Does anyone know where the 5 room dungeon method came from?

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New free stuff from my Plundergrounds Patreon!

Does anyone have blank, form-fillable character sheets in pdf form? I would love to be able to combine class warfare specialties into new classes without having to hand write all the moves out

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Hey all, I'm having a sale over at DriveThru right now and I thought some of you might be interested in a few of the things we have for sale.

In particular the Companion Class collection adds a slight twist on the Custom Playbook thing, and our DW Adventure has been really well receieved, get them cheap!

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The newest issue of Codex, called Codex - Time, features a Dungeon World piece by +Ray Otus. Here are the details on what's inside the whole issue...

I’m not going to go into too much detail here because part of the fun in Timegasm is reading it for yourself and just letting it sort of…wash over you. BUT, I will say it’s a committee LARP by Wendy Gorman about a group of lawmakers and educators trying to solve a particularly troubling side effect of time travel. If I ever decide to run something at a convention, this is probably what I’m going to run. It’s a delight. Also: it features an illustration by Sean Poppe

This game is SO COOL. It’s a two-player game by Kyle Simons inspired by the film Memento. The GM creates an underlying mystery and a set of starting information which, in the fiction, are Polaroid pictures, tattoos on the protagonist’s body, and personal notes. The player takes the role of the protagonist, a character with anterograde amnesia. The player does their best to solve the mystery before the protagonist “resets,” meaning their short-term memories are wiped. This short-term memory loss is cleverly replicated in the game by the fact that a player never gets to play the game twice, but the GM can continue the story with a new player at the point of reset. Recording of play sessions is encouraged.

Turning, by Slade Stolar, is the first setting creation tool to be featured in Codex. It examines a major aspect of society which is usually glossed over in RPG texts: a society’s core values. It then asks: “How do those values change over large timespans?” When we’re talking about futuristic settings or time travel scenarios, we tend to use things like technology or biology as the lens through which we understand how such a setting is different from our own world. We rarely look at things like how much they value freedom of speech or how they treat their poor. It’s a fascinating tool that can be easily added to any game that deals with large timescales.

This is a microgame, also written by Slade, designed to be used with Turning. In it, you play androids who are trying to discover the origin of their memories. During play, their memories can be corrupted, and sometimes the androids are forced to power down and may not wake up again until hundreds of years in the future. It’s a slim, bleak design, and I’m rather fond of it. It features a lovely piece of art by Per Folmer (see below).

The Iron Tyrant
This is a fantastic Dungeon World starter by Ray Otus. It’s about a god-like golem from another time, the fanatics who have taken to worshipping it, and a mysterious woman, Sadra, who seems to be a little unstuck in time herself. Ray took his inspirations from Zardoz, the Iron Giant, and the destitute villages you find outside Dracula’s castle in old films. It’s a fresh take on the Dungeon World starter, with an emphasis on a regional mystery rather than dungeon crawling and features an illustration by Randy M.

Miscellany: three dozen in medias res starters
This miscellany is different from those in previous issues in that it’s not organized around a theme. It’s a set of situations for beginning a game in medias res, which is a really neat interpretation of this issue’s “Time” theme (with thanks to +Christo Meid for the idea). Like all the miscellanies, it is absolutely overflowing with cool, evocative ideas.

The cover illustration for Codex - Time was done by Vandel J. Arden. Editing was done by myself and David LaFreniere. Layout was done by Oli Jeffery.

To get Codex - Time, just make a $4+ pledge to the Gauntlet Patreon by June 30th!

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I dropped this yesterday afternoon. It's getting some great feedback. I hope you all enjoy it too.
Plundergrounds 3: The Hoard is now available!
Get it with your $2/zine subscription:

This one is all about dragons, their strange hoarding compulsion, and the ecosystem that develops around/within their unique lairs.

• The mysteries of elder dragons revealed!

• Three hoarding dragons and their incredible lairs: Salucidiar's toxic wasteland, Balthazorial's flotilla of wrecked ships, and Lord Moamaug's vast catacombs.

• Blood-sucking dragon crabs and other nasty hoard denizens!

• The many uses of dragon blood.

• The Staff of Ariol Graymane (a powerful relic and magical mcguffin for tying together the disparate hoards)

• A toolbox on developing place-as-character.

• All with art by Juan Ochoa, Karl Stjernberg, Sean Poppe, and yours truly


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Apologies for posting twice, I got the link wrong in the first one. 
Act Now to get all three for $2!

Subscribe now ( and download Plundergrounds 1 and 2 before May 30th. Then on May 31st, you can get Plundergrounds 3, all for a pledge of $2.

This will be your LAST CHANCE to get Ape City and Kazarak ... for now.

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Hello! Today is the last day to get all the Codex back issues from the Gauntlet's Patreon. The Gauntlet produces the Discern Realities podcast, and Codex features a TON of Dungeon World material.

To get the PDFs, just make a $4 pledge by midnight!


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Sword Breaker has a bunch of nutty airship content for you!

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