# Question
Have you met any implementation of a computation that adapt to the consuming time?

# Background
I want do some experiment with DarlingJS for increasing of the performance. As you know to get 60fps in a browser you need to do all your work in a 16ms and if we talk about javascript it must even be the less - 10ms. And because in DarlingJS we have systems that work in one-by-one I'm thinking about to break of computation until it gets to 10ms of total time consuming and continue them on next frame. As well darlingjs need to be adapt for such flexible delta time.

# PS
I will be very glad for any information about same approaches, articles, self experience and so on. If you think that it doesn't work, I also like to hear you reasoned opinion. Thanks Guys!

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Hey guys,
I've made propose for RuPy conference (http://13.rupy.eu/) about to make a presentation of entity, component, system aproach for flexible architecture of games and do simple game example on DarlingJS javascript game engine:

Here is it: http://plebiscite.rupy.eu/entries/5220f7b314318174da000025
If you like it please vote. Before link will work you need to login to the survey with your github account.

Thx for support!

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I've added #DarlingJS to list of "Game Engines" by +Juho Vepsäläinen / I can't believe we have terrific quantity of them


Also Juho add DarlingJS to his catalog of game engines http://jster.net/library/darling-js

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Add one more example
The game of Pong developed almost without any additional modules. Main goal of the example to show how to create modules, systems, components and combine them into the game.

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Update main page of project. Add sections:Showecase, Features, Modules, QuickStart and Feed.

As well start using http://semver.org/ version notation.

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Today #Bower become v1.0.0. Good time for registrate your library: Darlingjs goes to Bower, Yeah! \m/ Actual version is v0.7.2.

to use darlingjs in your project just type:
> bower install darlingjs

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I need a little help.

I have plans to push #DarligJS into the #Bower and  #Yeoman . And thinking about right organization of bower packages.

As you know github repo of DarlingJS doesn't contain built darlingjs library. So  every user after installing darlingjs through the bower needs to build it by himself.

I think it's not right and maybe better solution is the way of AngularJS - they have separate github repos for stable AngularJS library, like this https://github.com/angular/bower-angular.

Will be it ok to going AngularJS way? Is there any other better solutions?

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Question about design: Which design of web-page of opensource projects you like most? Pls give url :)

The reason of design question is redesign of darlingjs webpage 


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online presentation of #Turbulenz #javascript game engine will be started in 5 minutes

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