Full elevators have a different smell to children and midgets. Because farts.

Sorry I have't updated this in a while. google plus is kinda dying but I'll try to keep posting

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What if we invented a new holiday where you give out boxes, and inside the boxes there were little toots and farts. It'd be a better version of boxing day.

Take any song you like and add the word fart to the chorus, it surprisingly usually fits in well.

When JFK was inaugurated as president, he said "I agree whole-FART-edly.

Hi, This group is all about sharing your fart jokes. Yes, this is stupid, but gosh darn it it will be funny. So turn your brain off, post freely and make a great fart joke!

P.S: I am going to try to post one fart joke a day. If I don't you can call me out on it.

Hey, how do you define bravery? By having diarrhea and chancing a fart.
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