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Note to new players:

Thanks for joining the community! Most of our communication is done via hangouts (a free google app). If you just join here, you'll miss out, so please join our hangouts.

To join, the easiest way is to send a hangouts message to me or any of the other mods, and we will add you to our new player ("tadpoles ") hangout. Alternatively, post in here introducing yourself, and we'll add you then.

Once you are past the tadpole stage (usually once you have met up with an established player and passed whatever bizarre initiation ritual they can think of...), there are lots of other hangouts for each area, and much more. The fun really starts then :)

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There is an ingress "First Saturday" in Brighton on Saturday April the 1st, should be a nice day on the seaside!
Brighton's First "First Saturday", and it's not a Joke.

Part social, part competitive, Ingress: First Saturday is an Agent-organised meetup that happens on the first Saturday of the month. Come and join us in Brighton on Saturday 1st April for a friendly #IngressFS event!

This is a Cross-Faction Event for agents of all levels, and is a great opportunity for newer players to level up, for the veterans to pass along their tips and tricks learned from experience, and for both sides to meet and have some fun.

Registration at the Lord Nelson Inn, Trafalgar Street from 11am. Hangout is available here:

So, what's the plan?

Meet at the Lord Nelson Inn (as above) to check in - Resistance agents check in with the Enlightened scorekeeper and vice versa.

12PM - 1:30PM : GO GO GO!
Go! The clock starts ticking - get out into streets, squares and spaces of Brighton and get capturing, linking, fielding and hacking as quick as you can! The aim is to gain as much AP as you can.

1:30PM - 2:00PM : TALLY UP
Stop! Return to the starting point to record your final AP.

Announcement of the winning faction and level-up legends and the chance to share the best and funniest parts of the day.
Celebrate all the things! There may even be prizes....

For those so inclined, there will be some post-event celebrations involving food, BEER and of course delicious CAKE.

We look forward to seeing you there, from level 1 to 16! Any questions, just ping us here, contact us via hangouts or g+ or grab us before the event. This is a public event so please do share.

ENL Contact: OiFrog -
RES Contact: EclecticMatt

(text S̶t̶o̶l̶e̶n̶ borrowed from London IFS)

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Holy Island .. 
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Hi all, just hit L9 and thought I'd introduce myself!

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Smurfs put up a field, we took it down within a few minutes, well before checkpoints. We thought about putting up a similar field, but decided to go to the pub instead.

Next day I had a quick drive round, popped up ten layers, 180k MU, made two checkpoints. Somewhere under there are Wheathampstead and Harpenden.

No blockers, thanks to the smurf clearance. Follow up fields as well from incomplete take downs.

Special thanks to one Mike for a comedy late blocker, and another Mike for speeding through the lanes with an Ada 😎

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😝Wow went to go out and hack/destroy a few portals and everything was looking very green.

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Successful evening glyph hacking my way through some more Cthulhu missions in St Albans... finally getting the hang of more of the glyphs now thanks to Memrise and Glypher.
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Achieved this last night... can I be in the cool club now? :D

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Join us in Birmingham on 27/8/16 and help us win the new series!

Sign up at

Also watch this space for news regarding a possible mission day on 28/8/16.

Hi, new player based in Bicester and Aylesbury in the week and Coventry at the weekends. Agent QuietusOSC.
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