The mystery of SeCampt Cove: A diary of Demson.

Day 1:
A strange figure appeared at my door. I don't know if I should answer it. It is staring at me creepily. Help. Please. It doesn't have any eyes. I'm scared. This time it's real. Not joking. I can't think straight.

Day 2:
It's not there. I need to move house. There's a nice house at the Holerby Hills. However, I don't have the funds. It's raining and the dining room is flooded. The living room is almost the same. If you find this diary, send help. I may be well alive. It's... It's... It's in my living room! I think I'm still safe though. I don't think it going to kill me. It's just stari

Hello. I've killed Demson. This dairy is now cursed. Anyone who finds this will die in the next 24 hours. If you are reading this, there's no escape. You will die.

This is not finished yet! Stay tuned!

+Sarvesh Thiruppathi Yes, as I said. Deleting isn't going to work.

Notch too? I'm new joiner

Here is my Xbox 360 encounter of Herobrine.

Part 1:

I started a new world and 'punched wood' and then I built a little hut. I killed a few sheep for a bed. Then, I made a bed. A few minutes later, I heard a noise that sounded like blocks breaking. So I ran up to the top of my house. I looked around and saw something running around the trees, in and out. I thought it could be another player, so I checked the server player menu. Nothing but my name was there. I got into my house and went to sleep, but heard cows getting hurt, gravel placing, and even lava. But I just slept through it. The next day, the very second I went out side, I immediately went back in to the sight of about 15 provoked wolves. They suddenly vanished, leaving me in shock. I turned around and nothing was there. Literally, nothing. All there was was darkness. I turned back around, and saw my door was missing. I fell, then and I respawned into a bizarre Mega Taiga biome-looking place, but there aren't any Mega Taigas.

That's all now, but there are many parts to come! +1 if you like it, and also, get more MM Members for more +1's!

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