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Wynand Louw

Discussion  - 
Ok I've been reading the 5th ed DMG. It is full of random tables. For everything. I've never used random tables.

So. In DW, do you like & use random tables? What random tables do you like & use?
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I love tables precisely because they serve improvisation directly by pushing the narrative in unexpected directions. I find that incorporating random results into play helps me hone my improv skills, and keeps us all wondering want's going to happen next.

That being said, I'm not a simulationist, and only go to the tables when there's an open question in need of answering. One guiding principle that I propose in Perilous Journeys is "ask, say, or roll." Ask the players if their characters would know the answer; if they don't know the answer, say it yourself; and if it's not on the tip of your tongue, roll to see what happens.
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Marshall Brengle

Base Classes  - 
The Vancomancer by +David Guyll is so much more fun than the Wizard in the core book. Would love to see him and Melissa interpret some other core archetypes with a similar approach (inspired by "Appendix N" without overt 1st Ed. pastiche). 
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Working on another project I found this amidst my notes:

Witcher’s Brew
When you take time (a few hours) to concoct a strange elixir name a monster and pick 1 effect:

• Consuming the elixir forces you into a coma from which you won’t wake for several hours.
• The elixir wracks your body with pain as it works on your system. Take 1D8 damage.
• The elixir’s effects will last for less than an hour, rather than a few hours. 

Then roll + CON. On a 10+ hold 3. On a 7-9 hold 2. On a 6- hold 1, but the GM chooses an additional effect from the above options. While the elixir is in your system you may spend your hold to to negate the effects of the chosen monster’s abilities on yourself. You can resist a vampire’s mind control, match a werewolf’s agility, stop a gorgon from turning you to stone, etc.
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Well, sure you could have someone else drink it. Give me a defy danger CON, please. The danger your defying is drinking a potion that was carefully calibrated to work with someone else's body chemistry. Regardless, the side effect is going to be stronger than those listed here. On a miss the potion makes permanent changes to your physiology.

Sounds good? Roll.  
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My very first attempt at making a map. Never done it before, followed a few super simple tutorials online to try to come up with something passable. I like it, for a first attempt at something I've never tried! It may not be perfect, but it at least gives a quick and simple visual, and I know what the different areas are and what a few of the individual buildings are.
+Dirk Detweiler Leichty +David Morris +Alexander Glenn +Lydia Short 
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Sweeeet, can't wait to save this place from some orcs!
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Hello guys! I have a problem. Sometimes when my players check to Discern Realities my players ask "What is about to happen?" and I feel I am cheating the adventure revealing too much of what's coming. What's the right way to answer without cheating the players or the game fun?
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Happy to hear you had a good time, +Oney Clavijo! 
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Will Thibault

Base Classes  - 
So, I've been modifying the loadout of Specialties from Class Warfare for my personal use. I’ve decided I'd like to make a character sheet to use with it, and I have a few options.

First, a little background on how I intend to use CW. I'm going to have it as an alternate character-building method in parallel with a more typical class loadout (the standard selection, - Cleric, Wizard, + Artificer, Mage, Priest from the Alternate Playbooks document). In addition to the specialties, I’m creating what I’m calling Racial Specialties. They operate like a normal Specialty, except:
- they count as being part of each archetype.
- any PC that is a member of that race can select moves from the specialty as if it were a Compendium Class
- any PC that is a member of that race can choose the racial move from that racial specialty in place of one offered by their class.

My first option, and the one that requires the least up-front work, is to create a blank general sheet, and to include spaces for page references.

The second option is a bit more involved. One of the big criticisms I’ve seen over Class Warfare is that it runs counter to the design aesthetic of Dungeon World. Classes in DW are built to be picked up and played, whereas building a character using Class Warfare involves a lot more work. Part of that is intentional - some people like to tinker - but I feel I could find a way to get all the benefits of CW with most of the benefits of the standard Playbook approach. In particular, I’m thinking of creating cards or sheets containing the specialties, complete with checkboxes like a standard playbook. Then, when a player would choose to make a character out of specialties, they’d just take the sheets matching those specialties and go. I already plan on doing something like this with Racial Specialties, such that they can be used easily with standard playbooks, but I’m wondering if going through the additional formatting work for the other specialties is worth the effort.

So; supposing you were going to play in a Dungeon World game that featured the option to build characters using Class Warfare, which would you prefer; the simpler but more reference-heavy General Sheet approach, or the more involved but faster Playbook approach?
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+Will Thibault Will, I'd have to give it a try to see... My instinct is yes (cause' now I got three strips of paper...).  That said, it's just a feeling without trying it out.  But this just SCREAMS for an app to build the sheet on the fly for you.  That could be a damn slick Ipad app.
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Ahoy there, Dungeon World Tavern! I'm sure many of you are podcast listeners, and I do hope that at least some of you have heard of RPPR, as they are absolutely wonderful. I just wanted to pass along this link, because their most recent podcast is titled "Van Art Gaming" (as you no doubt saw on the preview), and it's about nostalgic and old school gaming. They frequently discuss "OSR", which I was only recently awakened to by +Dirk Detweiler Leichty .

Anyway, this was a great episode and I really liked a lot of what they had to say. They specifically address the difference between appreciating the nostalgia and the benefits that old school gaming can give to new school gamers, while making sure to point out that there are also many, MANY wonderful things that have happened in gaming in the last 40 years that mix wonderfully.

They also discuss the situation in Indiana (this episode was recorded before the law passed), so there is a bit of light politics in the beginning, but they're very open and casual about it.
News: I will be attending ComicPalooza this year, sharing a table with Diana Botsford. I'll be running some demos of Base Raiders as well - stay tuned for details. Firewall, the newest Eclipse Phase book is out and Caleb and I both wrote for it. ...
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Portland, OR
Alternating Saturdays
Noonish to 5ish.
1seat open.
Drop me a line if you might be interested.
We are all mid-30's to mid-40s married professionals, looking for similar..
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So, so very close. Yet so very far away. I'm only about 60 miles south of you, but sadly not able to commit to a game an hour away. Good luck to you, Brennan!

(I'm also only 29, so I may not meet all qualifications :D) I think I'm just jonesing for EVEN MORE DUNGEON WORLD.
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Jason Averill

Base Classes  - 
Has anyone published a good alt-Fighter who is more a soldier-ish master of whatever weapon is handy vs. the signature weapon fighter of the DW Corebook?
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+Sean Fager​ Nothing really new, in my rules. Also, I wrote them in italian, for a locale project. However, please, please forgive me if I attach here an autotranslation from Google. I know, it's silly and quite funny as english, however you can have a look at the overall thing:

Its like to breathe
Nobody knows the weapons as you. In your hands, a rough piece of steel becomes a refined instrument of death. When you have a little free time (eg while you're Camped), you can study one of your weapons to get used to its quirks and imagine your next fights while you wield. Choose from the list three different improvements: while wielding the weapon, your fighting style can take advantage of the new features and labels.
○ Balanced: you can throw it with ease, and add 🔖lancio 🔖vicino.
○ Convenient: you get used to its size, weight -1.
○ bloody: inflicts 🔖 + 1 damage.
○ Defensive: gives you 🔖 +1 armor.
○ Disruptive: can inflict damage 🔖stun, your choice.
○ Destructive: 🔖devastante adds.
○ Unstoppable: 🔖possente adds.
○ Insidious: adds 🔖 + 2 drilling.
○ Manageable: 🔖precisa adds.
○ Peculiar: create a label to describe the benefit obtained (eg 🔖avviluppante, 🔖spezzalame, 🔖robusta, etc.)
○ Versatile: adds a ray adjacent to those already possessed 🔖ravvicinato, 🔖mischia, 🔖allungo, 🔖vicino, 🔖lontano.

Artist Steel
When you have access to a forge, materials and time available (at least a day), you can work on a weapon to try to perfect it. Tira + INT. ✦ With 7+, choose an improvement from the list of E 'as breathing. The weapon gains that improvement permanently, even if contested by others. ✦ With 7-9, choose a unexpected from the list below. ✦ With 6-, something went wrong. The Master will tell you what (you may even have to throw away the weapon).
○ To complete the work you need the material particular or expensive. The Master will tell you what.
○ Uses longer than expected. The Master will tell you how. If you're in a hurry, you can leave the work in half and finish it as soon as possible, you already know how much time will take you away.
○ The weapon earns a label is not provided. The Master will tell you which (perhaps 🔖fragile, 🔖appariscente, 🔖manutenzione, 🔖sbilanciata).
You can not improve a weapon a second time.

Bellows and souls
Require: Artist Steel
When working on a weapon to perfect it, you can infuse part of your soul with a ritual similar to that ____ bonfire. The ritual will awaken the magical energies dormant in it, resonating with the experiences: for this reason, the ritual is usually done on a weapon that has already been used in combat. The gun is considered 🔖magica. Moreover, pulls + INT. ✦ With 7+, choose a power from the following list. The weapon gains that power permanently, although contested by others. ✦ With 7-9, choose a unexpected from the list next. ✦ With 6-, something went wrong. The Master will tell you what (you may even have to throw away the weapon).
○ Alert: weapon shines in the presence of a creature type. Choose between: ____
○ chastening: your attack earns 🔖migliore against a creature type. Choose between: ____
○ Blessed by the Gods: the weapon is considered 🔖divina.
○ Companion: the weapon is always a way back into your hands.
○ Eternal: the weapon is 🔖indistruttibile. The Master will reveal, however, the only way they can be destroyed.
○ Burning: the weapon can burn with fire magic on command, causing 🔖 + 1d4 damage.
○ Awakened: the weapon is intelligent and can communicate with the carrier.
○ Sculptress: the weapon can cut through the stone like meat.
○ Terebrante: the weapon gains 🔖ignora armor.

○ The weapon develops self-awareness. The Master will tell you when that might be useful or indisposed.
○ The weapon could riverbererare towards others, or cause collateral damage.
○ The weapon is stained by _______, and is considered 🔖maledetta. Will be perceived by the enemies of that group even at a great distance.

And 'possible to perform the ritual on a weapon already improved before: the weapon will retain the previous features.

When you cross a battlefield and perceive the traces of past souls and sparks of flames now turned off, you can get an insight on the current situation, but you might have to bare your soul, responding to voices on the wind. Tira + CAR. 10+ on the Master will give you the details useful. 7-9 with the Master will give only a general impression.

Bringer of destruction
When you deal damage with a weapon perfected, if the enemy has armor, reduce its value to 1, up to a minimum of 0.

Study the opponent
When you observe well your enemy, pulls + SAG. With a success, you will know instinctively what it is dangerous, as it can cause damage, and if it has particular strengths. With 10+, there is also at least one exploitable weakness to begin to address it.
with 6-, tell the Master something that makes you vulnerable here and now, in addition to the move that will do.

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Jabes RPG

Discussion  - 
What effect does being deafened have on a character? Bard's Metal Hurlant deals 1d10 damage and deafens target. What does deafened mean other than the obvious? Can it hamper the deafened character's spellcasting, for instance?
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If Bag A is inserted into Bag B, the pocket dimension of Bag A needs to be flung through the planar cosmoses to a new point to be appropriately tied together. 

Sometimes this doesn't happen, the dimension is too well rooted, in which case Bag A now opens directly into the astral ether, which can be treated like the vacuum of space (sucking things in through the opening) or like a portal to the Chaos realms ala Warhammer 40k.

If the pocket dimension is not firmly tethered though it is flung at speeds well exceeding those of light to reach its new location.  The length of this event is based on how far away the original dimension and the Bag B dimension are from each other, and can range from seconds all the way to the Dawn of New Time.  It takes about six hundred manhours of research from someone(s) who understand HyperMath and ArcaneMath to accurately predict how long the dimension will be moving.  For that whole duration time travels backwards in the bag, but not necessarily in accordance with the timeline leading up to the point of Bag A being inserted into Bag B.  Events happen first, then Causes as a direct result. 

If players are INSIDE the dimension, they must declare results and then take actions to function as causes.  (Hint : Have things happen that can occur from multiple stimuli to 'buffer' yourself.)  Every time something occurs which didn't have a reason to (eventually) the whole dimension takes + 1 Tatter.  If Tatter reaches 8 the dimension explodes.  This is bad for nearby dimensions, as well as the people and things contained in the exploding one, and creates a kind of planar comet headed towards the dimension of Bag B.
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Joe Banner

Adventures  - 
First new adventure of the month - more urban adventures! (I'll admit I've had a lot of Blades in the Dark and Into the Odd in mind recently... but then maybe so have you?)

In any event, all perfectly compatible for Dungeon World, ready to throw your humble players into the exciting world of... unemployment! Wait...
When the distillery was sold, it’s factories were mothballed. Dozens of workers lost their jobs. The new owners partially converted the building; the new cafe and museum is generally agreed to overpriced and underwhelming. But while desperate fools scrounge through piles of rubbish, the savvy plan how to find better treasures inside. And you’ve heard the new owner is looking for able-bodied men and women, though details are mysteriously absent...
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This is great! Definitely can see the Blades inspiration bleeding through here. I might use this instead of the Quick-Start next time I run it.
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Armin Mobasseri

Discussion  - 
Does anybody know if there is a class like the Sorceress from Diablo 2 out there somewhere? Basically a magic user that specializes in using spells of the various elements. Burn this, freeze that.

I've been making my own, but I just want to make sure there isn't anything already out there.

Just giving the Sorceress a list of spells feels too much like the Wizard... but making it an open ended ability to shape various elements seems too strong too.
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Every elementalist worth their salt/smoke/steam carries a pouch of dirt, a tinderbox, and a waterskin.
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Brennan OBrien

Discussion  - 
So... has anyone else had the problem of coming down too hard in hard moves?  Or treating soft moves even with a bit more "force" than necessary?  What did you do?  How did you correct it?
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+Jarod Cerf Holy damn that's awesome.
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Johnstone Metzger

New Monsters  - 
Another free monster from my Patreon: zombie guardians.
Here's the DW version of this month's main monster: the zombie guardians. It's a zombie dinosaur ghoul thing that doesn't stop even when you kill it. Because: undead!
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I like that the horror of this monster doesn't end with it's defeat.  Unless the party somehow contains the escaping ghouls, they will be hearing of strange murders all across town.  Very Lovecraftian!
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Oney Clavijo

Actual Play  - 
Hello everyone, tomorrow I am running a game for new players at a mini-convention at a popular plaza in town, lots of fans are coming. This is the GM version of the poster map I made. I draw it myself. I am used to drawing in graph paper but that was for grid maps for combat/movement rules. I am using the map following the suggestion of this community to help everybody know their relative position in the map, as such it is not intended to be a accurate nor perfect measurement of things. Any suggestions for  future maps/handouts for DW? Thanks guys/girls!
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+Nathan Roberts I have played Drazhu many times. It's a great adventure. I love it. That's my inspiration here. I guess it's obvious. 
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For +Dirk Detweiler Leichty's Bleakwood Manor.
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Wow Nathan, this is stunning
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Better late than never. I guess that's the upside of not running this campaign for the past few weeks: it's given me enough time to write a brief synopsis without lagging behind. >_>

Not sure what's going to happen with this campaign: some of the players are MIA for various personal reasons. Might have to just start a fresh one.

#dungeonworld   #asunderedworld  
Waive opted to stay behind at Spiral Harbor, in order to both help rebuild and—while there weren't any angels overseeing the archive—learn more about the swords that he and Agron wielded. While they waited for Katra to repair her ship, they were approached by a well-sculpted cthon named Terminus ...
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Melissa Fisher

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
Preview of one of the panels for the Dungeon World GM Screen I'm working on.

Also been talking to a few local companies, because I have an idea for a new type of screen design. If they can do what I want, then this might end up being a Kickstarter (solely to pay for production and shipping).

I've got quite a few people looking over the Dungeon World GM Screen I'm working on, to see if there's anything it's missing, if the information could be better organized/presented, swapped out, etc. In the meantime, here's a WIP preview of one of the panels (gonna add a monster or two in the ...
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Jason Lutes

Discussion  - 
Asking here because I don't know where else to ask, and no help is to be found via repeated Google searches.

I'm putting together a Kickstarter campaign (for a DW project) on the KS site, and I can't move images around within the "Story" edit box. When I upload, they always show up at the top of the box (regardless of where the cursor is), and though they appear draggable they do not drag. I haven't had this problem previously.

Anyone have a clue, or maybe point me at a good KS troubleshooting forum?

Apologies for my off-topic-ness!
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Thanks everyone, and thanks especially to +Bryan Plumb for getting under the hood and solving my problem.

Using different browsers didn't help, but after Bryan solved my problem I cleared my cache and cookies and now I can edit images properly. Should have tried that in the first place, but I am prone to overlooking the obvious.
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John Lewis

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
We just put up an article focused on Hard Moves over at RPG Alchemy. hope you guys find something interesting!
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I have an unfair advantage; a lot of life experience that has shown me "whatever can go wrong, will!"  :-)
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