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Hello everyone! I have been seeing a lot of new members and some of them are using the profile format and others aren't. So to make it easier for people when creating a profile I have two profile formats below. One is the very base, where it is super simple and the other is a longer more advanced one.

Profile Format One (Easy)




Rank (assassin, guard, pirate, or nothing if you don't apply to any rank):

Weapons (if you have them):

Powers (if you have them):

Picture (nothing from real life unless you´re an animal, only animals may use real life pictures):

Profile Format Two (Advanced)


















Thank you anyway for showing this community a lot of support and keep role-playing!~

a Pirate was on a boat searching for a mermaid in the sea until he saw a movement in the water and so he followed it and then he threw a net in the and it started to shake and so he pulled it out of the water to reveal a mermaid and so he smirked and then he
(I'm using my character Nami so this is open to any pirate)

Nami was swimming and saw a creature that was almost big and so she continued to follow it but then is disappear and she looks around for it and then she hears her name and she turns around to see the one and only Kraken >:( (Open Rp)

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"Heh shut up." "What in the name of the Pacific Ocean!"

Name Coral

Nickname None

Age 15

Height 5'11

Weight Heh...don't ask

Gender Female

Relationships None Straight

Rank Princess

Personality Kind, Stubborn, Strong

Looks Bright Pink Hair, Blue Eyes, Long Hair, Pale Skin, Pink Tail

Weapon Trident

Powers She can turn into a human for about an hour

Likes The Ocean, Pink, Weapons, Flower Crowns

Dislikes Pirates, Fish Nets

Bio Classified


1st OC
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⚓ Pirate/sailor profile ⚓
"Oh sweetie, it's not personal, it's just business."
~Emma to a captured mermaid

Name: Captain Emma Heart

Age: 22

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Blonde

Appearance: Below

Rank: Captain

Weapons: Sword, pistol

Personality: Stern, flirty, commanding, determined, with hints of kindness here and there

Biography: Emma grew up on a pirate ship, her father being a very famous pirate. She inherited a ship from her father after his death from drowning because of the siren song when she was twenty years old. She became a feared pirate and mermaid hunter, becoming very well known for her hunting skills, determined to avenge her father's death.
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Nami was practicing with her staff until she was gonna head back untill she saw a pirate ship and fierce pirate and she send her men to go after her untill they capture her in a net brought her back on the ship untill the fierce pirate saw her with a smirk on her face

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Malila had been swimming in a cave at high tide when the tide had retracted to a point that left no way to the ocean at the moment and her in a large pool of shallow water less than a foot deep. The sand around her was soaking wet, so there was no way out. She sees someone walking towards her and backs up, her tail turning a greenish blue, signaling that she was both distressed and scared

pic of her below

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"A princess protects her people. I stand here to protect my people, the merfolk."

Name: Malila Lana

Nicknames: None

Age: 16

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135

Gender: Female

Relationships: none straight

Rank: princess

Personality: Funny, extroverted, kind, tough

Looks: blonde, sea blue eyes, tail

Weapon: moon ring enhances her powers with light from the moon

Powers: ability to control, heat, and freeze

Likes: the sea

Dislikes: mermaid hunters

Bio: Malila grew up living the royal life heir to the throne of Atlantica, a Mermaid Kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean, she was taught some basic Princess skills, but she was also taught how to fight. She can turn human with the help of her moon ring, though she turns into a mermaid if she touches water. She has an extreme hatred of mermaid hunters and just wants her people to be safe. She stays by the shore and helps save captured mermaids.

Extra/Other: turns human with the help of her ring, though she turns into a mermaid soon after contact with water. Her tail changes color with her mood.
Pink- Neutral or happy
Blue- sad or distressed
Red- Mad
green- scared
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Hey guys, I wanted to share my new community with you guys. It's the same idea as this community, but I'm hoping that it could be more active, as this one has very little to no activity. Please Join!

Nami was swimming and was holding her staff as she saw the pirate ship go by so she swam near one and looked at the ship untill little did she know there was a net below her and so she was capture in the net and pulled on to the ship as the other pirates stared at her and then you (Open Rp)
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