Hey, I'm making a little group for a casual D&D game, it's not quite D&D not quite plain RP, the perfect mixture of both, don't worry about keeping track of your stats and equipment, I as game master will handle all that, just pm me over Hangouts if you are interested, can hardly wait

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Robert E. Howard gave the world Conan The Barbarian. The Lord Of The Rings mesmerized us and Game Of Thrones leaves us breathless, but now a new hero rules the world of fantasy and sword and sorcery...and he goes by name of The Black Viking. Discover "Divinity In The Form Of Man," in the pages of The Black Viking at http://www.outoftheashespublications.com/blackviking-splash/trials/slider.html

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Hello to all Conan fans, The Dagger from Thulsa Doom in Stock:
Conan der Barbar Dolch Thulsa Doom

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Great game. Now with a new expansion book!
Print proof from Lulu! Looking good!

This is a thicker book than the core rules, but I still like the stapled binding of Lulu. It is way more durable than simple glue binding like RPGNow.

Not to mention the beautiful creme paper they have (and RPGNow does not).

However, Lulu does not allow me to make it PWYW.

But since the quality of its printing is better than RPGNow I think that's fair.

So Lulu copies will be 12,99, for a 88 pages book, with creme paper and stapled binding.

RPGNow will be PWYW for print. But it's just plain white paper and glued binding. Still waiting for the RPGNow proof.

Lulu link for the Addendum book: http://www.lulu.com/shop/diogo-nogueira/sharp-swords-sinister-spells-addendum/paperback/product-23320713.html

For the corebook, go here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/http://www.lulu.com/shop/diogo-nogueira/sharp-swords-sinister-spells-rulebook/paperback/product-23320707.html

And use the BOOKSHIP17 coupon for 10% off and Free Shipping!
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Spartans never retreat!
Spartans never surrender!
Give them nothing!
But take from them everything!
Calvin's Custom One Sixth Scale Custom
" 300+1" Spartan Female Warrior, a Prototype
Headsculpt sponsored by " MIRROR"

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Any people interested in playing the new Conan RPG by Modiphius, trying out the Quickstart adventure on Thursday 3/17 at 7 pm eastern? You can download the Quickstart for free at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/174829/Robert-E-Howards-CONAN-Roleplaying-Game-Quickstart

I have more adventures I can beyond this first one too, so if the interest is good I can turn this into a campaign!

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<Barbarians Saga Final Chapter>
Calvin's Custom one sixth 1/6 scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Conan Conan the Barbarian, Thusla Doom, Thorgrim, Rexor, comic version Conan the Barbarian and Slaine custom figures.

Any people interested in playing the quickstart for Conan online over Roll20? I will also play through a couple more adventures as well.

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