Hoping someone can help, can a booking start date be changed if it has been entered incorrectly, it was entered as 20/6/17 and should have been 20/5/17, if it can, what is the best process to do this?

How much notice does a participant needs to give for planned absences such as holidays?

Hi Help Desk,

A support coordination client of mine currently has access to both HCWA and NDIS funding. His HCWA funding predates his NDIS plan but has remained active post his plan implementation. The DSS Early Intervention Help Desk have informed me that this should not be the case but that they have not received any word from the NDIA regarding the activation of the participant's plan.

His ECEI provider has told me that it is common for their clients to have access to HCWA funding even after their NDIS plans have been activated. They said that they have even seen a case where a participant was granted HCWA funding 6 months after the start date of his NDIS plan. They have expressed the opinion that the availability of HCWA funding after the implementation of an NDIS plan is intentional to facilitate service transfer. I have been unable to find evidence of this documented anywhere.

I am concerned that this might be an error and that the participant may be at risk of financial penalty for double-dipping. Could you please clarify whether or not the above arrangement is intentional and if the participant is at any risk.

Thank you for your assistance.

Can you give me a definition of informal supports in relation to family members?


As a provider, we have a participant who requires all their outreach support with 2 staff members, rather than 1:1.
Can you please confirm if there will be a line item created for this support, or whether the high intensity - community access line item will be the correct category?
The high intensity hourly rate doesn't cover the total cost for paying both staff members for each shift.
Can you please confirm, Thanks.

Dear Helpdesk

Page 28 of Price Guide refers to expenses for recreational pursuits are not covered by NDIS and then further down the page refers to the option to convert funded hours to fees to cover community and social activity costs.

Is there a distinction between recreational pursuits and community/social activity costs? If so, please provide distinctions.

How then should one link this to Support Item Participate Community
04-115-0125-6-1 - annual support for costs of participation which I assume is a quotable item participant makes a case for and if not approved, they will need to pay for day support activity costs themselves . Day support activity costs for me = art and craft materials, cooking ingredients, lunch at restaurants, entrance fees for activities etc which historically participants pay as they select activities that incur those costs.

Provider question.
After initial registration of Requested Support Items and approval as a Registered NDIS Provider is it possible for additional support items to be added at a later date as they may be identified?

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Hi there
So I just want to clarify that Disability Support workers, although recommended to have a minimum qualification, don't have to have a qualification and can work under the NDIS just with "relevant industry experience"? We are wanting to provide support through community access and participation and group based activities and were told yesterday by the NDIS that our staff have to have a disability support worker qualification. Most of our staff are qualified Allied Heath Assistants and we were told that this would not do? Yet page 18 of module 4 states "relevant industry experience" is ok for disability support workers.
Thanks for your help!

Hi there, please can you confirm if the rate for interpreting/translating is currently capped?

In the most recent price guide it says that there is no price control on interpreting, however, we are now experiencing plan managers refusing our Sunday rate for interpreting.

I look forward to hearing back form you.

Best regards, Nicola
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