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Leo Breebaart

Discussion  - 
As a quick followup to my post of a few days ago: the DW session went quite well! No major problems identifying magical items arose. :-) Thanks again for all your help and suggestions.

One small question came up during game play:

How do you deal with a Volley using a single ranged weapon? One of my players has a spear she likes to throw at enemies. But how do we then deal with the "You have to take several shots, reducing your ammo by one." failure option? Do we just rule it not applicable, or is there some interpretation that would work?

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Melissa Fisher

Discussion  - 
Exclusively on +DriveThruRPG! For all your extra off-the-beaten-path DW needs. :)
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But I already own all the things ;-)
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Dion Kurczek

Discussion  - 
Has anyone noticed the language in Aid or Interfere? "When you help or hinder someone you have a bond with". Rules as Written one could interpret that as not being able to Aid or Interfere at all with someone you don't have a bond with. Just curious if anyone has interpreted it that way.
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Doesn't mean you can't Aid or Interfere if you don't have bonds. It just means you roll+0 if you don't have bonds.

This is one of the reasons I never cared much for the WotC era of gaming. Seems as though most players of this particular generation came into rpg's with backgrounds in M:tG and 3x/PF/4e. So they seem obsessed with "RaW", and lost without it, or whenever there is more than one interpretation of a rule possible.

Really. It's a rpg. Use your imagination. I've always found that good old common sense solves most any issues with rpg rules and rulings, whether it comes from the DM/GM or group consensus.
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Mark Tygart

Discussion  - 
I managed to find a first edition copy pdf of Dungeon World...
Check out the Bloodstone IdoI adventure at the end of the book!
From a time before man (2011) but still great!
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+Nathan Roberts I bow before the DW Indiana Jones!
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Alex Jeffries

Discussion  - 
I recently passed up on buying a copy of DW because someone told me a new edition was in the works and due soon. However, I've not been able to track down anything on this on the Internet. Should I hold off on buying DW until a new edition? Is there one coming? If so, any rumours on how long it will be?
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Even if a new edition were due out I'd always recommend purchasing the original, as a resource, for any game one is interested in. Never hurts to have and in this instance helps support the folks who created it.
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Mike Robertson

Actual Play  - 
New Episode of the Dungeoneers Podcast: get your questions and comments in for the recordings this weekend...
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Discussion  - 
The tabletop convention that my friend and I are attempting to host has a kickstarter that is going live in two days! I would ask that you all please share this in your respective groups and help to make this happen for our area! Thank you so much everyone!
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Larry Spiel

Discussion  - 
It appears I'll be running an occasional ongoing game of Dungeon World.  I've done quite a number of one-shots, often teaching the system as I do so.

I was hoping some of you helpful people might direct me toward anything I should know that will make this easier?  I've been running by the book since it first arrived, and my typical one-shots were always improvised.  What's changed?  What wisdom has been learned?

And yes +Jason Cordova, I'll be mining Discern Realities for advice/ideas.
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Thanks everyone who has (and who still may) offered suggestions.  I've got some time now to go over things and figure out the best way of incorporating your advice.
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Jason Cordova

Discussion  - 
Here is a link to the newest episode of Discern Realities.
The newest episode of Discern Realities is here! Enjoy!

What Happened Here Recently?
Death Frost Doom abridged (00:20)

What Should I Be On the Lookout For?
DW resources page on the Die Heart blog (05:22)

What Here is Not What it Appears to Be?
Making and introducing compendium classes (06:52)

What Here is Useful or Valuable to Me?
Labyrinth custom move (14:38)

What is About to Happen?
The ongoing adventures of Domenico Castafiel (19:15)
Double trouble (21:06)
Aftermath (23:14)
Iotho’s personal chambers (24:48)
Victor the bodyguard (26:36)
Iotho in bed (27:40)
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+Sophia Brandt It's a great resource page; very well-curated. Thanks for putting it together!
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Mark Tygart

Adventures  - 
By the by if anyone doesn't have a copy of possibly the best short Dungeon World adventure ever written...grab it! All hail John Aegard!
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I've run this several times and it's never failed to result in a good session. (And one time a whole campaign!)
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Robert Doe

New Monsters  - 
Ever Eternal Lich
HP: 1 (Falling apart, literally)
Armor : 0 (Damn these filthy robes)
Damage: 1d4

Special Qualities:
->When damage is taken, that would kill a natural living creature, the EEL turns to dust, and in a flash of blinding light returns to its form prior to taking damage.
-> Phylactery: The EEL is permanently destroyed if the phylactery is destroyed.

->Live forever
->Gain power

-> Cast Spell
-> Call Reinforcements
-> Retreat, to fight another day
-> Turn foes to fight for the EEL

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If it's as "easy" as figuring out how to send someone a PM in Google+ I'm screwed!
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About this community

The place for talking about Dungeon World.

Sophia Brandt

Discussion  - 
Hello folks, I want to add blogs to my list resources on my blog:
They should either be
a) exclusively about DW
b) have a tag or category so that people can filter for DW
If you want your blog added, you can add a comment here or shoot me an email:
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Discussion  - 
The kickstarter has gone live for Stanislaus County's ONLY 3 day table top gaming convention! Let's make this a reality and bring this to the Central Valley! Thank you so much everyone!
Stanislaus County's ONLY 3 day tabletop gaming convention Sep 30-Oct 2nd. 2016 Modesto CA
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Robert Doe

Discussion  - 
Multi Classing

So I have a question about multi classing. I understand that some moves allow for a cross class move, but I'd hardly say this is multi-classing.

Has anyone found a way to effectively multi class? I haven't tried it yet, but one way to do it would be to mimic AD&D and level up each class separately.

Trevor is a level 2 Fighter and a level 3 Wizard. This gives him a total level of 5.
Leveling would be the same, that is, you can't have a character who's combined levels exceeds 10. And the required XP for leveling any class would be your COMBINED LEVEL + 1.

Suggestions? Experience?

I also understand the intrusion of class niches if multi classing.
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I think you could do it, but it is only necessary if they plan on basically splitting their moves between the two classes. At level 1 have the player pick a class normally. At level 2 have them take 1 starting move from another class, readjust their HP, Load, Damage Die to whichever is lower between the two classes (or whatever everyone agrees is fair). At level 3 they can chose a 2-5 move from their first class, another starting move from their second class, or a 2-5 move from their second class. You could still do leveling the way you outlined, but I'm not sure if it matters except for spell casting, or a move like the Cleric's Devoted Healer where you add your level.
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Nathan V

Discussion  - 
What's the best way to handle a planar campaign? Is there some sort of move, spell, vehicle or something for me to offer to my players to allow traveling from one reality to another?
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+Tony Ferron​ best answer yet! 
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Mark Tygart

Adventures  - 
Another classic that every Dungeon World GM should have, dated but still wonderful.
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Jason Brannen

Custom Moves  - 
Follow-up to a previous post:

Okay, I think I found the next thing I’m going to try in my attempt to make a superhero game that can start play in 10-15 minutes. I still like the Dungeon World playbook approach, so I’m going to keep trying that (here’s five options, pick one, quickly customize and let’s play). One of the weaknesses of the previous version was the powers system. It was very mechanical, it didn’t have a way to be creative or do neat things with your powers, and sometimes you were spamming the same power over and over again and never got a chance to use your other powers.

New paradigm: Powers as moves. For a controller:

When you use Ice Control, roll+int. On a 10+ pick two, on a 7-9 pick one. On a 6-, the gm makes a “move” (language and concept of the GM move to be polished later.)
• Deal your damage
• Create icy formations
• Make an area much colder
• Stop movement by freezing something in place
• Make things slippery with ice
• Affect 1d4+level targets
• Freeze the moisture out of the air
• Use your powers at near or closer range

When you use Gravity Control, roll+INT. On a 10+, pick two, on a 7-9 pick 1. On a 6-, the gm makes a “move” (language and concept of the GM move to be polished later.)
• Deal your damage
• Make something lighter or heavier
• Bring down something that is flying
• Affect 1d4+level targets
• Crush something under its own weight
• Throw something at a far target
• Levitate yourself or others
• Use your powers at near or closer range

One advance move at level 2-5 could be to pick one additional effect when you use your power, and a replacement move at levels 6-10 allows the choice of two additional effects when you use a power.

This idea puts the fiction of what you can do with a power first. The consequences are going to be determined by the situation in which you use it. During the playtests, I can gather ideas for fictional effects (power stunts) to augment or replace the current power options. The player gets a variety of choices on how to use their powers. I can limit the number of options a power has to a reasonable number of choices, so as not to overwhelm players with too many options.

I’m thinking about starting with five options for each of the five archetypes. That means I’d be writing 25 powers with options on the front end, which is a reasonable goal that doesn’t sound overwhelming. I wrote six powers last night. I’m not sure I’m going to follow the CoH paradigm of a primary and secondary power. That may overwhelm the player that is just sitting down with too many choices. We’ll have to see how that playtests. I’m somewhat worried that a team would need to have every archetype present to be balanced. The primary/secondary power combinations would help mitigate this, but I don’t know if it is worth the trade off in additional complexity.

So, next things to work on:
• Edit the basic moves for clarity and the special moves for the same. Also, evaluate if there has to be a special move included or if it is going to come up infrequently enough that, I can drop it from a main list.
• Write 3-5 power moves like those above for each archetype for the next playtest.
• Edit the playbooks to reflect the new powers paradigm, drop some confusing wording from moves, and modify or rewrite some of the starting and advanced moves.
• Possibly come up with a briefing sheet that instructs new GMs how to teach the game. I think it’s too early for this, but right now, a cheat sheet for me to cover the things players were confused about on in the last test is a good idea.

I’ll update again once I have the sufficiently worked on the next phase. I’ll upload the stuff to DropBox so people can take a comprehensive look at it.
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+Timothy Bennett Yeah, I may be able to simply use that.  It absolutely sounds like a must read.
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David Sousa

Magic Items  - 
Please feel free to critique my Enchanted Picnic Basket.  I would like to refine it.

when you carry the Enchanted Picnic Basket (Weight 1) all day, you gain the following move:

When you make camp, open the basket and roll WIS+
On a 10+, The basket contains one ration for you and each party member with whom you share a bond. On a 7-9 choose one:
The basket contains only one ration
The basket contains the full amount of rations, but one is a little off (to eat it is to Defy Danger)
The basket contains the full amount of rations, and enough alcohol to get each party member drunk.  
On a 6 or less, the rations are not fit for humans to eat. Tell the GM why.
All rations (and alcohol) created by the basket must be consumed (by someone) before it can be used again.
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Thank you all. Here is my revised version:

Enchanted Picnic Basket

“Never plan a picnic' Father said. 'Plan a dinner, yes, or a house, or a budget, or an appointment with the dentist, but never, never plan a picnic.”
― Elizabeth Enright, The Four-Story Mistake

Whenever you make camp, open the basket and roll WIS+
On a 10+, Choose three.. On a 7-9 choose two:
The basket contains a ration to feed the bearer.
The basket contains additional rations to feed anyone present who shares a bond with the bearer
The contents of the basket do not draw unwanted attention (ants, bears, big bad wolves, etc.  Ask the GM what.)
The basket contains an inexpensive, common gift for someone you have not yet met.  Tell the GM what it is.

On a 6 or less, the rations are not fit for you or your party to eat. Tell the GM why.
All  rations created by the basket must be consumed (by someone or something) and gifts given, before it can be used again.
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Bacon Battalion RPG

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
Our latest How To Videos are up! Since yesterday actually poke
Have a Happy Thursday. ‪#‎GMTips‬ ‪#‎Roleplaying‬ ‪#‎RPG‬
Choose Your Setting - How to be a Great Game Mater
Be Prepared! How to be a Great PC:
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+Wynand Louw That's just because no one's hacked them in yet :D
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Mark Tygart

Discussion  - 
Does any have a pdf copy of the Spanterhook Thieves Guild mini-dungeon from the first "Red Book" edition of Dungeon World? It's referenced everywhere and I'm curious...
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+Robert Doe People love that damn outstanding "Indigo Galley". I've had DW players write me "Why can't your Starters be that good?" Do I look like John Aegard? ("Whom all must hail!") Guy may be a plot of the King in Yellow if you ask me.. Come to my summer cabin on Lake Hali and read the sequel I can hear him say....Gamers, beware!
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