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You know the DW geek runs deep when the first thing on your mind when you see something like this is how cool it'll be when converted.

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Check out the One Page Dungeon 2017 Contest winners & before for Dungeon World delving inspiration!

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Dungeoneers Podcast - Episode 74 - Useless George

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I love one page dungeons.

I love Will Doyle's one page dungeons.

Will Doyle won this year for best one page dungeon.

I love Dungeon World.

Here are my conversion notes of Will Doyle's Temple of the Moon Priests for Dungeon World:

Start Delving!

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I'm happy to announce the release of "Minimal Playbooks Plus"!

"Just like the original, with extra "Plus"! Inspired by the design and convenience of the original minimal playbooks, I created these with plenty of quality of life tweaks, as well as more content reflecting newer DW concepts like Drives and Flags. (I was swayed to these after listening to all of "Discern Realities", a DW podcast)

These are intended for players who are more familiar with DW, and don't need a character creation walkthrough. Of course, you can use these for any experience level."

More details in the comments

I've been thinking about an alternative ruleset for Ability Scores & Modifiers.
Specifically, simplifying them by replacing the Ability Score with a simple modifier. It would look like this:

Playbooks would have example scores as they do now, but with pure modifiers and no stat numbers. They would pick one stat with +2, two with +1, two with +0, and one with -1.

To calculate HP: Each class gets 12 HP as default, they then add their class limit + 2 x their CON.
So a Barbarian would have 12+8+4, or 24.

Players would add +1 to any stat every odd level up.

Curious as to any thoughts y'all might have about the overall idea. Thanks!

PS: I'm aware this isn't a particularly original idea; if there is a DW-specific version of this ruleset out there, I'd love to see it! Thanks.

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So the party just found a lost village? You need some city map on the spot in order to determine where the magical tower is?
Just found this:

Hi there! I'm new to Dungeon World, just got it today, and I noticed something a bit surprising. In the base classes, there doesn't seem to be an option for Orc or Half-orc characters/race moves. I found that a bit surprising.

Is there a reason for this? Or alternatively, are there some custom Orc Race moves? I'm asking because I'm sure my players in my upcoming game who are old dnd pros might want the option.

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+Sophia Brandt just did a review of Issue 1 of my Session Zero zine!

I'm super flattered and honored! Thanks Sophia!!! P.S. you MUST watch the Princess Bride. One of the greatest movies of all time (but I'm biased of course)
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