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Got a nice used N7, good price - has TWRP but I don't want it, won't allow OS to update - if I do a factory reset will the TWRP still be there and prevent updates? System is running Android 6.0. Should I just leave it alone? Thanks for any advice - youtube instructions for removing TWRP are too arcane for my brain.....

My N7 2013 had been running slowly, particularly after waking up. I've deleted unwanted apps & files, and cleared cached app data which has helped, but I'd appreciate any other tips for improving performance.

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New build up for Nexus 7 2013 ✌️
Hey guyzs and girlzs. ValidusOS 16.3 landed on #flo and #oneplus2 !

ValidusOS changes:

- November security patch.
- Fast Mode on Slim Recents.
- Under the hood fixes.

OnePlus 2 specific changes:

· Increased in call volume.
· Returned to OnePlus HCUBE Hotplug tunnables.
· Various device optimizations.

Asus Nexus 7 2013 specific changes:

· Various internal corrections and optimizations.

OnePlus 2:


With no Libre Office Writer for Android which free or reasonably priced word processor do you use and or would recommend for N7 ?

I love my 2013 N7s, but they are starting to show their age and I was curious whether anyone had any recommendations for a suitable replacement (read, something with good specs, virtual navigation buttons - no hardware and/or capacitive buttons - and a relatively recent and relatively stock version of Android).

The only thing that comes to Mind is the Nvidia Shield K1, but that seems to have been discontinued and/or abandoned by Nvidia.

Any thoughts?

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In case anyone wants to try a decent Oreo ROM on theirs. Running great on my N7 2013 Flo

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Just got back from Cabo and my nexus 7 is still going strong! Will keep it forever until it stops working.
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