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Spartans never retreat!
Spartans never surrender!
Give them nothing!
But take from them everything!
Calvin's Custom One Sixth Scale Custom
" 300+1" Spartan Female Warrior, a Prototype
Headsculpt sponsored by " MIRROR"

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Any people interested in playing the new Conan RPG by Modiphius, trying out the Quickstart adventure on Thursday 3/17 at 7 pm eastern? You can download the Quickstart for free at

I have more adventures I can beyond this first one too, so if the interest is good I can turn this into a campaign!

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<Barbarians Saga Final Chapter>
Calvin's Custom one sixth 1/6 scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as King Conan Conan the Barbarian, Thusla Doom, Thorgrim, Rexor, comic version Conan the Barbarian and Slaine custom figures.

Any people interested in playing the quickstart for Conan online over Roll20? I will also play through a couple more adventures as well.

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Calvin's Custom 1/6 one sixth scale custom Mounted Thulsa Doom, Thorgrim and Rexor from Conan the Barbarian
A one off commission project.

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Name: Thorncroul Ironblood
Age: 34
Gender: male
Species: dwarf
Personality: he thinks he is the best, blood thirsty, unmerciful, not the smartest
Likes: alcohol and lots of it, a fight, a bloody battle, a strong opponent, weapons and big ones
Dislikes: not fighting, weaklings, evil, magic
Weapons: his two axes, his crossbow with a dagger strapped to the bottom of it.
Bio: why the hell should I tells ya? its my own damn business.
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I see that this community hasn't had much activity. If you love Sci-Fi mixed with Fantasy, you'll love this. You may be a Lord/Lady of whichever kingdom is open. If you are not one who likes to rule, you can be a commoner among the wars; joining the wars and enlisting in the military, or living daily life within the planet. Do you have a blood lust that can not be quenched? You can be a beast that preys on the civilians, giving them the fight for their life on their own planet. Make your decision wisely, and join the Galactic Knights.

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Name- Alec the Raven
Age- 23
Bio- Lone warrior, does not often work in teams but loves to help. Soft spoken but when he speaks people usally stop to listen.
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