D&D Settings Book

I've heard a few podcasts with D&D fans asking for an Ebberon book, or a Dark Sun book, and even one now that touched on the possibility of a Krynn book. Obviously I don't have WotC's survey and sales data, but I
assume that they don't want to publish books that only appeal to 3% of their customer base. Which is why I'm a little surprised they haven't just published a 'Setting' book; a product that lays out a way to develop home brew settings, and then uses earlier published settings as examples.


We are officially getting Delta Green sourcebook next weekend, and this is directly thanks to you guys at plot points! Keep the episodes coming!

Sarah here from Plot Points. 
Hope everyone is having a great Friday! 
Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine's Day if y'all are into that kinda thing. ^_^ 
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