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Who makes this series? Cause carry remind me just like dexters sister and Dexter is also on showtime smh... I'm on season one episode 11.... 
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check for the production companies at the end of the show during the credits!
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Damien Lewis star of homeland
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Zagral w filmie alex rider misjan stormbreaker.
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Meikaela Z

Season 1  - 
Two biggest questions of the week: 

1) What's going to happen in the darkness that Carrie just walked in to?

2) WHO is the traitor?
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Saul? Never,
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Damien Lewis star of homeland
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Is it just me or is the bunker scene the same as something from another show/movie? I can't figure out from where, but I feel like I've seen it before. When Tom Walker forced them to engage the Secret Service protocols and everyone was taken into the bunker it just seemed so familiar...
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Greig Joilin

Season 1  - 
Well, that was something. So glad TV3 in New Zealand fast tracked this series.... so amazing and I did not see that coming!
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yeah, if they can do it for Homeland, I hope that they'll be able to do it for the other great shows we miss out on.
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