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Beta11 Testing is on.
New Features Introduced.
+Import contacts shared via SwipeShare
+Ad support
+Edit Before share

Version 5.0 Features Voting

Pending Ideas
1.To show numbers from recent call list to be part of swipe list. Serves Two purpose
a) Usually recent caller being requester, a search is saved
b) One-Off sharing to a number which you don't want to store

2.SwipeShare reads Messages(SMS/Copy Buffer) understands the contacts sent by SwipeShare and allows to selectively create new contacts.
a).Copy Buffer - user copies the contents from whatsapp,email texts. then opens SwipeShare manually.
Required since no app in Android can read another app's data.

Please vote/review on the above two ideas. And also feel free to write what you would like to see in the next version of the app!

A Big Thanks for your support!

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Version 4.0 on Beta Testing.

Beta Testing Comments and Feedbacks are most welcome
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