Bye sorry I'm leaving :(

I would like to be a teacher because i find these kinds of school things fun and interactive. I want to meet new people and get another opportunity to be a teacher. If you takes into consideration I would teach any class accept Anna.


I would like to teach Anna class because..... Anna is an amazing character and deserves a class! I would assign collages story's and drawings! I would also suggest apps and websites for collages! Teaching Anna class would be fun! Anna is one of the most amazing characters in FROZEN!!!!! ~Jordan
P.S. Please take me into consideration!!!!!

I would like to b a teacher! Im super creative and i know that we dont have enough members yet but when we do just keep me in mind´╗┐. i would like to b a teacher bc i have experience in teaching and i would like to show my love for this award-winning movie by being a teacher. Any class is fine expect Hans bc all of the other charecters play a HUGE role in the movie to complete it. This movie about sisterly love is very heart warming and I would want to b a teacher to spread the love thx!

How many members do we need to start?

Gaby, you know you have to be a teacher for one of the classes right? So you should choose one.

Hello Gaby, I would like to be in Anna class please thank you!
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