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Name: Rift Flame
Age: 13
Tribe: Werewolf
Species: Hellhound
Personality: Quick-tempered, sarcastic, realist
Appearance: Dog ears, silvery hair tied off at the bottom, purple eyes, dress shirt, tie, jeans, headphones
Powers: Shifting into hound form
Weapons: Teeth, claws, fire, darkness
Bio: Rift is a hellhound of the the Underworld. One of them anyway. When she was much younger, she wandered up to the surface, her form changing. Deciding she liked it better here, Rift decided to stay., even if she did the ears.
Weakness: She's kind of sensitive about her height, since she's just 4'7.
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Name:Shay Patrick Cormac

Nickname :The Hunter

Specie :Hunters

Tribe :Werewolfs

Position: Leader of The Hunters

Personality: thick headed, courageous, just, wise, and very aggressive, speed thinker, intellectual mind

Powers And Weaknesses: Hunting Sense( allows to sense the enemies near by and to identify the strategy to beat them) Hunting Reflexes ( Allows to dodge multiple attacks in short period of time and to block close attacks) Hunting Strength ( strength that Has 3 levels. When the 3 level is achieved... The point of aggression is very high and The Hunter Becomes like a uncontrollable beast but only for short)
The best of his weaknesses are idols nearby... Idols of other gods... Who weaken like about 50 % of the strength,
Places with possession of dirty spirits weaken 35 % of the strength.
And Women make a huge distraction.
When demons are nearby. The Hunter transforms into a burning Skeleton and dwells with the spirits for 7 days.

Story: I was little. And my parents left. My life was training. I trained. And got better day by day. Till I discovered that I am A Born Hunter. Who's Destiny is already made. Knowing wisdom.. Has made me wise. And now. I am chasing evil. And I swear. I won't Fail.
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Name Alethea Martinez
Age 15
Tribe Serpent
Species Demigod, Daughter of Hades
Personality Tough, Outgoing, Hot-headed, Humorous, Very black and white personality(Means either happy or angry there is no in between)
Appearance Dark brown hair, A little tanner than pale colored skin, Blue eyes
Bio Alethea was born to a spanish mother and Greek god. Her mother was never around though so Hades raised her in the Underworld and taught her how to control her powers
Powers Dark magic´╗┐
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