hi welcome to the robo community we will give away moderators soon.Robo is an upcoming movie we are making it airs 2018 it wont show in cheimas.you may post some steven universe if you want but not too much

Q.will there be sneak peeks? I really wanna see one
A.yes it starts every Saturday but wont come up on google+ todays sneak peek is "raptor attack"
Q.when does the trailer come out?
A.it comes out around late 2017 you we have it finished but the trailer right now is only shown to auditioners,animators,and more that are working for the movie
Q.are auditions still open i want to do robo 10
A.only one left you may take her before somebody wins the robo 10 audition
Q.what are public websites a lot of your websites are private
A.Robo community and the robo wiki will soon be made public
Q.what is the theme and where will the movie come out
A.Family if you are a kid you are able to see this movie,and we are still thinking where it will be out we might put it in drivable theaters we are still thinking about it
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