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I'm proud to announce that the beta edition of One Shot World is now available on DriveThruRPG!

One Shot World is a hack of Dungeon World,, designed specifically for one shot sessions. Many adjustments have been made to the rules, core moves and playbooks to simplify character creation & worldbuilding; the rest should still be very familiar.

Anyways, it's free so you should totally check it out! I had a ton of help from this community during the Alpha release, so feedback of any kind if very appreciated!
One Shot World (Beta)
One Shot World (Beta)

Hi all,
I have a question about GM moves. I've been running the game for a bit now, and I love it. I really like the 7-9 idea, but I want to make sure I'm using it correctly. I like to learn the rules before I start to hack. My question is, if there is a predefined outcome for the 7-9 roll in the move, does that mean that you don't make a soft move? Like, take the 7-9 on a Druid Shape-shift or similar move, would that be consequence, or would it enable you to make a "soft move?" I'm probably overthinking it, but just wondered how you all deal with this.

Gear Adrift...
... is a gift! Or so the saying goes. You never had much to get by on but always managed to scrounge up something. When you spend an hour or so scavenging the surrounding area, Roll+INT.

On a 10+ you may pick from 1 Adventuring gear, 1d3 rations or 1d10 Coin (or a small object worth 1d10 Coin excluding rations or gear)

On a 7-9 If you picked gear it is of shoddy quality, suspect at best. If you picked rations, there is some debate to whether the item(s) are edible and if you picked Coin, it belonged to someone/thing who will eventually come looking for it.

Thinking about an alternative to a Barbarian-like move, but one that doesn't give XP at the beginning of each session.

The original line of thought:
At the beginning of each session, the GM will ask you something about your homeland, why you left, or what you left behind. If you answer, mark XP.

An alternative:
When you say you have faced a similar social situation in your homeland, tell the GM what it was and how it was solved, and roll +INT. On a 10+, you know how to deal with this now, as you apply an inverted logic. On a 7-9, there's some complication, but you don't make things worse... yet.

The idea behind this kind of move is to show how this particular character is an Outsider, a stranger in these lands. All suggestions are welcome in this brainstorming phase. Any new moves or thoughts?

When running sessions, how do you avoid the front getting resolved by the PCs just looking the bad guy up and killing him, resulting in only one enconter, to speak in conventional rpg terms?

I've been working on converting some magic items for use in my DW Sci-Fi game. I thought I'd share a favourite. Feedback welcome and appreciated. Also, if you all would like to share ideas for sci-fi "artifacts" of your own I'd love to read your ideas.

Oren-Esah Matter Cloak — worn, 1 weight

A midnight blue cloak, woven through with pulsing amber threads. The fabric contains a sampling of the legendary matter manipulating technology of the long-extinct Oren-Esah.

When you allow the amber threads to weave themselves into your flesh, roll+CON. ✴ On a 10+, you can reform inert matter in your vicinity into a simple shape or structure of your choosing ✴ On a 7-9, as above but choose one option from the list below:

- The structure is unstable and will collapse momentarily.
- It takes a great force of will to maintain the shape. You may only hold the matter in its current configuration for as long as you are able to maintain full concentration.
- The power of the cloak is drained. It will take at least a day before you will be able to make use of it again.

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An example of how combat can work in DW with miniatures and tabletop terrain. In German.

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The map is growing each session. Chess figures to show allies and enemies in map.
The map is growing each session. Using chess figures to show allies and enemies.

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Working on something here... Maybe I'll have news about this soon?

What do you think?

I have a player in my game that is playing the Warlock from the Wars and Wonder pack. We can't figure out the Invocation move. Does anyone know how to use this?
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