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Adam Koebel

Discussion  - 
Y'all were so good at helping us win the RPGGeek best RPG ladder, we figured you'd ALSO be shit-hot at working together towards an even better goal than that.

Donate today. Get the very first post-Kickstarter class designed by me and +Sage LaTorra.
It's roll+give 2014! Donate to the Code Liberation Foundation and get our brand new playbook, the Immolator, over a month before anyone else.
The Dungeon World roll+Give charity drive: give to charity, get cool stuff.
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Noel, the goobers are just a louder and more obvious branch of crap that happens everywhere, and has happened for awhile. Tabletop rpgs are no exception.

It is funny how 'social justice warrior' is supposed to be some kind of insult. :)

Oliver Granger

Discussion  - 
For our co-GMed Funnel World game, we're slowing down villagers progression to 1 Level using Class Warfare. In Funnel World, if a villager survives an adventure and has 5 XP, they level up. But what’s the rush? With Class Warfare, the fun can last three times longer!

Class Warfare splits classes into an archetype and two or three specialities. This makes it easy to break up zero to hero into three stages. 

When you survive your first “adventure” and have 5 or more XP, follow the funnel world Level Up move. Except you're not first level yet. Instead pick archetype and a speciality and start with 1/3 HP for 1 level (rounded down) based on that archetype with any speciality and Constitution modifiers. Also, add +1 to any stat (the score not the +mod). Don’t forget to -5 XP as per Funnel World Level Up move.

When you survive your second “adventure” and have 5 or more XP, follow the funnel world Level Up move. Except you're not first level yet. Instead pick a second speciality, add 1/3 HP for 1 level (rounded down) based on your archetype with any speciality and Constitution modifiers. Also, add +1 to any stat (the score not the +mod). Don’t forget to -5 XP as per Funnel World Level Up move.

When you survive your third “adventure” and have 5 or more XP, follow the funnel world Level Up move. You're finally first level so pick a third speciality, take the full HP for 1 level based on your archetype with any speciality and Constitution modifiers. Also, add +1 to any stat (the score not the +mod). Don’t forget to -5 XP as per Funnel World Level Up move.

“Surviving the adventure” could mean all kinds of narrative pauses. In our co-GMing funnel, we’re making the dungeon on-the-fly, so there’s no adventure module or even map that could trigger these stages. So we're probably going to have make a call when it feels right.

For improving the damage die, consider the base damage for their archetype and any speciality modifiers.
D4: Same as villager. No change.
D6: Only get the d6 after third adventure when Level 1.
D8: Get d6 after second adventure and d8 after third when Level 1.
d10: get d6 after first adventure, d8 after second, and d10 after third when Level 1. 

The idea behind +1 to stats is the villagers random generation often leads to poorly stated characters, and some speciality moves only work if the stat mod is at least +1. I’m not particularly sold on the idea. I don’t see good stats as particularly desirable, as they often lead to safe play, but I also don’t care if some PCs have über-stats. And it’d work in the fiction, part of the villagers rising to the challenge and surviving the intense trauma.

Still need to think about calculating load and choosing alignment at some point. But otherwise should work okay. Well if any villagers last that long.
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+Andrew Fish, if I understand you right, that's our plan. Or at least almost.

Almost because, when a villager gets an Archetype in our plan, they'll get a modified version of their Archetype's Starting Move. I mean, Class Warfare's Starting Moves are just choose three specialities (or two and a higher level specialty move). So our plan modifies Starting Moves so those three "specials" are not gained all at once but in stages.

Flavouring the advancements is one of the main reasons we want to prolong advancement, to eke out the most from each bildungsroman. I hadn't actually thought of flavouring with professions quite like that, but it makes total sense.

Using the flavour of the trials they've faced is one we've definitely considered. I'm rather fond of using afflictions, for example. to make new specialties available. Kind of like taking the Compendium Classes in +Justin Wightbred's Numbers Appearing and making a monstrous archetype for Class Warfare. So you got bitten by a Dog-man, consider the lycanthrope archetype. Or something. 
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Are there any discussion forums out there still talking about World of Dungeons? I can only seem to find old ones. Specifically trying to find a community discussing hacks.
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LEVEL UP - to do
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Bill White

Actual Play  - 
On episode 72 of our AP podcast Virtual Play, my brother Mel and I discuss running sequential versus simultaneous scenes in Dungeon World, comparing Mel's one-shot game at Dreamation with a local campaign I run at home.
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james day

Adventures  - 
Teuthida: My Dungeon World Setting

Hey there, this is something I made up when reading a lot of China Mieville and Jeff Vandermeer and playing a lot of Dungeon World and of course wanted to combine all of them.

Here is the setting, a weird city with many districts and weird things on the surface. Its also got a few First session adventures and questions to ask about each district. Any improvements, and comments are welcome.
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Oliver Granger

Discussion  - 
Last week we played our third session co-GMing a Dungeon World Funnel and test-driving +Jason Lutes's Perilous Journeys. One friend couldn't play, so we hacked up something to do: villager gauntlets. To see how other villagers fared when the Dog-men attacked, to explore and expand on the village and its surroundings, to create pools of other villagers should the current bunch not make it out of the Lost Tomb of.... 

We made up rules for the gauntlets as we went along. The basic idea was: the default for failure was a villager died, and the gauntlet ended at predestined point if anyone survived. Lucky I still had 132 pre-printed villagers...   

We used the village map we created during funnel creation for Griffinmere to pick locations to focus on. We ended up running two gauntlets: 
- Tower-in-the-hole, an ancient tower rising from the centre of a bottomless pit, and
- the Forest, north of the defensive ditch maintained by Griffinmere.

We pulled out Plumb the Depths and decided on foundation, themes, and areas for the Tower-in-the-hole and the Forest. This worked surprisingly well for things not typical "dungeons".

The Forest gauntlet is probably most interesting. We had 12 villagers, four each player, trying to escape the Dog-men chasing them into the Forest. We decided on four stages to the gauntlet: the ditch, the forest, the river, and the Volkar Stones. Each stage required a roll for each villager modified by one of two of their stats: 
- STR or DEX to survive the ditch
- WIS or DEX to make it out of the forest
- WIS or CON to escape the Dog-men's tracking by surviving the river, and 
- WIS or INT to find shelter amidst the Volkar Stones.
Villagers actions (and death) would be coloured by the mod they rolled with.

10+ meant the villager was ahead of most villagers and safe. In the next stage, failure meant moving to the slow group, rather than death, as they are helped by villagers who catch up to them.
7-9 meant the villager was in the slow group. The villager with the lowest luck in the slow group dies. All villagers tied for lowest luck die. The Dog-men were picking off the slowest.
6- meant the villager dies if they also fail a luck roll. If you haven't read Funnel World, anything less than 10 on a luck roll is failure. Success on the luck roll put the villager in the slow group and so up for elimination if they had or tied for the lowest luck.

Forest Gauntlet: Four rolls per villager with a choice for best modifier and a luck save on failure.
Result: Only 3 of the 12 villagers made it through. 

All-in-all a fun diversion, providing plenty of fuel for later adventures, fronts and rumours following the Devastation of Griffinmere.
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Cheers! It was fun.

Each villager had their own little A6 sheet. We crossed them out when they died, which made the sheets like little tombstones complete with a short epitaph of their nasty, ignominious death.
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Peter Johansen

Adventures  - 
The PCs are given the ownership of a small piece of land, entitling them to a keep and lordship over the nearby village. Of course, the keep is somewhat rundown after a gang of goblins occupied the place, and clearing them out will be the first issue to be addressed. After that, the PCs will be tasked with the repair of the keep and the protection of the nearby village. Roving monsters will need to be hunted, alliances forged, and rivals appeased or outmaneuvered. Lots of coin is needed to fix up the keep and it's lands, either by reclaiming nearby resources or discovering lost treasures.

What are your thoughts on this as a starting point for a game of Dungeon World? How would you do it, and what dangers could be faced?

This would be the starting pitch of the game right out of the gate, just so everyone would be on board and take this into account when building the group. The focus would be on the actual adventuring itself, and administrative stuff would probably be pushed into the background.
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I did something similar years ago with a different roleplaying system and it works very nicely if the players are builder and collector types. The PCs found that catering to the rural people's needs was very rewarding, e.g. by ending a drought (in DW, maybe through a wizard's ritual?), fending off local threats and generally winning the people's hearts over.
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Eric Lochstampfor

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
Not sure if this has been posted or shared before but it was new to me. Two part interview with Adam Koebel :
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It is less an interview and more their (Stephen and Adam's) show about GMing. They have a bunch of episodes (7+ at least) out there they did themselves, and also they just switched to doing it for itmejp's twitch channel, for which I believe they have 2 episodes out.
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Has anyone hacked DCC magic rules/flavor for dungeon world?
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Take a look at the Steets of Marienburg Magic rules, they me just what you are after.
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Tim Franzke

Discussion  - 
Hello Patrons, I hope you all had a great February. For my second take on Class Warfare I am looking at the more out there specialties that might be a bit more difficult to integrate into your game. This article did actually turn out differently then I thought it would but this grouping of specialties instead of looking at each and every one makes for a more helpful document and a better understanding of the process. I hope you agree a...
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The place for talking about Dungeon World.
Idea for a paladin advanced move inspired by 40k. Feedback appreciated. 
Iron Halo 
When you wade into battle, trusting in the power of your God to protect you from harm, roll +CHA. 
✴On a 10+: Projectiles curve and distort their path around you, narrowly missing on every shot. 
✴On a 7-9: As a 10+, but only for the very next attack. 
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GM doesn't roll to attack.
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Ben Badger

Custom Moves  - 
Hi DW people =)

I'm running a game for my wife right now, and I am trying to create a custom move-set for her spellcasting.

As far as the fiction goes, this is a world where magic is just being re-discovered after a long Dark-Age. So since a lot of the spells have been lost, wizards are trying to re-discover the magic. So on top of the standard Wizard move-Cast a Spell, I've added two more moves that she can do. The first one is based on the Mage's Cast a Spell.

I'd love to know what you think, and know how you might improve these moves.


Improvise a Spell (INT)
When you weave a spell to help solve a problem, describe it and roll +INT.
On a 10+, the spell certainly helps, but choose one. On a 7-9, the spell takes effect, but the choose two. Either way the casting saps your energy. You take -1 ongoing to INT until you have a moment to clear your head.
Your spell won't last long - you'll need to hurry to take advantage of it.
Your spell affects either much more or much less than you wanted it to.
Your spell has unforeseen side effects, and might draw unwanted attention.
Your spell required wild somatic components and you have put yourself in a spot.
On a miss, something's gone horribly wrong. Your spell may well have worked, but you
will regret casting it.

Scribe a New Spell (INT)
When you have successfully improvised a spell with a 7+ and have some quiet time to yourself you may attempt to formalize then spell in your spell book. Describe the spell and set a level then roll +INT.
On a 10+ you scribe the spell in your book, no problem. On a 7-9 choose one. On a miss both.
The spell was more difficult than you thought, add one to the level you set.
The spell's magic was angry and volatile, it consumed an adjacent spell in your book. Remove one spell of the same level.
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Yeah, that makes sense. I'll look at the MotW magic system again, good idea on that one.

In terms of this system, if I were running this with other people than just my wife, I would probably be making my own ruling on what level the spell was based on the current Wizard list.

Thanks for he input :D
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Hopefully other stores with DW stuff are doing this as well. :)
DriveThru RPG is running a week-long sale, and while it lasts everything in our store is 30% off!

Over on DriveThru RPG they're running a GM's Day Sale, which is actually more of a GM's week sale since it runs for a week. There are a bunch of titles marked down 30%, including our entire catalog. Seeing as I forgot about this when I put The Pirate on sale, I set it back to it's original price ...
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I am! Plague of Storms is 30% off until... whenever it is the sale ends.
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So the game I've been planning for bloody ages is actually coming up fairly soon. There's one problem I can't seem to shake:

DW characters cap out at lvl 10. How do I play this game with a group that might want to run for a longish campaign? I've asked this before, and the answer is often something like "if you want a long campaign, play something else." You'll pardon me if that answer doesn't quite satisfy. Beyond simply killing or retiring level capped characters, what are you folks doing to keep it interesting for folks that want a nice long campaign? Lowering sources of xp? Raising the level cap? What?

Thanks all!!
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My group and I have been playing a pretty long game of Monster of the Week and you'd be surprised how ready the players are to retire their character, create a new one, or change up the general structure of their character.

It's a natural progression. Story arcs do end and characters are no different. The options the game provides fit very well on both sides. They fit into the story and they fit the general ebb and flow of real life.

Examples: I had one player introduce a new character with the old character being a "mentor" to the new one. Another player did a switcheroo when his old character was presumed dead (but everybody knows the original character is still alive somewhere), finally I had another player who took his character from a bookish know-it-all to a downright bad-ass.

All this to say, just because a game lasts for a long time doesn't mean the players are going to be, or even want to be, the same characters the whole time.

And if they do, just stop stat progression and let everybody take moves from other classes or write their own moves (for those die hards that think the fighter can become even more fighter-y.)

Have fun storming the castle!
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Mattias Swing

Discussion  - 
Looks like I'll be GM:ing my first *world session ever this weekend! Yay!

Are there any good resources for newbies like me out there? I'm thinking about any kind of repository with tips and tricks, specific to Dungeon World or for the *world playstyle in general. 

Also, do you have any favorite fallback questions for a first session - if your inspiration fails you mid-game I mean? Just to get the ball rolling, if it needs a little push. :)

Any advice - or links to advice, if you are tired of this type of question - is more than welcome!
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Thanks for all the advice! Looking into them all! :)
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Robert Finamore

Base Classes  - 
+Johnstone Metzger - Is the Sharpshooter missing Bonds in the Class Warfare book?
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A few specialties don't have extra bonds or race options. Use Tim's bonds!
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so i want to play a warlock and have a question about the minion. what skills can i pick from for it any input will be much  accepted 
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ok thank you so much
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J. Walton

Discussion  - 
The 6x9" POD edition of Dark Heart is available here, if anybody still wants a print copy and doesn't have one.

Hopefully everyone who bought one of the limited number of print copies directly from me already received theirs a long time ago. If you are the victim of a past postal disaster, please let me know and I'll fix it.
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Jeff Bradley

Discussion  - 
Will there be a Dungeon World presence at PAX East this year? The indie RPG panel last year was my introduction to the system, and I was hoping there'd be more interesting things going on this year too.
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Well, Adam and Sage are part of the crew running the "Playing Between the Lines" event ( so there will be something!  I expect Dungeon World will be at Games on Demand again as well.
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Throughout the month of March, The Pirate is both on sale and we've updated it with our new character sheet layout!

Throughout the month of March, The Pirate is going to be on sale (and our Awfully Big Playbook and All of the Playbooks bundles have been adjusted accordingly). Not only that, but in addition to the digest-book containing the class, new equipment, new magic items, and a pair of compendium ...
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Chris S
new layout looks awesome.
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