Alright! Big moment big moment! takes deep breaths in and out Time to put my game face on! gets pumped up These Samezuka wannabes have no chance of beating a 17 time champion! Let's do this! puts my swimming cap on, puts my googles on and gets ready with my aquamarine eyes looking at the crystal clear blue water in front of me

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Hey! Anyone up for some rp? It's open to anyone and everyone!
practices in the pool for the upcoming swimming competition in two weeks Alright! I gotta keep up my game and make no faults in any of my swimming styles! sigh I am prepared! ((Open RP))

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Name: Tachibana Imamoto
Age: 17
Birthdate: October 28
Height: 5"0'
Allergic to: Dairy (Lactose intolerant)
Place of residence: Kyoto, Japan
Blood type: O (#UniversalDonor)
Personality: Courageous, awkward, intelligent, creative, imaginative, charming, gorgeous, sassy, laid-back
Swimming style: Torpedo, breast-stroke, freestyle, butterfly
Eye color: Aquamarine
Hair color: Chestnut brown
Shirt color: Gold, white & blue
Skirt color: Pink/Pants color: Gold
Shoe color: White, purple & light blue
Intelligence: 50/10
Swimming: 70/10
Creativity: 70/10
Endurance: 60/10
Imagination: 80/10
Mother: Angora Imamoto (Alive)
Father: Reginald Imamoto (Alive)
Sisters: Feliz Imamoto (Alive), Dani Imamoto (Alive)
Brothers: Brian Imamoto (Alive), Peiten Imamoto (Alive)
Pets: Hana (cat), Magi (dog), Dan (dog), Rachel (fish)
Favorite color: Pink, gold
Favorite food: Chicken, pizza, hot dogs, chips
Favorite drink: Ginger ale, orange juice, pepsi
Favorite activities: Swimming
Favorite animals: Cats, dogs, fish
After school jobs: ICPO, Interpol
Goals: To retire a world champion swimming
Bio: No bio, sorry!

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Mari stands on the bleachers watching the runners and taking pictures for photography class

Willow walks down to the Iwatobi swimming pool and looks around trying to find one of my brothers. With a groan I walk down to the edge of the pool and look into the sparkling water 

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Name Hayato
Age 15
Style Butterfly
Bio tbd

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Mari sits in a corner of a classroom drawing and humming a little tune. Lalalala la She starts to color the picture in and starts on a new one I don't know what to draw, phooey

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Name: Mari Suzuki
Age: 15
Likes: Playing, Art, Candy, and Music
Dislikes:  Being Treated Like A Kid and Being Judged 
Style: Butterfly
Favorite animal: Lions

Personality: Mari is a free spirited, silly and wild girl. She acts childish but hates being treated like a kid. She may seem shy and quiet but when she gets to know you well enough she's a loud hyper joyful person, always looking for adventure.

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Name: Arielle Yagari
Nickname: Ari
Grade: 9th or Freshman
Style: Free
Likes: food,sleeping in ,swimming and playing piano
Dislikes: when someone judges her or makes fun of her piano playing or her swimming.
Personality: as subtle as a gun. Pretty sweet when you get to know her and isn't afraid to state her opinion.
Relationship: single
Bio: Arielle lived with her parents ever since she was born but when she was 13 they were in a terrible accident and both were killed. The only living relative was her grandmother and she lived with her till she was almost 15 when suddenly she had a stroke. Arielle had already been through a lot of loses so the way she kept herself from becoming depressed was swimming. She loved doing all of the strokes but she preferred Free out of all of them.

I finished my classes for my first day and I went down a hallway to put my books away in my locker I can finally swim now... I smile lightly and I start walking to the outdoor pool when I bump into someone I'm sorry...

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