So I was reading over the playbooks to get ready for my next game and something struck me. The druid has a wonderful array of abilities that captures the flavor of a druid plus their abilities are very versatile. On the other hand the Fighter seems lacking. Not only in versatility but on things that define their roll in the group. I realize that fighter is basically straight forward in their role within the group but it seems a bland playbooks non the less. Am I missing something here?

Played DW for the first time today. Afterward I bought the book and would like to DM some games. Anything you could point me to that would be helpful?

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New article up. Part 1 in a 2 part series about the merits of the 5 Room dungeon.

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Does anyone know where the 5 room dungeon method came from?

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Since The Hunter reached Best Silver Seller on DrivethruRPG, I decided to clean up the cover image and redraw some of the elements, mixing the old style with the new one. #dungeonworld

Discern realities sometimes can create headaches for the unimaginative GM

let's say the players have crept into the fort of the dark lord. They roll for discern realities... get a 10+ and ask who is really in control here

Well, the dark lord, obviously, but they already knew that. However, if it is really someone else, like the boss of the dark lord that they don't know about yet, how would it make sense narratively that they would learn that from their current surroundings?

This is especially true during the first session, where you might only have some rough ideas sketched out and not yet have an idea yourself about what the world will look like at the end of the session

Or am I not seeing something again, or interpreting the outcomes of the move too strictly perhaps?

Does anyone else ever struggle with getting your ideas from your head onto a sheet of paper. In theory it seems like a pretty simple process but I find it very difficult to transition from head to paper.

Hello all,
I am looking for tips and/or resources regarding how to describe the are that my PCs may find themselves in. For example, a forest glade, a cave, bustling city etc.
I really struggle with this as I want them be able to picture the world. But I know that these things can often times be over done where there is too much irrelevant information or under done where there isn't enough for them to spark their imagination
Thanks :) 
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