DarkFrost lake is known to most of the people at ShadowPeak town. They  come here to pray to the moon while Ida,Layla and Zoe come here to regain their strength when they are weak.
Also the Nymphs live here. They are best friends with the three girls and sometimes come on quests with them to save  ShadowPeak town for it is sometimes under attack with WereWolves.

Built right next to AngelWood forest,the town of RavenFalls is home to the
Shape shifter Werewolves. This town was built by AngelWood forest so the wolves could take the power of the angels who lived there by killing them (if you want to you can be a good werewolf)

SunSpire town is very Popular for all the celestial celebrations they hold
in honor of the Sun,Moon and Stars.This town is protected by the Solar Dragon because this is home to the most important of the moonlight dragons, Zoe.

ShadowPeak is the home to the people who believe  praying to the Moon
will bring you good luck. Built next to DarkFrost lake.people decide to go there and pray to the moon at night.Layla also lives here.

AquaView is home to the Spiritual people who believe in superstitions this is also the home to Ida the one who controls the sea

AngelWood forest is home to the angels. In the center of the forest is a temple.The great Lunar Dragon's temple.Were Wolves have been stealing the Angels' power so they can destroy the Lunar Dragon and take her power.
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