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Adam Koebel

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It has returned!
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I found another item at IPR that I would like to have, hoping that I could get more bang for my shipping buck, but the shipping did indeed go up. It didn't double, but went up higher than I will pay. I did notify them of my concerns. (For those who may think I'm crazy, I have been in distribution for 25 years and know a bit about shipping. Publishing, no - shipping yes. Maybe that's what's confounding me.)
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Holy crud! I love Dungeon World. I just finished session 5 of my 1-on-1 game with Ajax the Fighter and me as GM. I am rushing to catch the end of the UFC event, but just wanted to shout about how damn cool the game is first!
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Yes, a good read. I love the Blue Coats with the signal bells. Also, as a novice at DW, I like your references to moves, unwelcome truths, etc. Thanks!
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Alexander Harms

Custom Moves  - 
A mechanic for continuous effects with a limited duration, e.g. Potions, spells, scrolls, etc:

You gain any benefits and drawbacks of the effect. You may end this effect when ever you would like. If you make the "Make Camp" or "Recover Move" the effect ends. Depending on the expected duration of the effect the GM may end the effect when changing from one scene to the next when appropriate time has pass; the GM will tell when the effect ends.

10+: Hold 3
7-9: Hold 1
<=6: You get momentary benefits along with any other moves made by the GM.

From now until the effect ends if you roll a failure on a move spend one hold. If you can not the effect ends.

Not super tight but it's a good mechanic for taking time in a non-turn based rules set.
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+Jeremy Strandberg 1) I like that interpolation of the spell. Nice.
2) Yes, it is Patton Gym at Northwestern. Fencing at the big 10 dual meet for U of Iowa Fencing club in 2009. I currently coach for Penn State's Student Club. Always nice to cross paths with another fencing person (at least knows what the Remenyik is.)   :-)
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J.T. Seusoff

Magic Items  - 
A pair of items. If it's not obvious, I subscribe to the "dark, scary" magic school of thought.

Ring of Ice
0 weight
A ring crafted from unmelting, but decidedly cold, ice. You cannot perform any task requiring fine finger dexterity with the hand it's worn on as the cold spreads from your finger, over your hand, up your arm, and can soon enough even be felt in your heart, though only your hand goes numb and shivering. While wearing it, however, you face no danger from extreme temperatures - in fact, you don't even feel them; only the chill of the ring.
When you focus on the chill of the ring filling your veins to the exclusion of all else, roll+CON. ✴On a 10+, choose one or two. ✴On a 7-9, choose one.
• The chill of the ring spreads out from you, coating everything in a thin layer of frost and extinguishing light sources.
• One creature or object you stare at is encased in ice.
• Ice runs through your veins and your body hardens. Gain +1 armor ongoing until you rest.
• The ice slows your bodily functions and nourishes you. The next time you would mark off a ration, don't. You don't need to sleep tonight.

0 weight
A long and wicked iron nail. When you drive it through your hand, though the wound sears and throbs in pain and drips blood steadily, it causes no actual harm and is healed as soon as the nail is withdrawn. In addition, the shed blood burns like oil in the light of the moon.
While the nail is buried in your flesh you are immune to mind-affecting enchantments and can see through illusions and glamours.
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+J.T. Seusoff Hoorays! To elaborate on what I was talking about...

My first thought would be to have it so that on a 10+ you gain 1 Frost, while a 7-9 gives you 1d4 Frost. When your Frost equals your Constitution (or Dexterity or whatever) then you are frozen solid. When you make camp you reduce the amount of Frost you have.

This makes it so that when you stop using it you recover over time, though it might feel too "safe" since the character can just make sure she can take up to four points.

The other method would be when you focus on the ring you roll+CHA (or INT or CON or whatnot). On a 10+ you gain 3 Frost, while on a 7-9 you gain 1 Frost (and possibly take damage). You take -Frost ongoing to movement/precision tasks.

You spend Frost to use various powers. This makes it so that when you are holding onto the ring's power you are penalized, but when you release it you "thaw".
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Slightly off topic, but please support our Steampunk RPG Kickstarter that features new art by Dungeon World's own Emilie DeLisle!  Check us out! We only have 24 hrs to go and are fully funded!
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@Wynanad WQe didn't reach out target on the first go round, so after changing up our publishing standard we're back asking for a much more modest amount as compared to last time..
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Vinney Cavallo

Discussion  - 
Sorry if this is sort of off-topic, but this community is larger and more engaged than any other place I can think to ask this. Had anyone here played the AW hack The Hood? (PDF on drivethroughrpg)
I'd love to hear PBtA players' opinion on it before I run it.
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Thanks for that review! I basically just want to live out the plot of Breaking Bad in an RPG :)
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Matthew Lee

Discussion  - 
Hey Tavern, my group has started a new game and I am looking for a class that deals with telekinesis aka a jean gray, Carrie type character. Any idea or help would be great
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Jay Vee
Just like normal shapechange you straight up do animal moves without built in backlash (backlash being determined by gm's moves and fiction)? Yes exactly. Being an animal doesn't make you immune to other moves, hack and slash (or Volley, or defy danger) will trigger regardless of if you're a bear, or you're shooting people with mind bullets.

<Digression: the use of hold obviates the need for counting ammo, you only get a few hold, which you're spending like ammo anyway>

And the trigger is gathering energy or focusing concentration or literally anything that makes sense in the fiction (just like every move trigger for every move ever)

You're trying to make some kind of case for this being imbalancing when it follows on perfectly with how other classes work.

From a mechanics standpoint there is no difference between a druid and a telekinetic. From a fiction standpoint there's no difference between any class and a telekinetic.

Maybe I play a dude who uses tk to armor himself, and lift, throw, and destroy objects (including people)
How is this character mechanically different from the fighter in the book?
I could re skin every spell,power, and move in the book to be telekinetic in some way, and it would make no actual difference in play beyond saying 'oh yeah my dude does <thing> with mind powers'.

The original question was about playing a telekinetic like Jean Grey or Carrie, I don't know what a Psion is, I suspect it's some D&D thing, but my only point here is to show exactly how the OP's character concept is not only possible, but fairly easy and headache free to implement.
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David Benson

Discussion  - 
+Adam Koebel, I just saw the announcement that you'll be writing a setting for Storium, Kingdom of Coins.  Is that something new, or an already established setting for another game?  
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+Adam Koebel have you taken a look at the Worlds in Peril Kickstarter?  What's your opinion of Supers using the Powered by the  Apocalypse engine?  I'm excited for this project and I backed it.
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Sean Dunstan

Discussion  - 
I believe Dungeon World was pretty much the most requested game at PAX East's Games on Demand this year by a pretty wide margin. I ran nine or ten sessions of Slave Pit of Drazhu myself, and it was amazing seeing how people who've never played an RPG or who've only played 3.Path reacted to it. 

Highlights of my games included magic missiles that looked like flaming skulls or flaming winged eyeballs, people getting stuck in giant spider webs over bottomless chasms, paladins body-checking orcs, convincing the giant spider that the orcs were food, two groups defeating Dhazhu by Laying on Hands, and the body horror that is three failed Shapeshift checks in a row.
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Dungeon World is probably one of the best games that I've run across in my almost 30 years of gaming. It's fun, creative, and most of all cheap! You don't need to buy a $60 core book, and then buy $40 supplements to get the most out of the game. I can't talk enough about how good this game is!
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About this community

The place for talking about Dungeon World.

J.T. Seusoff

Magic Items  - 
Another item. Not sure I'm satisfied with the demon summoning. But then I'm not too comfortable with hirelings in general. But also the wording may be too unclear. As treating it just like any other hireling would be ridiculous. I'm taking it as implied that it's a bloody demon, so its cost will be different, its definition of "disrespect" and "degrading" will be different, and same for "kindness."

Plus leaving it up to the individual GM is good. It's just the idea of disrespecting them that's really weird. I'd say disrespecting their strength and nature by treating them too kindly and not being strong enough would be the main danger there, but that's not exactly something the description in the rules lends itself to. So meh.

3 armor, worn, clumsy, 4 weight
An ancient and ornate suit of platemail, stained a deep crimson by innumerable baths in blood. It was owned by a warlord who became a master of infernal magics and still possesses part of his spirit, so that the gauntlets twitch and jerk faintly of their own accord. Moves that tell you to ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear don't apply.
When you temporarily allow the bloodplate to control you and let the gauntlets move on their own, roll+CHA. ✴On a 10+ the gauntlets move and gesture, tracing terrible symbols in the air and causing a rift to open in the earth before you, from which a demon appears. Describe it. Treat it as a hireling. It has 6 points to distribute between its stats. The GM will tell you its cost. In addition, ignore the clumsy tag on the bloodplate until you take it off. ✴On a 7-9, choose one: either the GM chooses the specifics of the demon, or you choose the specifics but it's out of control.
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It still seems very close to regular hirelings to me, so how about this: You do not summon any demon, you summon a powerful demon lord who has been beaten and enslaved by the original owner of this armor. Even after all these years the chains that bind him to the Bloodplate are as strong as ever, forcing him to follow any and every command given by the wearer. The chains are loose enough to leave him some room for interpretation though so you better choose your words wisely. This is meant as a complete replacement of the loyalty mechanic. The demon also needs to be bound to a humanoid corpse since the armor is not powerful enough to drag his actual body through the rift. This gives him all the physical limitations of his new, temporary body. 

This should act as a plot hook and make the item powerful without being too ridiculous.
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#WorldbuildingWednesday  Upon taking down a group of raiding lizard-men, you find among their possessions a helmet made entirely of a deep red crystal. Instantly you recognize it, but from where and why?
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+Rob Cain I >will< draw that someday.
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Stephanie Bryant

Actual Play  - 
Stephanie Bryant originally shared:
Second Session of my Inverse World campaign.
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The Jessa Channel

Hangouts Games  - 
ONE SHOT TIME! I am running a one-shot Wednesday, April 16th! So if you want to get in one some Dungeon World goodness, this is your chance. Please note:

Time: 4pm Pacific/8pm Eastern
Need: A webcam, headphones/microphone
Playing on: Google Hangouts and Roll20 (You need a roll20 account, it is free.)

Here are the Dungeon World rules:

Here are some character sheets:

You do not need to read those above! All you need is a willingness to learn and IMAGINATION!

Roleplay gaming is a collaborative storytelling tool! It is fun to create stories and play to see what happens!
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+Ezequiel Etche - you may be right.
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Would like help with a bored Wizard...

I'm new to Dungeon World -- I ran a couple of sessions over the weekend. One of the PC was a Wizard and had a lot of difficulty during combat. Level 1 Wizards traditionally are pretty weak, but this was frustrating. I couldn't tell if it was my fault as DM, or the PC was just not into the game, or not being creative enough with their skills/spells. The other players seemed to really enjoy the game. To keep the game remotely interesting to him, I ended up letting him use his rituals rather liberally (e.g. making them easier to do, faster, more powerful than I would like)... seemed to work, though I wish it didn't have to be that way. Any tips for the future?
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+Michael Olson Sometimes we do. Mostly when feeling lost or facing a puzzle chamber or strange/formidable enemy.
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The moment when you realise the PC background a player gave you (which you though you couldn't use) actually ties the whole campaign together. I love #DungeonWorld today.
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Russell Engel

Discussion  - 
I just started playing DW about a couple of weeks ago. I might be GMing a game with a group at a convention in a couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone had good suggestions for me. 
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How do people handle characters changing classes before level 11 if the fiction demands it? I had a paladin roll 7 on Last Breath, and Death's bargain was for him to slay his god (maybe not the best bargain, but seemed cool in the moment). So, he accepted, but it didn't really feel appropriate for him to remain a paladin, and a CC didn't seem a drastic enough change. In the end we just followed the rules for what you do at level 11: he started over at level 1 of his new class but kept all his stats and one move from the paladin.
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Good point, hadn't thought about the stat increases.
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Casey McKenzie

Custom Moves  - 
OK, now that my season finale is done I have a couple of custom moves to share.
The first was to use navigating a crypt.  I drew out a path with several spaces (length based on dificulty).

When you attempt to navigate the labyrinth Roll+Wis
10+ Move one step closer to your destination.
7-9 Move one step closer to your destination and choose 1
6- Choose 1 and DM chooses 1
*You get lost
*You find something . . . . strange
*You are not alone
*Your group becomes separated.
For lost/separated I simply created alternate paths that took more steps to reach the destination, players each rolled in turn as they went.

In the basement of the thieves guild was an artifact that drained the luck from people.  The guild was using it to improve the gambling house profits.  These two moves relate to that

When you enter the gambling hall while the "luck engine" is in operation Roll+Nothing (luck is fickle)
10+ Hold 2 Good Luck.  Before a roll, you may spend 1 Good Luck to add +1 to the roll.
7-9 Hold 1 Bad Luck.  The next time you roll a result of 7, spend 1 Bad Luck and change the result to a 6- 6- Take -1 ongoing until you get a result of 12+ on a roll.  Then Hold 1 Good Luck as in 10+ above.

The engine had a control amulet.  The one being used was a replica and did not have all the functionality of the real thing (the players had the real thing)

When you tamper with the "Luck Engine" Roll+Int
10+ Choose 2
7-9 Choose 1 but . . .
*Deactivate the engine
*Activate the engine
*Hold 2 Good Luck (same as above)
*Give someone else in the chamber 1 Luck of your choice (good or bad)
*Remove the control amulet
& if the "true" amulet is placed in the control panel
*Permanently damage the engine
*Turn the engine up to 11!

They ended up turning it to 11! The resulting citywide bad luck resulted in a meteor hitting the city.  They also destroyed it so in the end it was a great end to season 1.  We are going to pick up 1 year after the "rain of fire" at a memorial to those who died.  It will be Epic!
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William Carson

Magic Items  - 
Goblin Totem Weapon:
Mostly wielded by small folk like Goblins, Gnomes and Halflings.
Goblin Totems are very personal weapons and are shaped by the one who wields them rather than churned out by a mage guild.  Consequently over time these weapons can be modified by their wielders in many ways.

Base: +1 damage against any creature that size is greater than the wielder. 

-Small fetishes can be added to the weapon to provide +1 Parley bonus involving specific tribal races/cultures  (Goblinoids/lizard men/bullywogs/gnolls/etc) as it represents a familiarity with these groups gleaned after many battles/interactions with them .
-If a bow, worg fangs can be added to the ends to allow for melee
-if a dagger, giant snake fang can replace blade to add +1 Piercing for more effective delivery of poison
-if axe, blade replaced with jaw of a great beast, it's fangs providing Messy tag
-if hammer, red orc runes can be added to the mallet that simply make it swing faster providing +Forceful tag
-if sword, scabbard whose interior is lined with the gall and kidney stones from a troll that sharp the blade every time it is sheathed or drawn, +1 piercing

These are just some examples of how a Goblin Totem Weapon can be improved.  Every great battle or adventure can provide the opportunity for the weapon to be improved. 
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I kept waiting for an alert from DTRPG for the go-ahead on this, but apparently all I had to do was click a button to make it active...

So, anywho, 10+ Treasures is now available! Yay!

It is a book of magic items and advice on how to make magic items for both GMs and players, and is only a couple bucks.

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Just picked this up.  Just wanted to say that I enjoyed it!  I'm looking forward to what is next.
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