Ideas for contests? My players came up with a fun sect. War like halflings that they have to get some information from. What I am looking for is ideas for contests. A combat contest would be good of course, what other fun custom moves or ideas do you have?

Any good advice of philosophy on hard vs soft moves? Do you ever just let yourself as the GM just make a hard move, say everyone is rolling high that fight? I know there's no turn order,you but do you allow yourself as the GM a spot to make a periodic hard move?


Simple question, really: Did any of you have ever tried running a DW game using exclusively non-core playbooks? If so, what was your experience with them?

I have a question about the cleric spell 'Magic Weapon'. Can it be used on another adventurer's weapon, or is it only applicable to the weapon carried by the cleric?

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Teasers for issue 3 of Plundergrounds!

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Session Zero - Issue 1: The Smoldering Swamp is now available on DTRPG.
I had fun creating it, and I want to give a special thanks to my son (Celebrimbor the Wizard in our one-on-one games) for the interior artwork, and also to +Logan Howard for his inspiration and some sage advice!

I need some help refining a concept please. I'm working on Issue 2 of my Session Zero zine, inspired by Skyrim. One prominent thing in Skyrim is potions; they're everywhere!

I want it to act similarly to - but not exactly - the Barbarian's Herculean Appetites, but I feel what I have sounds strange. I want the move to include both a good effect and a duration...

For example:
Potion of Strength - Applied, 0 Weight, 1 use, 10 coins
They taste awful, but sometimes the difference between life and death hinges on the right potion at the right time. When you roll for a STR-based move after drinking a Potion of Strength, instead of rolling 2d6, roll 1d6 + 1d8. Treat results of 6- as 7-9, and results of 7-9 as 10+. This effect ends after a roll in which the d6 is the higher of the pair.

It just feels too mechanical (but so does the Herculean Appetites IMO)

Potion of Magic works the same, but would trigger "When you cast a spell", and something like Potion of True Shot would trigger "When you Volley".

Is there a better way to say this? Thanks in advance!

When you write up a new monster, roll+INT. If you fail, write a move that's just a basic attack. (Ha ha.) My point is DON'T make monster moves that are just like "rake them with claws." That's in the attack stats (e.g. Claw d6 damage, hand, 1 piercing). If it's an attack, then make it fundamentally different than "do x damage."

Moves like "rip off a limb" are an attack, but they specifically give you the option of taking away someone's leg or right arm, which has a huge effect on the fiction. "Punch them senseless" is permission to deliver a TKO and would maybe be something a golem would have, for instance. Maneuvering moves like "knock them down" or "tangle them up with vines" are good too.

I'm writing this because I've seen far too many monster moves that I have no idea what to do with in the fiction. They just echo the weapon stats and are a missed opportunity for coolness.

Also, remember that some of the best moves aren't combat moves at all. Every great arch-villain needs the "slip away with a taunt" move!

Does anyone know of any good DW articles on line? I'm thinking more like philosophy and general discussion rather than like alt classes or playbooks, etc.

Anything by Sage or Adam?

+Jason Lutes

I love the magic system in Booters. Can you talk a little about how it came about?
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