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Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 08/15/18

This week is fun for everyone.

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I just saw someone is selling this variant on eBay and I cannot seem to find it anywhere. It’s a Return of Wolverine #2 Dell’Otto variant. Since Wolverine and Dell’Otto are my favorites, I must own it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Has anyone else gotten tired of Donny Cates? I'd raise my hand, but I've done good flipping his books so far. I say, keep 'em coming, Donny! Pay my CGC fees!

Donny Cates writing Carnage. Prepare for the Venomverse to expand.

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Grading question:

How much does the distributor markings from some of these old books affect the grade?

Example photo provided. I’m referring to the blue ink up top. This comic looks basically perfect aside from this.

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Heres the youtube link for the unpressable defects tonight. It should start soon but who knows what soon really means.

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New issue of Cover Tunes up live on the main page. Check it out and let me know what you all think.

So I have a question? Which key yet affordable Roy Thomas and Larry Hama comics are worth picking up? Reason I ask is because I’m looking to get some signed and was wondering which comics to invest in for a rainy day.

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Good evening y'all! Do things go bump in the night? Only if you stub your toe! I'm here with another zany post. This one is really out there, so proceed with caution. I'm not responsible if some of you follow the white rabbit too far.

For starters, in September's Previews, we found out that Mattina would start doing variant covers for Batman. This was awesome news (although no announcement was made (are such announcements ever made though)) because it meant Mattina was continuing his ever-rising path at DC, and his art would reach a wider audience (good for us Mattina collectors). Now, his first cover for Batman would have been issue 54. However, sort of quietly, DC moved him to issue 55. Tim Sale got the variant cover for issue 54 (which takes on a Jesus thorn-crown theme). Now, normally, this just means an artist got moved to a different issue. However, Batman Day lands on September 15. This is the fifth year in a row that DC has celebrated the event, and it's now been 79 years since Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27. Finally, DC can manipulate the current Detective Comics run (return it to monthly starting January 2019), so it can reach #1000 in May 2019 (precisely 80 years after 'Tec 27).

But, what does it all mean? Probably nothing. However, with the help of my girlfriend, I'm speculating that Mattina's first cover will be an homage cover. It could end up being a Red Monk homage or maybe a Frank Miller homage. DC is looking for a big bounce-back after the issue 50 fiasco, and they want us speculators and collectors to keep going out in droves and keep comic shops ordering Batman in healthy numbers. I can picture DC having issue 55 be Mattina's "grand debut" similar to Sean Murphy with Batman: White Knight. A sort of like, "Hey Batman Day attendees! Issue 55 drops next Wednesday with the debut of this amazing artist." With a possible lull in print run, this could be the Batman cover of the year.

Once again, this is probably a huge reach, and I could be making a whole lot of something out of nothing. However, I have a hunch this Mattina cover will be the next big Batman thing, and future collectors could seek out his first work on Batman similar to collector's seeking out McFarlane's first ASM. Plus, it's a B cover!


•Mattina's debut Batman issue was moved over by one issue
•After the wedding debacle, shops/subscribers might order less Batman
•Possible lull in print run
•Tim Sale's cover is very religious (Jesus, resurrection, rebirth)
•Mattina could (emphasizing COULD) get a royal, coming out announcement from DC to promote his work, all in an effort to keep up Batman print run numbers and get people ready for 'Tec 1000
•Could be an homage cover that collector's might seek out in years to come (a lá Neal Adams Red Monk cover)
•If it's not an homage cover, it can still be a HOT cover

•I drank a lot of whiskey
•I'm binging X-Files

I leave you with a tease that Mattina posted on his Instagram.

Edit: D'oh! One last thing I forgot to mention: issue 55 is the debut of Batman's new suit (new cape, trunks are back).

So, more rebirth going on. Familiar looking Batman and all that.

Edit 2: Adding fuel to the conspiracy fire! Could end up being a Tec 27 homage. - DC Reveals First Batman Day 2018 Details

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From the CBSI IG......


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Lady Mechanika?
Maybe nothing. But this would be cool and my vote is for Kate Beckinsale as others have suggested. Netflix or HBO would be a cool platform.

If this is not new let me know and I'll delete it. I hadn't heard anything till one of my lcs friends said something.
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