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For all people who like Sun, summer and soap bubbles! New Bubbles Live Wallpaper 3D. Free to download

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Simple Live Wallpaper made of hundrets of connected particles.

Fully customizable:
- Color
- Size
- Gravity
- Touch behaviour
- Draw mode
- Attract / Repel of particles
- ...

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Let me share animated Solar system live wallpaper for android with 3d graphics and beautiful visual effects. This live wallpaper optimized for the most of android devices and show visual changes during settings editing. It allows to tune observer camera distance, time scale, effects intensity, effects color for each visual effect.

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Google is going to release Pixel 2’s Do Not Disturb driving mode API to 3rd party developers

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this is my new sci-fi, hi-tech, graffiti, abstract, artistic interactive 3D live wallpaper.

Some of the main features:
- realtime 3D rendering
- fully customizable colors, materials and lighting
- gyroscope rotation
- accelerometer light direction
- homescreen slide rotation
- 14 fine tuned color presets

You can download it for free. If you would like the unlimited version for free too, you can mail me and I will exchange it for review.

Enjoy ;-)

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Our new Live Wallpaper "Spirly " is now available in the Play Store.
- It's free
- includes 24 themes for all tastes
- theme editor available as in app puchase

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Hi, this is my new live wallppaer:
Here are few codes so you can have it for free, if you like it please leave 5 star feedback:

19. 6. 2017
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