the stars that fall to the ground.  If there were any 'fallen' stars that she liked she would always place them in her mane and others she would collect in jars, storing them in her home. As the years went on she made many friends although she does prefer to be left alone at night so she can watch the stars, she knows that her friends are always there for her wanting to help her. Yet they can't help her unless they have a talent or connection related to stars otherwise if touched the stars just fade away in their hooves.

Main OC

Co-Owners: +Rebelcog 
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Name: Crystalline Downpour
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Species: Bat pony

Likes: Rain, crystals, caves, birds (owls mostly oml)
Dislikes: Loud noises, bright lights, mud, ponies who think they're better than her (because she will take them down) fire

Random facts: • very very salty is a so salty
• she can get really competitive
• she likes sleeping in caves
• team mystic
• her biggest fear is fire. If she sees a campfire she'll freak out

Personality wise, she's kinda like Luna, but more tense at times
I don't really have an explanation on why she doesn't have a cutie mark, sorry

Design and art by Fredson V

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Name: Fantasia
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Traditional Unicorn (are taller, tails are different, fuzzy hooves, and other features)
For those who dont know
My ocs live in a different world named Cabot. Originally they were normal ponies and horses. But two brother gods (Light god and dark god{still thinking for names}) were fighting over who would dominate the universe. The angered dark god sent monsters to his brothers world to destroy the creatures inhabiting the planet.(one god cannot undo the other gods spell they can only try to shield certain areas) To protect his planet light god sent powerful magic to the world that transformed the animals into stronger beings to protect themselves from these monsters protective bubbles surrounded them this was targeted in different spots of the planet(these bubbles grew stronger if the ponies all felt bold, happy, ect {depends on which bubble they are in}) Bubbles were created by seven stones (one in the center and the others around the walls of the bubble{the strongest one was the one in the center})

In a dark forest surrounded by monsters lived these beautiful creatures with long manes and strong magic. These creatures are known as unicorns Most unicorns were stunning and graceful but Fantasia was not. Her magic was not stronger than an average unicorn her coat was dull and dingy . Other ponies would cast spells in front of her she felt discouraged and weaker than ever.”What was wrong with me” Fantasia thought to herself. The discouraged unicorn scampered deep into the forest where unicorns rarely visited. She stumbled upon a hole near a large tree. The interior part of this tree was black pitched. Except for this faint glowing light. Fantasia approached the light, when her hoof disturbed the light sparks flew around her, in a blink of an eye she had a crown of vines and flowers surrounding her head and in the center of this crown was a large glowing blue flower. She tried to take it off, that didn't work. She tried to use her magic, but that only caused a massive burst of magic that blew a hole in the tree. She didn't know weather to feel frightened or ardent. Every day she went to her tree and practiced spells. Before she returned home she cast a spell to make the crown invisible. She didn't use her magic near other unicorns, when others made fun of her she just walked away and ignored them. 1 year later a brown pony with 2 colored eyes and long silky grey mane came in she told the unicorns that they were not safe here. There were hundreds of monsters surrounding the unicorns bubble, if one unicorn gets near the walls of the bubble, it will pop and everyone will get killed. They needed to find the main stone located in the center. Redwar and her team would look near the walls. They just needed to blur the outside view. The unicorns tried to add frost but that only helped temporarily. Fantasia offered to help but all the unicorns laughed. She stepped up and cast a spell that caused the bubble to look dark and foggy. Everyone gasped in surprise , they underestimated Fantasia. (WIP)
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