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We are happy to announce that we have launched India's first bidding web based portal for transportation.!
GoodsGo is first online portal where customer post their transport requirement and transporters bids for the same.
This will surely reduce the complexities and helps to smoother the transport operations.

  Please Visit :

Hi folks, I am new to this Community, like to know when will be the next Meetup.

Thank you.

I've recently became interested in learning Scala.. Just wanted to get your idea/suggestions about scala for the following.
1) Stable version with important features.
2) Best IDE to work with.
3) Good books/sites
4) surprises encountered ...Both positive and negative

Folks, shall we meet this weekend? Suggestions for alternate timngs are also welcome!

Hi Guys,
Can we gather for a casual meetup this saturday on July 13th, 2013?

Please leave your feedback on this.

Guys, Can we have a hack day to do a simple API in Scala?
It would be real fun if we gather and do this in Scala. Please leave your feedback and comments.

About API, Venue, Day and Time can be decided based on your feedback.!!!!


Would like to know , if we can organize a #Scala  #meetup this weekend ?

The main objective of the meetup being getting acquainted with the other Scala enthusiasts.
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