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Some more short, punchy AP in the Alford Soultaker saga...
Alford Soultaker episode 02 is now live! Come listen to me and Rob tell tales of monster hunter and all round bastard Alford Soultaker as he and his partner Helda Gamethief head into the lair of the beast they're tracking to find Alford's cursed sword Wyrmblight.

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Add storytelling and creative writing and experience in drama.

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Needs moar magic items!

10 things Death might ask you to give up in the deal:

1. Your vigor; You can only recover HP naturally by insistent pleading for several minutes before every rest.
2. Ready other to pass through his gates; When you see someone who's about to die, you must say a prayer for them.
3. Your body, while you sleep; Various strange souls take control of your body when you're unconscious, doing weird things.
4. Your greatest victory; It's erased from time, it never happened.
5. Your trust; You must change all of your bonds to reflect your distrust.
6. A certain word; You cannot utter it ever again.
7. The grace of the gods; Nothing remarkable will ever happen to you again, until you manage to recover your place before the gods or create a place for your own.
8. Your glory; From now on, every major success will come at a cost of a personal failure.
9. Your left hand; It's still there, but you no longer command it fully.
10. Your next day; Whatever you do in the next 24 hours, whatever you achieve, will be attributed and gifted to Death. 

What are the best ways to un-teach traditional RPG infrastructures so that they 'get' DW?

Also, what is the best way to get players to think more like 'Do what you want and don't care about what your sheet says' vs when I asked the player what they want to do, they look scared at me for a second, down to their sheet, flip it over, and than they ask 'well, what can I do?'

I have a difficult time changing their mind space from bottom up to top down designs. 

Are there any modules designed to help deal with large scale combat?

What kind of technology or software are you guys using to write DW or other content? Outside of microsoft Word, I have no idea what to use and everyone's content looks so great. 

Going to run a gladiator arena adventure where the players have the option to take on a number of combats, to "work their way up" the ranks. I do plan to have some normal combats ala dungeon world, but also wish to "montage" some of the scenes. Any custom "battle montage" moves you're aware of? Thanks!

TL/DR: In the same way that "Undertake a Perilous Journey" is a montage of overland travel, has anyone come up with a similar one for combat?

Has anyone ever tried to implement Resource Rolls (ala fate, etc.) in Dungeon World? Has it been done to meaningful success? Does it seemingly negate the loot grabbers? Dungeon World doesn't seem to be predicated on amassing lots of loot as it is. 

Two moves for an upcoming "Survival-horror" section where the part (well, three of them) are going to descend into a cavern labyrinth.

Fucks with your Head
When you lead the group, roll +Wis
on a 10+, gain 1 hold, and another if you venture through an infested area
on a 7-9 gain 1 hold, and venture through an infested area

Spend 2 hold to find a safe place to camp, or 5 to reach the end of the labyrinth

Eyes in the dark
When you guard against the things in the dark, roll +str
on a 10+, your group remains safe
on a 7-9, as above, but:
*You get clawed, bitten, and torn at, take 1d8 damage
*You lose your torch, and need to replace it, mark off two uses of adventuring gear
*Your group takes detours to avoid the monsters, lose 1 FwyH hold

Venture into danger
When you find youself in a heavily infested area, roll + Con
on a 10+, 2 are true (your choice)
on a 7-9, 3 are (still your choice)

*more are clawing at the door
*You're outnumbered 5-1
*The torches are out
*It isn't just the "normal" ones
*You guys are separated

Could we workshop these?
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