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Free Marketplace Stores for a Limited Time
If you are already a shop owner please read too

I am rewriting this post in order to put as much info up here as possible so that everything makes sense and is clear for everyone.

+Trey K​ and I have decided to open up the marketplace shops for FREE until April 12th. That means there's no setup fee of $50. The only fee after that would be a 3% on sales that will be payable at the beginning of each month for the previous month. To allow as many people give this a try as possible, this 3% fee will not be charged in March nor in April and will start with a June invoice for May sales.

What do you need to do?

Take a look at

If you like it, read the PDF manual on how they work that's linked in this post:

If you dig that, tag me in a comment in this post saying what your name is on the marketplace (especially if your G+ name is not your real name)

I will create the shop, assign it to your marketplace user and let you know

You need to have activated your shop (set it up and added stock) by the end of April

You let me know, I will put it online

Why should you do it?

We have 10k visitors a day on a slow day to our marketplace and this is a way to sell within the community and avoid eBay fees. It's a lot safer to sell amongst friends than to people out there who are actively trying to scam and all other eBay horror stories.

The DB the shops use is linked to the rest of the marketplace (wantlists) and is connected to the site via the ads giving your comics a lot of views. Advertise your Dell'Otto comic inside a Dell'Otto article, makes sense, right?

Bonus Design Help

All of the people who sign up before next Friday (24th) will enter in a contest with one winner to get web design ace +Matthew Arnold help them design their shop and logo. Just let us know if you are interested when you ask for the shop. We'll pick up a random winner and then Matt will take over and help you get a great looking shop.

Think that's about it, but let me know if I have forgotten anything!!!

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I moved the podcast to a designated Channel on youtube. If you subscribed to the old one it should have migrated over.
Here is the new channel and please make sure to subscribe. 

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Graphic Novel ‘The Pro’ Hooks Movie Deal At Paramount

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Just a heads up for Spider-Man fans, Mondo is doing a timed release that collects the Spider verse and the different variations of Spider-Man 

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If I posted this in the wrong section or this topic has been brought up in the past, my apologies and delete if needed.

Hi all, I ship from Canada utilizing Chit Chat Express. They provide USPS services like First Class, Media Mail, Priority, etc. I recall there being an issue with new priority box dimensions that makes it difficult to send graded comics. With Chit Chat, they have a new service called Cubic Shipping. Basically, they can ship priority mail to anywhere in the states and cost will depend on destination and type of pre-approved box dimension. If you look in the photo that was taken from Chit Chat's website, they have a box type in the C2 category that can accommodate graded comics. They have a box dimension of 12.25" x 2.8" x 13.7". I can buy these at $0.10 each or a bundle of 25 for $2. To all the people who uses USPS, this cubic shipping and their boxes may be available to you as an option to mail graded comics. 

p&&ping the long box
by blind adam the comicp&&p
greetings to my cbsi and awesomesauce families. before I give a few books a strong p&&p hand of doom . I wanted to say logan was a great movi3 . iron fist was a fun show f the critics . the flash supergirl crossover was one of the best things I have sceen all week. action comics #976&the flash #19 were my reeds of the week so far monsters unleashed #5 was a blast and I still would like tray k to please approve a link for me?? and that coco puffs are a great cereal now lets p&&p some comics shall we
1. amazing spiderman volume 1 #204-205 I still thinka black cat movie is a bad idea. make her a surporting cast member in a spidermansseaquell however these two issues are black cat keys in #204 it is revealed black cat is in love with spiderman &#205 tells her origin in full for the first time
2 specutlar spiderman #75 the black cat is almost killed by the doc ock and the owl
3 when I find the lyer that told me pop rocks and coke would make my stomach explode I will have words for him or her I tried it twice will do it a third time to film it but my stomach didn't explode and I am kinda glad about that
4 amazing spiderman #265 second print really a silver sable movie darn sony this is tougher then the first print
5 silver sable and the wild pack #s23&30 deadpool apperances the only silver sable comics from her series to have any vaule
6 personitally comics #8 betty page and jenifer conloey no real spec vaule just two hot girls in a comic testify
7 Godzilla king of the monsters #21 Godzilla vs devil dinsour just a fun monster fight and devil dinsours sidekick moongirl is getting hot cheap find
7 can we please bring pepsi blue back I anit paying $20 for a bottle of it on ebay sorry
8 superman vs thundercats #1 no real spec vaule just thought this was #awsomesauce
89 better wee book to get ss at wrestlemain acess wwe #3 ric flair or wwe #1 razor romone ??
10 personality comics presents kiss #1 kiss comics do well on the back market might bring this to wizard world to get ssed by gean simons
11 the twilight zone now comics #2earilyj.m.s. work in comics his first is teen titans spotlight #13 his best work is amazing spiderman and thor
12 batman mad love coloring book. Harley Quinn is hot this is a difficult book all prints always going to sell but why did it need an adult coloring book??? really
I love you guys thank you for allowing me to be a part of the best groups in comic books today have a great weekend and if I make it to heroes and vilalns fan fest I will post pictures
blind adam out

With the Shadow King being revealed in the legion show, do you think it is possible to see a bump in the price for uncanny X-Men 117? How many shadow King fans are out there, and will this villian even last.

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I did another post and stole speculation +Mel Vaughan told me.

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Did anyone catch the last panel of Flash #19? They are building up the mini event "The Button" quite well...if the cards pan out correctly, Flashpoint #5 will have had a big influence on that storyline and the greater mystery of DC's "Rebirth" as a whole. These are everywhere, it was a big crossover event, worth a read and perhaps worth holding onto any variants of this you can find! Cheers! 

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Just a follow up reminder on a post I did a few weeks back. The Jock variant is a 1:5. I think this book might have some potential after talking with David Baron
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