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Someone please make a fanfic that explored the possible AU if mail order omegas-
It could be a cultural integration project?
Mostly betas would use this service since Alphas usually mark the omegas for themselves before the betas could have a taste.

Bonus points: Display what happens when a Beta immediately marks an omega in excitement, but turns out, they actually don't care for the omega and send them back. What happens the omega? Is it now becoming more normal to love already marked omegas or will be omega be forced into a brothel/ street since everyone rejects them?


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This is one of my saddest AUs yet. X"D
Though, I would actually rp this if anyone is down-
Have you ever had a daydream and realized what a terrible person you were-

So recently, I got back into Omegaverse, and I was so confused why I left the AU.
It's hot.
It's cute.
And it's an excellent excuse to make your favorite OTP horny- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Then I remember. . .
I can't have nice things-

To give some quick context, I have the cursed hyper imagination of a five-year-old. That means I can spend hours by myself just letting my head make up scenarios. Plus, I don't really have control over what happens in my daydreams! I also get really emotional and will start to randomly stifle back tears in response to the daydream since the daydreams are so vivid.

My brain likes to think of the exceptions to the ideal Omegaverse couple.

What if the Alpha fails to protect the Omega? Does that mean anyone can mark the vulnerable omega? Who would be at fault? The unknown alpha that responded to the unprotected Omega's scent or the Omega since his state made him literally beg for any release? I would think the Omega's complete willingness to be dominated in their heat would mean the society wouldn't deem it as rape, and would shame (or even case aside) the Omega for being marked by an Alpha without the intent to marry.

So I daydreamed about what would have if Matthew's unexpectedly slapped him hard when his Alpha, Alfred, left for a business trip. Matthew's new to Alfred's pack, so there isn't anyone (except for omega Arthur) he could trust to protect him during his heat. And since Matthew didn't expect it, he didn't make arrangements to prep for the heat, so the heat room isn't stocked and insulated yet. On top of that, the heat hits him during work so he can't spend this time of partial clarity to set up barricades for the heat room.

Even if he calls in sick during work, he still has to commute back home, so there's just this in heat omega stumbling on the sidewalk for 20 minutes. Someone casually grasps Matthew’s hand and guides him away from the publicized paths. Though Matthew tries to protest, the heat drained too much energy for him to really make a scene.

I would go further, but I feel like a terrible person thinking about an Omega getting hurt and broken so easily. X”O

Skipping the rapey part, Matthew is now marked by other Alpha in a pack that barely knows him. So when Alfred comes home, he’s met with a shattered Omega who’s sense of worth has exploded to unsalvageable pieces. Alfred is utterly angered because he knows Matthew isn’t the open, flirty type or outgoing in general. So the new marks on his Omega’s neck were definitely not by his choice. So he seeks out the offending Alpha’s, and to his surprise, the offenders owned their act opening.

Though, Alfred’s stomach drops as the Alphas were justified since Matthew is begging to be touched just walking around opening during his heat. So instead of bringing justice and restoring Matthew’s dignity, now many of the pack members think of Matthew as an unfaithful hoe of an Omega. So Matthew not only hates himself but is hated by those around him. Even Omega Arthur would sneer at the mere sight of Matthew, and would always demand Alfred to end his bond with “that whore of an Omega.” At some point, Matthew starts to believe it himself as he tries to sneak out with his belongings and leave a note for Alfred in the lines of “this is for your own good.” Immediately, Alfred would search for his beloved Omega, and find him on a park sulking and shady areas. This brought Alfred to his wit’s end each time. He LOVED his Omega. He wanted to PROTECT him. CARE for him. Make him feel SAFE and HAPPY. So knowing Matthew’s gazed and smile are now vacant and that his Omega’s sense of self-preservation and worth was below rock bottom would sometimes bring Alfred to lock up Matthew at home for his safety. Sometimes tying his Omega up and wrapping him in blankets to prevent self-harm.

Not that I’ve told you about my daydream that brought me to tears, would anyone want a more detailed version of the daydream? X”D

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I'm making a fan fiction it's almost done it's just about some characters I made up comment on what there names should be

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England ships are best ships
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