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Kristopher Miller (Kristastic)

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
I was looking for nifty ways to make a homemade GM screen on the cheap, and I think I may have found what I'm gonna use. This looks pretty sweet, and should definitely cost under $10 (maybe around $7 or so? I'm not sure how much everything costs).
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Question on Spout Lore
So my last session of DW this came up; the players happen across a cavern of mushrooms. One of the players wanted to see if the mushrooms had an unique properties so I asked what in the characters past would be helpful in identifying the mushrooms and roll spout lore.
Another player thought I shouldn't ask for a source of knowledge. Her reason is because the sentence that explains the gamemaster has a right to ask comes directly after the sentence explaining the result of s partial success. She therefore belives my right to ask is linked to a partial success only.
My reading is I have the right to ask at any time for any roll. This divided up the table with no clear cut answer. What say you?
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Thanks for the feedback. The only reason I second guessed myself was because I was the only one at the table that seemed certian of the rule. Oddly enough the player that suggested I misinterpreted the rules wasn't the one spouting lore. Also odd was the fact I've always played spout lore this way and it was never an issue before. Just wanted to reassure myself I was playing it right. Thanks for the insight.
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Erik Gomez

Adventures  - 
Tiny races.

Hello. My friends and I are extremely new to the game. Because our group cannot get together on a set schedule, we have some interwoven games going on. When we have this combination of players, we play this story. When we have a different combination, different story, but it is all in the same world. Right now we are kinda just doing collaborative world building. My kids heard is talking and became very interested. They asked if they could play. The rest of the group voted not to include them in their group. So, I told them we would make a group with just them and mommy.

When we started working on character creation, my 5 year old daughter announced she wanted to be a fairy like Tinkerbell. My wife liked the idea and wants to be a fairy too. My 9 year old son protested, and my wife suggested he play a leaf warrior like in DreamWorks Epic. Riding animals, flying on birds. Quick, nimble and fierce fighters.

The more they talked about it, the more excited they became. I got wrapped up in the idea, and now we've got our ideas, out there. I've made promises, and now can't seem to find any information about playing tiny characters like this. There seems to be no race of fairies or brownies or anything like that.

I could really use some help figuring this out. Any quick patch to turn one race into something like this? 
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Thanks for the guidance. 
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Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone had any sweet traps to share.
I've been brainstorming about traps and trap moves, but I feel like it would be nice to have a list with a few examples to spark my imagination. Thank you!
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Gentleman's Genkan :

The entrance chamber to the small treasure chamber containing some of the old religion's treasures consists of a tiny room with solid oak doors on either side.  One leads back into the temple/dungeon, another to the storeroom housing the treasure. 

A small thin mat lies to one side in the room, directly under rat-tailed coat hooks.  Thin sandals of a long-dead attendant to the faith sit on the rug.  Scraps of cloth that were once a threadbare cloak are on the floor under one of the hooks. 

A placard next to the storeroom door reads "Brother Bradius 9 : 14-15"

The trap : If BOTH doors are open at the same time (detents fall out of their recessed places in the two doorframes) a gong in the Bronzed Tower above rings, once and reverberating, even as the Mists of Mindlessness comes spraying out of both frames, poisoning those in the entrance chamber, storeroom, or hanging out near the entranceway.

Clues (aka things to spot) :

There's a detent inside the frame, at the top of the door.  It's rounded on the end, so closing the door pushes it back up into the frame.  Remember : the trap only goes off if both are lowered at the same time.

Brother Bradius wrote a tome of the faith.  If the group finds or brought holy writings of the religion they could look it up : it reads "And he wore civility and decorum like a cloak, and it shielded him from the slings and daggers of his enemies."

The inside tops of the doorframes are perforated with vent holes.
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Oney Clavijo

Actual Play  - 
Yesterday my players arrived without notice. I did have not prepared at all but I did want to play so I winged it. Some discomfort is growing in me as I recall some moments were really lame.

Plot summary: Monsters sent a strike team into a major city to destroy an important altar. Some monsters (orkasters on Worgs) were causing diversions to call the guard attention so that their leader could go to spot x in the city to destroy x important objective.

The party was not formally created, they know each other but still not a team so they tried to go their own way.

The barbarian stole a horse and started runnig through the city jumping from roof to roof. The elven Mentor and his students (a human evil fighter and an Immolator Salamander) were trying to cut the invaders way in but arrived really late. The cleric was at the temple just in case anybody attacked it (or using the rest room) and the rogue was at a blacksmith shop chatting about the weather.

The action followed them with different scenarios but they kept pulling apart and rolling low which moved the Grim Portents fast ahead. They could not react on time and since they did not do much to save the city some npc intervention was in place to kill the monsters and eventually the monsters managed to accomplish their mission when: the barbarian faced the last of them in front of their goal and decided not to smash him which he is great at but try to discern realities, which he failed miserably opening the chance for the monster to destroy the important thing he came to destroy. (Impending Doom accomplished).
It was a fun game they say but I think it was really lame and slow, since I kept chasing them with the action which they didn't really cared much for. That was exhausting and frustrating.

Next time I'll have a dragon hit the city just to see what happens. I hate improvising XD.
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Something similar happened to me.
I've never been there myself.
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+Oney Clavijo
Yup. Players not clear on the point of the game.  =/
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Kevin Bishop

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
Hopefully it's not out of place to mention this, but my brother and I have been working on a card game with some Norse-inspired flavor that's now made it to Kickstarter. While the game isn't DW-esque in the slightest, I've used the flavor and art as a huge omnibus of inspiration for my current DW campaign, which is set in a Norse-ish archipelago.

I've turned this into a few campaign resources, including a map, a bunch of history docs, some fronts, and plenty of NPCs. That last part has been particularly fun, as you can rifle cards out of the playtest deck to insta-generate characters.

In addition, the worldbuilding I've done around this has been more divided by faction lines than racial ones. Each card's "type" (might, lore, craft, faith) ended up as the basis for a section of the map, with races then filling minor roles and being scattered everywhere.

Anyways, when I started out I drew up a map and threw random flavor-appropriate names at it until I ran out of ink. Then I drew rough faction lines, added capital cities, fleshed out some crude history for ~2% of the locations, and boom. We started the campaign.

We printed the map out and day 1 in full color on an 8x11 sheet of cardstock, and it's been really, really cool to lay it down before the players and say "You can go anywhere." Since I'm not overprepping, the whole map is largely "blank spots" from my side of the table, but because I've got faction lines I can usually rough out an event for any destination they pick.

Case in point, to start the campaign I made them all choose home towns for their characters. The towns they chose had no initial backstory, but later I used those as hotspots to steer them towards. When they got close to one player's town, I sent her a private message and asked, "What's this town known for? What's your history there?" and used the answers to create a session or too.

Compared to some of the previous campaigns I've run and played in, it's been enjoyable having a world where race doesn't automatically equate to faction. Not every elf is a ranger, not every ranger's an elf, and most importantly (to me), most of the NPCs are human without all blending together. Just by telling my players what "color" a character roughly aligns to, they get a pretty good flavor of what that character looks like, acts like, values, resents, etc.

For anyone who wants to check out some of the other resources I've been using as world-building inspiration, there's a site with a pretty decent gallery here ( and a Kickstarter page here ( which seems to be adding additional art. Not all of the hero card names+images are available (at least not yet, to my knowledge) but it already serves as a decent gallery for creating characters. There are also plenty of boss-style creatures that I've been running to when I need a more epic confrontation.

Finally, if anyone finds this map useful, I can toss up a link to the "other world" version. Think the Feywild, but aligned with Yggdrassil. I've also made a version that has a randomly generated set of "overlay" points between the two maps, to really bend my players' minds.
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Questions about GM fiat, the narrative, and hard moves. I need some clarification.

So, I have this problem in which I've created a villain that is supposed to be far more powerful than the player characters can handle currently. He is immune to standard kinds of damage, only magic or a specific set of magical weapons can harm him. He's also inhumanly fast and has access to dark, powerful magics. However, I have a hard time denying the players a chance to roll against him. This has led to multiple instances where I feel like the players are making useless rolls. Is it kosher to deny them the Hack and Slash or Volley moves if it makes sense from a narrative standpoint?

Also, when is it appropriate to make "hard moves" against the players? Can I only make soft moves until a player roll a 6 or less? Say I set up the stakes to get close to this villain to attack him, and the player character continues without fear or caution. Is it okay to make a hard move or is it always necessary for them to attempt the Defy Danger move? Where do I draw the line at the narrative and the dice basically?

I feel like I've read about these kinds of instances before, and I know I have a ton of freedom when it comes to the narrative directing what rolls should and shouldn't be made. I just feel really guilty denying the players a move, or a least a chance to do something. On the flip side, I think it's defanged my villain.
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One fantasy trope that I try and avoid when running an RPG is the whole "Villain you can't defeat...yet" idea. I know, it's really hard to work around because it's such an integral part of fantasy fiction (particularly videogames!) but generally I try to avoid any situation in an adventure where the players are completely powerless. I know this advice is kind of like the classic doctor joke "My arm hurts when I do this; don't do it, then," but whenever I run into particular situations like this, it usually helps me to back all the way out of my brain and get to the really fundamental questions. Why are the PCs facing off against a villain they can't defeat? What am I expecting them to do in this situation? How can I give them the information they need to get through this in a satisfying, playable manner?
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Jordan Raymond

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
If there are some french speaking people around here, I just made a two-sided move sheet adapted from +Magi max' ones. I'll be happy to hear your comments!
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Voici une feuille comprenant les Actions de base et les Actions spéciales de Dungeon World. La mise en page n'offre aucune élégance, mais demeure… - Jordan Raymond - Google+
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I'm running Dungeon World tomorrow for the second time - my first time was last week, and we're continuing the story. I'm VERY excited! I've played Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Monster of the Week, and this has been my first foray into DW. The world building is an absolute blast, and the fluidity with which details come in is awesome. In character conversations, as well as conversations about the player's characters, brought about such facts as: magical talent is passed along through blood; there's a Fire mage who, when he was younger, "couldn't not make fire" before he perfected his ability; and there's a band of orcs near the town that are taking in slaves (this is becoming an important Front).

I thought I would pass along a picture of an NPC the characters befriended in the first session. I hadn't read up on Hirelings and forgot how to run them, so initially he was just kind of off fighting other enemies during battles to keep him occupied. Now I've made him into a "Hireling" and given him a custom move to keep him unique. 

Meet Throllok, Orc of the Hills of Gontha, former Slave Trader, and Wolfbane (this Orc tribe's name for Berserker). So he's a Warrior 2, Protector 1, Loyalty 2 (the players did a good job befriending him and dazzling him), and he has a custom move for his Wolfbane bit. He can deal 1d6+Warrior damage to an enemy as he goes into a rage. He can only do this once before having to rest.

Like I said, I am pretty new, so I don't have all of the fine-tuning down yet, but I'm enjoying this a lot! I've made a few custom moves for the area as well. Yay!

+Dirk Detweiler Leichty +David Morris +Alexander Glenn +Gerame L +Nicholas Vavrosky (my players. Well, mostly - Nick and Gerame haven't had a chance to join us yet)
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+Marcelino Soliz If you lived in Albany, OR, we might be able to arrange things heh ... Not a lot of help, I know. I wouldn't mind playing an online game some time!
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Michelle Jones

Actual Play  - 
So we have been playing Dungeon World for awhile now. My friend Sammi has a gnome druid that she plays in one of our campaigns. One of our favorite creatures for her to turn into is called a Tangle Wasp. It is like a wasp on steroids.  The GM made it up. We just happen to be fighting some evil cave dwelling elves who used dark spells that centered on hate. She turns into this Tangle Wasp and stings the main bad guy in the eye while is is trying to cast a spell. Long story short he dies shortly after because after getting stung in the eye he was basically dumbfounded. Our groups favorite saying came from that session. "You think you know hate and malice... YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!" One of our group just happened to say this after she stung him in the eye. It was perfect timing and we all busted out into laughter. Just thought I would share my story. 
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Oh Druids... Never stop wrecking faces! 
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The place for talking about Dungeon World.
I nearly ran out of time to get this one out for March, but I wanted to get it out now for feedback, as it complements the map I released yesterday. If I was to expand this adventure, what kind of stuff would you like to see?

There's definitely more public games in the pipeline for next month; if you fancy joining in, join my patrons and you'll get first notification (and first refusal) on joining any public games I run!
*You’re peering through the boarding houses’ greasy windows. Witchlights on the horizon suggest a honeycomb of caverns below the island’s surface. You’ve heard rumours of what lies within them and are eager to discover the truth for yourselves. Ready your supplies, choose your path, and venture into the wilds of Stormania - the Eclipsed Isle!* Stormania was inspired by the recent eclipse we saw in the UK. Well, I say saw - it was too rainy wher...
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nice one! good work. I'll take a read through ASAP
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I'm running a game of DW tomorrow. Since I read the semi-rant about railroading on The Alexandrian (link below), I really felt like writing a module.

It'll be simple enough, but I'm focusing on making it suitable for a one-shot, and perhaps convention play by extension.

And it's gonna be weird.

Anyone up for trying it out tomorrow?
Railroads happen when the GM negates a player's choice in order to enforce a preconceived outcome. Note, however, that both parts of this equation are important: The choice must be negated and the reason it's being negated is because the GM is trying to create a specific outcome.
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I'm in
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adam ferguson

Miscellaneous Resources  - 
Dungeon World revitalized my interest in pen & paper RPGs.
So, naturally, my players and I hacked it.
Be kind, it's a work in progress . . .
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Ben -
Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
The Alpha content is current. Yes, it's backwards but it's sort of an inside joke.
Going with guts on act under pressure was intentional. Otherwise, with only 4 stats, body quickly became the go-to stat in our play-test sessions. We kept seeing everyone load up on that stat and disregard the rest.
There is a supplement on its way that covers your "mow them down" move. In theory, it's mechanic can be used to resolve almost any "zoom-out/group effort" situation.
Originally, read person/situation and apply knowledge worked the same as they did in DW, there was a list of questions. Not one player at our table was comfortable with this and we universally agreed that picking from a list of questions interferred with the flow and feel of the game. It felt artificial, if you will.
React was originally a special move that was built upon DW's take watch move. Again, through play testing we found players triggered it constantly so we moved it to the basic moves and trashed the other brains-based move.
Cannibalization has been misspelled since day one - forgive us, we are slightly brain dead around here.

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Doctor Starky

Custom Moves  - 
When you make a showy, dramatic entrance to the Colosseum, roll 2d+Cha. On hit, you pick one party from the list you've won the favor of. On a 7-9, also pick a party you've gained the ire of.

•The emperor
•Most of the audience
•A fellow combatant

EDIT: Changed the last choice to something less silly.
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+Justus Goldstein-Shirley Well, that was sort of the idea. But now I can see how it might be a little silly.
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Melissa Fisher

Adventures  - 
Get 'em while their hot! Spread the word (+1, reshare, slap the link elsewhere, etc): the more subscriptions this month gets, the more discount/free stuff I'll be adding to the mix

I included The Witch as an automatic discount since it's thematic to the adventure, but not sure what the rest will be.

I guess for now, post what you'd want to get at a discount in the comments and we can hold a vote!

#dungeonworld   #mythoard  
You can now signup for April's Mythoard box, which will include, among other things, Lichfield, a semi-exclusive adventure for Dungeon World. I've already talked about it in two other posts, but essentially it's a 30-page adventure that's inspired by the Silent Hill series (hence the name, ...
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Thanks for sharing +Melissa Fisher!  You guys are so dang awesome!  This adventure is really tight, and I can't wait for folks to play through it.
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Stuart Dollar

Discussion  - 
Hmm.  I've got a bit of a problem, and I was wondering if anybody else had tried this.

I'm running a Dungeon World campaign (we're at about session 7 or so), and the group is about to arrive in the Capitol City of the setting, which is going to be the big location for much of the rest of the campaign.

Without getting too granular, the technology setting is basically intended to be the dawn of firearms.  To this point, everything the group has encountered has all been sword and board, but I intend for the first matchlocks to be in the hands of the enemy in the capital...and there are no rules for matchlocks.  I'm figuring the range for them would be near, as pretty much anything prior to the rifled musket was wildly inaccurate, but I'm trying to get a feel about what damage die to assign to a small group of musketeers.  Do I stick with the d8 as default for a group?

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I wouldn't make them ignore armor, it sounds like enemy musketeers are going to be a major part of your game, and that takes away a huge advantage from the fighter (who is already a little short on advantages) I'd make them Messy, Loud, Obvious, and Unreliable, and pierce 2. I'd give them a D8 +2 and range close. 
Also -- Look up Serpentine lock guns. That was the standard for early guns for kind of a long time. ( long before flintlocks)
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Hi everyone, my name is Kevin. And I am looking to join a group playing Dungeon World online. I have experience playing/DMing it already, and would love to get involved again. I live in the US in the Central time zone. I would prefer an experienced DM, and a group with a small amount of players (Max 4). However an inexperienced DM is fine as long as gameplay doesn't take forever. I have no problem adapting to a current group, but would prefer a new adventure. 

If there are any questions about me feel free to ask. 
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Hi +Kevin Minaltoski We are looking for players here
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So I GM'd my first game of DW last weekend, and it went quite well.  We ran the Slave Pits of Drazhu as a primer, just to learn the system, before I intro my setting next session.  There's one thing that I was definitely confused about though, regarding combat.  The notes for the baddies in that area all say things like D4, D6, D8, etc.  I remember reading that the GM never rolls for damage for monsters, but I assumed that these numbers referred to the monster's damage dice.  Did I have this wrong?  Does the Orc Whipmaster for example, just hit for 8 damage by default when he lands a hit?  If so, then I made the monsters WAAAY too easy, because I was rolling terribly, and it felt the whole time like the PC's weren't ever in any real danger.
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Hey, I just ran my first DW game last weekend as well. Welcome to the awesome club! :D

+Dylan Knight I really like the idea of having the other players roll the damage for make the roll when a person gets hit to help keep everyone engaged. Seems like it would add to the chaos and fun in an interesting way, and make for some fun "blaming" each other. "Oh man, why'd you roll a 10?!" "Sorry, man!" Good stuff.

I'm running again tomorrow, and I'm pretty freakin' stoked for it.
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Hey all.

This is a custom move I developed to provide for retroactive planning in a Sixth World game. Retroactive planning is very useful to prevent dithering during the planning stages of an operation and also makes the PCs look like badasses.

Please take a look and tell me what you think!

...when making plans retroactively, roll +Craft.
On a 10+, your plans are placed as you envision them, and you must invest a sum of Nuyen roughly equal to the cost of the items required for your plans to work. If the items are recoverable, you can regain their worth on your next downtime.

On a 7-9, pick one from the below list. On a 6 or less, pick two.

- Your setup is somehow flawed. Something will happen, but it won't go like you thought it would.
- Gain a point of Outmatched. You cannot have more points of Outmatched than your Craft+1.
- Expend a Mission Point.
- Nuyen costs are doubled and the investment is irrecoverable.

#preparedness   #nightsblackagents  
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No comments on the move? I guess it is perfect in every way :D
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Oh I also have a question. I am playing a Dragon Mage and I took a Mutliclass move but I can't find a good magical one that goes along with my class. Can any of you out there suggest one? We play tonight at four and I really need one. I am lvl 6 I do believe. Thanks guys!
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What kind of stuff do you want to do? And what playbooks aren't represented in your group already?

If this is the Mage class with a dragon focus, I think they are all about force and obvious power, right? You could take I Am The Law from the Paladin - that one is fun, but will make you a target.
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